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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 8

Nikki Khan loves to weave words into sentences and those become stories. Fiction is her favourite genre which she always adores to explore.

Lost Paths!

Dark is the beginning of a new horizon | Source

Dark is the beginning of a new horizon | Source


This is only a fiction work of writer’s mind, resemblance to any specific individual or event could be mare a coincidence, not intended to.

Author’s note

I do apologise to leave this marvellous work till chapter 7 for a long time, but assure you that all happened beyond my control. Been sick for an year, couldn’t combine all my thoughts to finish this story, but would finish it off quickly now, that’s my promise.

Previously till Chapter 7

Sophia Thompsons is a special God gifted girl with some very special powers to heal people from their miseries. But unfortunately there are some black powers who claim to own her and want to use her for their vicious intentions to ruin this world in which they succeed to some extent as evil spirits King Serpent takes Sophia with him leaving her parents grieving behind.


It was a rainy morning, wind was blowing at it’s full force, splashing on Sarah’s room window with a hallow sound. Sarah was awake all night, crying and praying to God of some miracle to happen. She didn’t know when sleep took over her and she slept for a good time but a repeated door bell opened her eyes though she didn’t want to. She was lying flat on Sophia’s bed without any blanket on. Bell was ringing again and again.

She ran downstairs with a thought of catching some clue and opened the door.

Good morning Ma’am! This is officer David Thunderstun, are you okay Ma’am?”

“Ya, ya, yes I am,” Sarah answered forcing her sound out of her throat.

“Are you sure Ma’am? Sorry to disturb you this early morning, neighbours heard some screaming sounds last night from your home and they rang us up to check it on if everything is okay.”

“Yes, all is fine. Don’t worry,”a feeble voice sounded back.

“Can we come in if you don’t mind Ma’am, by the way, this is officer Lucy Kimbers with me.”

“Hello miss - oh can I ask your name please?” Lucy asked while forwarding her hand to shake it.


“And I’ve already told you, all is fine, now go please,” Sarah replied while avoiding a hand shake.

“Oh! So sorry Mrs......?”

“Look Ma’am, I am sorry but we’d have to come in, we need to make sure all is good before we leave, I hope you understand,” officer David Thunderstun interrupted.

“Okay, no probs at all,” Sarah grind her teeth and made a way for them to get in.

They were standing in the living room the very next minute, Sarah was standing on one side, all was so quiet for sometime. Officers were looking around the lounge and Sarah was looking outside at the rain droppings through the large window behind the sofas without noticing their eyes were pointed at her.

"So if you don’t mind Mrs! Can I confirm your name please?" officer Lucy asked again though she didn’t want to now.

Sarah was still looking at those rain drops but had to answer back, her voice was not ready to support her speaking but still she replied, she wanted to get rid of these Police Officers asap.

"Mrs Sarah Thompsons!" she answered without looking at the Officer Lucy who was more angry now at her such a bad behaviour with the Police.

"What’s your husband's name Ma’am?"

Officer David Thunderstun asked quickly before officer Lucy would start again. He didn’t want another scene this early in the morning. He remembered officer Lucy’s fight with a European the other day who even couldn’t speak English very well but officer Lucy wanted him to use all the necessary words to show full respect to them which was totally unnecessary in that situation. Poor chap had to stay behind the bars for one night because he couldn’t speak all the formal sentences to pay his tributes to officer Lucy’s good work.

"Adam, Adam Thompsons," Sarah hesitated for a moment while telling her husband's name, her heart was holding her up behind.

Officer David Thunderstun wrote down in his white diary, looked at Mrs. Sarah who was staring at her feet,

"Okay who else lives in this house Ma'am? Can I ask if you don't mind please?"

There was no answer, Office David winked at Officer Lucy who was flushing red till now.

'Aham!' Officer David Thunderstun cleared his throat, "You didn't answer my question Mrs? Is everything okay?"

"Oh yes! All is good!" Sarah shrugged and looked into Officer David's dark blue eyes for the very first time.

"Sorry what were you saying? I'm just too lost this morning, had headache last night, couldn't even sleep very well, my apologies! Except that, there is nothing else, ya can be worried about."

Sarah was trying her hard to hide her grieve and pain in front of those Officers, she wanted her daughter back, but the Police wasn't very reliable department in front of her eyes to get help from as mostly it was heavy paperwork, lots of questions and answers but nothing else. Police was just in vain, in her point of view.

"No worries Mrs. Sarah Thompsons! I can understand, this happens sometimes. Who else lives with you and your husband Ma'am? I was asking before."

"My 10 years old daughter Sophia Thompsons," Sarah sounded back.

"Sophia! Right! First name is 'Sophia' and last name is 'Thompsons,' right Ma'am," Officer Adam noted on his notepad.

"Yes! That's right!" Sarah took a deep breath.

"Anyone else lives in the house Ma'am?"

"No, just us and our daughter Sophie," Sarah looked around while answering.

"Where is your daughter and husband Mrs? Can we see them please? We need to make sure, there is nothing wrong," officer Lucy Kimbers questioned this time.

Sarah stared at her, she scratched her head, "my husband Adam is out of town actually on his work tour and Sophia is gone to my friend's house for two days, would be back in next two or so."

"Then why there was so much noise last night at your house Mrs? What would you say about it?" Officer Lucy did hit back with her nails and brows.

"Oh, that was nothing, my friend was here last night to take Sophie with her, we were having some cinema time, movie was very scary, so my daughter was screaming on the scenes."

"Are you sure Ma'am?" Officer David Thunderstun insisted.

"Of course Officer! %100! Why would I lie?"

"Well! that I can't say anything about Ma'am, there can be many reasons behind," Officer Adam looked into Mrs. Sarah's eyes to get some assurance.

"No mother can lie about her daughter, rest assured! Officer David Thunderstun," Sarah replied with an assured look while reading his name from his batch.

"Buttt," Officer David stopped Officer Lucy with his hand from asking further.

"It's okay Ma'am, I do believe you, but we'd need your husband's mobile number and your friend's phone number before leaving."

'Ya, ya, sure!' Sarah replied.

Officers noted down the numbers and confirmed to inform them if there is something wrong. Sarah reassured them to do that and closed the door after them.

She looked for her mobile around the living room, found it on the side table thankfully and dialed Tania's number. Phone was ringing but there was no answer. She dialed again but no answer.

"Damn! where are ya Tania?" Sarah was clenching her teeth over the phone.

"Oh Jesus Christ! please give me courage and power to face all this and bring my daughter back, I know You can do it My Lord!"

Her phone was ringing the very next moment, She was relieved to see Tania's call on her phone. She picked up the phone and put the speaker on.

"Ohh my! Sarah my friend! I'm sorry was driving darling. I've spoken to Detective Simon, he's ready to help us out, I've got an appointment with him at 4 o'clock this afternoon, if that's okay?"

"Can you come home bit before as Police visited just now, thanks to our neighbours, they are more worried about us than ourselves."

"Ohh my! What did you tell them? Did you tell them about Adam? And what did you tell about Sophie?"

"I didn't tell them anything, can you come early? We can discuss then."

"Ohh my! But Police would get to know, either one way or the other. Should have told them that our Sophie is gone missing," Tania sighed in the phone.

"We'll see then, please do come early!"

Sarah hanged up the phone after. She didn't want to talk more about it. Still she couldn't tell the Police that her daughter's own biological father was responsible for all the disaster happened to them. Her heart wasn't accepting it, there was still some love for Adam deep inside in one corner of her heart which was stopping her from taking Adam's name for Sophia's abduction.

Heart is the most difficult organ; it deceives you the way; never expected | Source

Heart is the most difficult organ; it deceives you the way; never expected | Source

“You did believe her, didn’t you! You’re always like that, no Police sense at all,” Lucy was thundering over David.

“Can you please stop by some coffee shop, I need to get some coffee, feeling so tired man,”David answered ignoring her question at all.

“Cool! I’m hungry too, it’s chilly in the air now, fall is here I guess, I know your way of ignoring when you’re in very serious mood of working on some case,” Lucy chuckled.

"If you know then why are you asking, we officers never believe anyone, our duty is to investigate and that’s what we gonna do here madam, be relaxed, you'd get much time to get amused with this case here, you see," both gave a loud but excited laugh.

To Be Continued!

This is an end to chapter 8 here, would see you guys again in chapter 9 with some more ups and downs of this amazing story.

Thanks for all of your support, bless you!

© 2019 Nikki Khan

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