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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 7

Nikki Khan loves to weave words into sentences and those become stories. Fiction is her favourite genre which she always adores to explore.

Dark paths!

How you’d feel ending up at dark end | Source

How you’d feel ending up at dark end | Source


Tania’s magic isn’t strong enough to hold Great Serpent Dominic longer and he succeeds in getting away taking Sophia with him which is quite heartbreaking for Sarah.

But another distressing moment for her is to know how Adam has actually given permission to the Evil King to have Sophia which rips her heart apart and gives her strong reason to hate Adam Thompsons.

Adam tries to explain but she isn’t ready to listen and asks him to leave the house which he does in order to bring Sophia back and to clarify himself.

Every person has free choice.Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws.Your choice determines the consequences.

Nobody ever did, or ever will,

escape the consequences

of his choices.

— Alfred A. Montapert

Trust is the key to a strong relationship!

Adam raced his black range rover, he was heading over somewhere but there was no clue about his destination.He couldn’t even go back where he had a happy blessed family some days ago, all had scattered into pieces at once.He moved his head in form of saying 'no' and clenched his teeth in anger and despair.

"There is fire ahead and water behind, damn it, I'm fuckin' adrift here.What shall I do now? Don't know where that bloody king has taken my Sophia, why I even said 'yes' to that devil, damn it, I ruined all. But Sarah must know the truth or I'll lose her forever, no no no, I won't fuckin' let this happen.I won’t let her go like this, she doesn’t trust me anymore.I can’t live with this pain, but why she isn’t believing me? We’ve spent a long time together, does trust not count up bloody time.How cruel is this, fuckin’ hell!”

“Never Mind, Sarah you keep on doin’ this, you won’t be able to break me up with this fuckin’ emotional blackmailing.”

A phone bell broke up the silence, Adam leaned over his mobile to see the name of the caller, his eyes flashed with joy as he pressed ‘Answer’ button on and did put call on speaker.

A feminine voice sounded in the air, “Hey Adam my darlin’ where are ya? I can’t wait to see ya, are ya free, am waitin’ for ya my heart.”

“Ahh Anna my sweetheart, I’m on my way, you’d see me soon, I was just coming towards you, keep waiting, I’m not very far, and listen! Rock up some wine in the air my lady.

Adam clicked the ‘End Call’ button and reversed his Rover towards Anna’s house, his best college friend and soulmate.

Beware the man who has many faces!

Soon he arrived in front of an expensive bungalow in South Wimbledon with electric black wired door, he stepped out of his Rover and pressed the door button, there was a sound of 'click' and door started opening, he sat in his Rover again and went inside the white and grey shaded house.He parked his Rover and got out in excitement.

"Hey my darlin', it's been many days since I saw you Adam," Anna hugged him at the front door, she was wearing red satin nightdress with curly blonde hair which were tied up behind with a brown plastic clip.The air was intensively scented with luxury women perfume 'Poison Girl Unexpected'.

"I love your hot smell always my sweetheart, this inflates my instincts all the time," Adam complimented her and entered inside while putting his left arm over her shoulder.

She answered with her right arm over his shoulder and both went in.Adam dropped himself on her cream sofa recliner.Anna was much surprised over his totally changed attitude as Adam Thompsons was never so nice to her before as he was today.

"Well I never knew that ya loved my odour," Anna sat beside him.

She continued, "Are ya okay? How’s Sarah? And Sophia, how’s she getting on with her new gymnastics class? By the way, am pleasantly surprised with this change, I just love it, in fact.”

"Grab me some drink on the house man, I'm bloody so tired."

"Of course my darlin'."

Anna got up and went to get wine while Adam took a cigar out of his cigar case.He took out his silver cigarette lighter and lit up his cigar.He spread up his legs and sat very comfortably while enjoying the smoke of his cigar.The taste and smoke of this was calming him to relax his frenzied brain.

“Ya didn’t answer ma questions man,” Anna asked again as she poured red wine in two glasses.

“All bloody women are same, everything is fuckin’ fine, don’t you much worry my dear.I want to relax for sometimes here, no more damn questions and answers session or shall I leave?”

“Ohh, no, no, I won’t ask ya now.Just chill man and enjoy your drink.”


“CHEERS to us,” Adam repeated with a meaningful smile.

Beware of fake ones!

Some people have many masks to hide the real one | Source

Some people have many masks to hide the real one | Source

There’s no replacement to a mother’s love!

Sarah Thompsons was terribly broken and weakened.She had no idea how to bring her little Sophie back.Though her tears had dried out till now but her wound was still fresh and blood was still pouring out of it.Her whole body seemed stuck, she wasn’t able to move even.Tania Malhotra had left till now as she had to meet detective Simon Edwards ( one of the best demons detective in town) urgently regarding Sophia’s case but she promised Sarah to get back early in the morning with the details of that meeting.

Sarah was all alone now in Thompsons house, and this was her very first night without her precious daughter Sophia whom she loved more than anything.But this night she also lost another valuable thing and that was her trust over her loving husband who was her life a few days ago.

"Ahh Adam why did ya do this to me and Sophie, your own blood? A decent father doesn’t act this way as you’ve done.Sophia was the light of our house and ya, ya blew this out with your own hands.This ain’t be goin’ anymore like this now Adam.Enough is Enough! You’d see the consequences of your choices and decisions from now on."

You've scattered all into pieces but I'd get this right and won't let you get away so easily.Ya ain't allowed to sell Sophie, not at all, aww, why I didn't listen to ma mum Fanie? She hinted somethin' bad about Adam on her last phone call.But I thought as she didn't like Adam much that's why.Ohh, you were absolutely right mum.Adam is on with somethin' very horrible which's taken ma daughter away and has left me to cry over spilt milk."

Her self-talking silenced as landline rang up at midnight, Sarah ran downstairs to pick it up.

"Hey, ma love, are ya okay? Sorry to disturb ya at this time."

"Mmm, I'm okay mum.Bu, but, Sophia isn't," Sarah's voice was wobbling with pain and fear as she said this.

"What's happened to her, something very bad is goin' on, I can tell it Sarah, my darling.I've seen dark clouds over your house in ma dream and many crows are sitting on ma roof today since morning.There are black souls who are following up all our family ma Sarah, beware of them."

"Ya were right mum, Adam has wrecked a huge destruction over our family, including his own daughter.And, and, our Sophie is the victim of this wreckage," Sarah broke into tears as she told this to Miss Fanie.

"Ohh, what, this man, I knew he was up to something and I warned ya Sarah, my darlin', but your eyes were blindfolded in his love, ya didn't see his wicked nature.Is Sophie okay? I mean what's happened to ma angel?"

"Sophie is gone mum, angel is gone," Sarah hanged up the phone as she said this.

She lost all her courage to speak anymore, this 'angel is gone' sentence had seized her whole soul, she fell on the ground besides the glass side table.

"Ma Sophie, ma angel, ma princess, ma love, where can I get ya from now, oh ma goodness, where shall I get ya from now? Somebody help me here please," she screamed and cried in pain.

Love can break up all up!

Grief is not a disorder,a disease or sign of weakness.It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love.

The only cure for grief is to grieve.

— Earl Grollman

See you in Chapter 8

That's it for now, I'd see you guys again in chapter 8.Please do come along to watch and feel the pain of love and deception.We'd also see how Sarah struggles to bring her angel 'Sophie' back from the wicked grip of devil.Till then good bye.

Bless you all!

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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