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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 6

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Iced feeling of not getting enough sunshine | Source

Iced feeling of not getting enough sunshine | Source


Adam heads to Thompsons house after a long wait of father Alexander to find some way to save Sophia.He finds Thompsons house covered in dark shadows, and finds Tania sitting outside the front door but can’t get in as Great Serpent Dominic isn’t letting her in. But he finds no problem in opening the door.

But both can’t enter in Sophia’s room where Great Serpent Dominic is holding Sophia under his black powers and Sarah can’t even help her daughter who is hanging on the wall like a clock.Tania hurries downstairs and asks Adam to follow him to break Dominic’s grip.She draws a pentacle of protection in the middle of the living room and calls on all the powers of earth, fire, water, air and spirit to help her against Great Serpent Domininc.

Both Tania and Adam get inside the spell circle of protection and Tania starts reading spells from the Book of Shadows.A roar echoes in the air which shakes all the house up followed by a huge blow of dark dust seems coming towards them but stops just near the Pentacle.It starts forming into a human like monster with red burning eyes, who doesn’t seem very friendly though.

Adam starts throwing his words bullets on evil Dominic King but the whole atmosphere gets frozen on Great Serpent Dominic’s answer to Adam.

Beware of Devil’s Deceptive tricks

"Wait a minute, there is some misunderstanding here I think, though I don't like to talk to you dirty humans, but I need to clarify something.And you Adam, you gave me permission to have Sophia, whatever is happening, it's because of your authority.You can't blame me here now when I fully own Sophia with your permission sir."

The air was frozen for a minute, the temperature dropped to the freezing point.It seemed very difficult for Tania to resist such a chilling cold which froze blood in her whole body.Adam was trembling with cold, he fell on the floor while shaking up with freeze.

“Y, yaaa, yyyouuuu‘re fuckin' lying, ya bloody beast, I haven’t given you any authority over my Sophia, how can I do thaaaa,,datttttttt to my beloved daughter,” Adam answered somehow in trembling sound as snowy temperature was making it difficult for him to speak.

“Ohh my! Why are you icing our limbs with this cold, you filthy thing, stop this please, I know we can’t face you for longer, but there is some serious business talk seems to be going on.Can you please explain to me how Adam gave you authority?

Ohh my! My brain nerves can’t bear this truth, how you actually own my Sophie? You, you can’t do that to her, and how can I believe that you’re not lying?”

Tania screamed with pain and agony which she couldn’t even explain in words.Adam was losing his struggle with freeze, his human body wasn’t able to face this much lower temperature.But however he was trying his hard to bear it.

“Today I’m in bit hurry, but you’re a beautiful lady, I admit this and you’re able to speak to me only because of your charm girl, note this point here my dear, and Sophia is mine now, yes with his father’s great decision which he took years ago to save his manly pride, she’s mine since she is born but there is right time for everything and this is the exact time my darling, so I’d be taking Sophia with me for now as she is the pride of our generation Miss pretty, so bye for now, will see you soon sweet woman, oh yes! Sorry for the freezing session and you must stay inside this circle for your safety my darlin’.”

"Ohh my! What the hell are you saying, and I can't let you go like this without telling the whole truth, I can certainly imprison you inside this Book of Shadows never to come out," Tania started reading another spell from the Book of Shadows but it didn't have much effect on him.

"Oh no no,not this time, can't you see I'm in rush, and this Shadows Book can't hold me back as you are missing something which you don't have, so stop playing my dear, ha ha ha."

He headed to the stairway saying this, the room temperature went normal as he stepped up the stairs leaving Adam on the floor in misery and Tania was shocked with his answer, forgot to react for some moments.But soon ran after him on realising the situation.Sophia’s room door was wide open and Sarah was sitting on the carpet with clenching wrists, Sophia wasn’t there, she was gone.Tania ran towards Sarah and took her firmly in her arms, Tania was struggling to find some words to console her.

Being helpless is the worst situation ever

The more helpless you are; the better you are ready to struggle | Source

The more helpless you are; the better you are ready to struggle | Source

What happens when the Guardian becomes the Vendor

Sarah burst into tears on finding a warm hug from her dearest friend, "ya even couldn't save our Sophie, she's gone, that bloody monster has taken her, don't know where, how will I get her back now, I'm so helpless, what shall we do now Tania, please help me.Ya know, ya Know, I can't live without ma Sophia."

Adam entered the room, he stood at the entrance for a minute, hesitated to come forward, but then stepped in.

"Sarah please don't cry, I'll bring back our Sophie from that bloody monster, I can't see tears in your eyes, you know that already."

"Tell him to go away from here, he's responsible for all our fate which is upon us today, he even sold our daughter to that evil thing, I've heard all what that monster thing said, I don't wanna see his face here, Tania please tell him to stay out of ma sight, a father is a protector; a guardian; a cool shadow which gives comfort against evil forces of world.But here in our house, a guardian has become a monster who has swallowed his own daughter."

"Sarah please give me a chance to explain, I've done wrong but that was for our good, I didn't think of harming our daughter but it has happened deliberately, I haven't done it by purpose, I swear my Sarah, I can't imagine to hurt either you or Sophia my life."

Adam sat near Sarah and tried to hug her which she pushed back with disgust, "Just go Adam, I don't wanna see your face, it resembles to a vendor now, not a loving father anymore, go to that devil and do some more deals or even make a deal on me, ya only have Sarah now to sell, go and carry on your evil business, but let me tell ya one thing here, if ma Sophie won't come back, I don't wanna see ya in this house too, so leave please."

"Okay, I get it, you think I'm responsible here for all this, then I'll bring our Sophia back and would prove that I'm a protector, not a Vendor as you've named me."

Adam got up and quickly hurried out to the stairs ending at the living room, he took his jacket and banged the main door behind him.He turned on his black Range Rover without getting any clue where to go to find Sophia.

Mission of Impossible | Source

Mission of Impossible | Source

Some paths can't be discovered without getting lost

"I'm totally lost, where shall I start, but there is not bloody any beginning or ending, why I accepted his offer, and it's been a long time, why he's come back now, he's cheated me, he promised to protect but he's the king of evil, how did I expect goodness from a fuckin' animal.But after all he helped me and I owed him but this is not the way, to get a repay from my Sophia, bloody hell, no no, I've to stop him from all his evil and bad intentions to rule the world with my own blood."

Adam raced his Rover with this thought, but didn't know where to start and what to do.It was a dark night, more darker than usual one.The sky was covered with dark clouds, the stars were hardly visible.Adam's Rover was alone on the road in this dark night, he was heading on some mission which was impossible for him to win but still he didn't have any choice to get back as there was nothing behind left for him.

"There is fire ahead and water behind, damn it, I'm fuckin' adrift here."

Life gives you many surprises

"Even when you think you have your life all mapped out,

things happen that shape your destiny in ways

you might never have imagined."

— Deepak Chopra

To be Continued

Please do join me in the next chapter of this marvellous story of fight between evil and good filled with some betrayal and greed which would make your heart feel sick, I assure you!

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