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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 5

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Demons Night | Source

Demons Night | Source


Sarah Thompsons calls her friend Tania Malhotra to see Sophia but Great Serpent Dominic gets there before her and stops Tania from meeting Sophia.Evil takes full control over Thompsons house and there seems to be no way out for Sarah and Tania who are trying their hard to save Sophia from that Devil King.

Goodness never gets defeated

"I’ve waited enough now, it’s been three hours already man, still no chance to see father Alexander, forget it Adam, should head to home now."Adam got up and stepped into his Rover.He was hitting the road to Thompsons house in no time.

"I hope my princess would be feeling better by now, I know Sarah, she must have found some way out to save our daughter, but sometimes her actions are very mysterious which I really can't stand any more," Adam carried on while driving his black Range Rover.

After twenty minutes of drive, Adam saw black clouds on the sky when he reached near his house.

“Woo hoo! What's this bloody thing, I can't see a damn thing,” Adam screamed in horrific surprise as he reached in front of Thompsons.

"I hope everything is fine, oh my little Sophia." He parked on one side of the street and ran towards his house in stress.There was all dark, though he managed to reach at the front door somehow.

"Oh bloody hell, who are you? I can't see nothing, what the hell is goin' on?" Adam asked the person who was sitting on the stairs of porch in front of main door.

“What's happenin'? Can you please answer me?”

"Ohh my! I am Tania Malhotra, can't you see? And you're on and on, didn't give me a chance to speak."

"Ahh Tania, I couldn't see you darling, but what's goin' on? Why are you sitting here? Where is Sophia and Sarah?"

"Ohh my! Poor little child is inside, and this mean thing is not letting me go inside to help her out," Tania replied and got up to try again to get in.

"What? Wha' thing? I can't see any bloody thing," Adam answered and twisted the key in the key hole to open it.

"It's open, you see, com'n in, follow me," Adam opened the door and Tania followed him through the hallway to the living room.

"Ohh my! There was that filthy king of...never mind," Tania stopped saying all with some thought and ran up the stairs calling Sarah Thompsons.

Adam hurried after her, "what filthy king? can you explain please?"

"Ohh my! Sarah, Sophia, where are you both?" Tania was repeating their names again and again.

"I'm in here, in Sophia's room and I don't know what's this monster is? He isn't letting me to save ma daughter.And Sophia is hanging on the wall like a bird with spreading wings out, I don't know what to do now," Sarah replied in shattering sound.

"You hang on there, I'll see that bloody bastard," Adam hurried and twisted Sophia's room door handle leaving Tania behind.

He twisted and twisted door handle again but door was not opening, seemed like someone had locked the door from inside.

“Have you locked the door Sarah? This damn thing isn’t working at all.”

“Why would I? That evil isn’t letting ya come in,” Sarah’s sound echoed from inside the room followed by Sophia’s vicious laughter.

“Ohh my! What the hell is going on with my poor baby, I can help to bring this filthy monster out, if you come with me downstairs Adam,” Tania said while rushing to the staircase.

She came in the living room, took out a old rustic wooden book out of her large work bag.After she got out a chalk and some weeds.

“Ohh my! Adam I need to make a spell to get that Great Serpent Dominic inside that shadows spell, only then he can spare our Sophia, and we must need to hurry as he’s capable of anything and he won’t stay here longer, we must capture him in spell of shadows, would you please help me to set up quickly, so I can start reading spell from this spell book of Shadows.”

Book of Shadows

Spells of Protection against dark powers | Source

Spells of Protection against dark powers | Source

Deception is Devil's greatest tool

"I won't spare this fuckin' bastard who is after my innocent and sweet daughter, how can l help you to set this up Tania?"

"Ohh my! I'm gonna set this all spell, you can see this book of Shadows? It's a spell bound thing, it's got magic of all heavans and Earth in it, that evil king can't run from the shadows of this powerful spell book," Tania answered while drawing circle of magic right in the middle of lounge.

"What's this circle for? I've actually seen it in horror movies, does it really protect? Or it's another imaginary story?"

"Ohh my! Of course it does, you'd see in a minute Adam, can you please lit up these five candles as I draw this magic Pentacle of protection for us, that filthy thing won't spare us otherwise."

Tania drew up the Pentacle with chalk, she stood at the one side of this magic circle and started praying in a loud voice.

“Ohh my! Thank you! Thank you! Please help me here! Oh powers of earth, fire, water, air and spirit come to my help.”

Circle of Magic

Pentacle of Protection | Source

Pentacle of Protection | Source

Adam brought the candles, she did put those candles on one corner of circle to represent fire.For earth, she took out soil of Holy city from her bag and put it at the other corner of magic Pentacle.Then she took out water bottle of ghosts’ tears and poured it at one corner to represent water power.For air, she took out magic dust jar of angels to protect her and Adam.

Then she went inside the circle with her book of shadows and called Adam to come in with her as facing that Demon King could be harmful for them.

“I’m okay, that bloody evil can’t harm me, you carry on, let me check on Sophia and Sarah?” Adam replied while stepping up the stairs.

“Ohh my! Don’t waste time, I know this Devil king, he’s capable of any evil, com’n get in quickly, it’s good to listen up sometimes.”

“This little lady thinks she can f..... do anything, all women think the same way,” Adam thought while entering the circle finally.

Tania started reading up lines from the book of Shadows, there was a huge shake up in whole house, Adam fell down, but Tania stood up firmly as she knew already what was going to happen.

“Ohh my! Com’n get up, and stand up with strong feet, that filthy thing is showing up his black power.”

She kept on reading the lines from the spell book, there were lights turning on and off after shake up.A big laughter sound started echoing in whole house, followed by another shake up.A big blow of air came from upstairs and formed into a red burning eyes monster in next moment.Adam was stunned to see such humanly monster in front of him.

Tania kept on reading the magic lines from book of Shadows.A roar shook up all the things of the living room.

"What do you want? You beautiful lady with sparkling eyes, I'm in bit rush and you're interfering in my task."

"Ohh my! I need to know what you want from my sweet innocent Sophia? And I want you to leave her alone."

Adam followed in anger, "You bloody bastard, I won't spare you, you fuckin' beast, stay away from my daughter otherwise I'm gonna kill you."

"Wait a minute, there is some misunderstanding here I think, though I don't like to talk to you dirty humans, but I need to clarify something.And you Adam, you gave me permission to have Sophia, whatever is happening, it's because of your authority.You can't blame me here now when I fully own Sophia with your permission sir."

See you in Chapter 6

Please join me in the next chapter of this marvellous story of fight between evil and good.Until then, be happy and keep others happy.

And Happy Easter folks!

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