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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 4

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Swinging in unknown Kingdom | Source

Swinging in unknown Kingdom | Source


Sophia’s shaking episode stops and sleep gets over her as she seems to be tired of her nerves stroke.Adam can’t see his daughter in such a condition and strikes on Sarah who is already in distress because of her daughter and finding no solution to save her daughter from those evil powers.

Sarah is in great shock over Adam’s reaction who goes out to find some way to get rid of evil shadowing over them.

A mother’s struggle to save her dearest child

Wind was blowing at it’s full force now outside and Sarah could hear the sound of thunderstorm hitting violently her kitchen window.But she was not scared of this forceful storm as she had already seen the most horrible thunderstorm of emotions and sufferings.

She was dialling father Alexander’s number on her mobile again and again which was coming as not reachable.She was so stressed out and heart broken, her limbs stopped working.She sat down over kitchen floor and started praying to God to help her.But nothing was working good for her, Adam was out too and she had no idea where he was.

“He should have with me now rather than addin’ more fuel to fire, I wanna fight these black powers too and want ma Sophia smile again.How can he blame me for all the misery? this isn’t right, I won’t forgive ya Adam for what ya doin’ now.”

She dialled another number of her friend Tania Malhotra who had some spiritual powers with her and could actually talk to ghosts and souls.

“Ohh my! Hey Sarah, is that you dear? what a pleasant surprise today my darling, I was just thinking about you now, and look! heard you,” a beautiful sweet sound chuckled over the other end.

“I need ya Tania, I need ya now, my poor Sophia is in grip of some black shadows, and I don’t know wha’ to do?” Sarah broke down in tears while explaining her agony.

“Ohh my! There was some feeling inside me like something worse was going on somewhere, but was not getting hold of what, don’t worry at all Sarah, I am on my way! Is Sophia with you?” Tania asked while rushing towards her blue toyota.

“No, Sophia was shaking up like hell and then fell to floor after, she is sleepin’,” Sarah replied stepping up to Sophia’s bedroom.

“Ohh my! stay with her my dear, don’t leave her alone.I would be there in ten minutes.Stay with her can you hear me Sarah?” she was screaming with full throat and was moving the starring wheel in speed to reach quickly to Thompsons.

“Yes I can hear ya, I’m with Sophia now, be quick Tania,” Sarah answered while approching Sophia who was still sleeping but her face was so pale and white.

“Ohh my! thank God! I am coming right there, you just hang on Sarah my darling girl,” she hanged up the phone saying this.

Tania wanted to reach there in no time as Sophia was her favourite too.Tania always loved to listen to Sophia and they both used to play snap chat together on mobile which used to be much fun to take selfies in different styles.Sophia was very fond of Tania too, she used to call Tania her best friend as She used to share a lot with her about her dreams which came true and about that black shadow chasing her after.

“Ohh my! She is very special child, nothing should happen to her,” she whispered to herself and raced her car.

Lights reflect how can a single light of hope can add up joy | Source

Lights reflect how can a single light of hope can add up joy | Source

Evil captures All

“Ohh my! What a beautiful house full of lights, but Alas! This black thing has seized it all,” Tania thought while parking her toyota in parking of Thompsons house.She felt a huge bang behind her car, seemed like something got stuck behind her car which was trying to hold it and shook up her whole car.

Tania lost her senses but was in conscience again in next minute.She came out of car and was taken aback to see a monster in front of her wearing black long clock, his eyes were red like fire, his face was similar to devil’s face, he was wearing a skeleton crown over his head.His smile was so freaked and full of satire for Tania.

“Ohh my! who are you? And why are you stopping my way? get off please, I am in bit hurry, can’t you see, you filthy thing, you can’t scare me with your demonic appearance, and how dare you shake my car up.” Tania said with huge strength but her sound was bit swinging around.

“You are stopping my way Tania, you need to stay away from this, otherwise you’d face the consequences of your choice, and by the way, I am the king of all demons and Satans, nice to meet you Miss Tania Malhotra, oh I forgot to introduce myself formally, bad one man, against rules of first meeting, well my name is Great Serpent Dominic, and I don’t need your intro as I already know you, sexy lady,” the Demon king gave his brief wicked introduction and forwarded his hand towards Tania.

“Ohh my! Sophia is my sweetheart and is like my own daughter, I won’t leave her alone and especially when you are here to harm her, she’s already had enough, can you please leave her alone? Or I use some other way to soothe your vicious intentions,” Tania did hit back and did forward her hand to shake with that devilish figure

“Great stuff! I’d have much fun here with you, and your eyes are so appealing, didn’t anyone tell you before my sweet lady,” the Demon king replied with the excitement of adventure.

Tania hurried towards Sarah’s main door while ignoring him but the Demon king was there standing right in front of the door.She stepped back with hesitation and fear.

“No no you little feminist flesh! Don’t you dare! I am behaving to be a gentleman here with you, you see, don’t take advantage of my manners I’m trying to manage with you tonight Tania Malhotra,” his sound roared with bright red flashed eyes which gave a lot of scare to Tania who was standing still and her blood was getting colder with the fear of that king.

Red Demon eyes filled with fire of Hell | Source

Red Demon eyes filled with fire of Hell | Source

Good never gets afraid of Bad

“Ohh my! You can never frighten me with your malicious language.Neither your terrifying eyes can weaken my determination to save my Sophia from you, you big monster, and stop flirtin’, you are not allowed to do that, and you can’t defeat good as good always wins at the end, and that poor little girl is a blessing for whole mankind whom you’re tryin’ to use for your freakin’ purposes, remember one thing, God’s grip is very strong and when He will send His angels to imprison you, then you and your followers won’t find any place on this earth to hide from them,” Tania followed with the most powerful statement of goodness.

“Well Lady, I’m scared, ha ha ha, really I am of your God,” the Demon king answered with laughter.

Then he howled and spread his both hands outwards which created a forceful black thunderstorm in the sky and all went dark at once with the effect of his power in force.Tania couldn’t see anything except dark and black clouds.She sat down and closed her eyes to save her from storm while background was echoing with his evil laughter and shattering sound of wind which was scaring her inside out.

Tania started reading verses of Holy magic of all heavans in higher sound to combat the wicked Demon king.

“Oh Lord of All heavans!

Come to me, Come to me.

Oh magnificent Holy Spirits!

Come to me, Come to me.

Oh Angels of all Skies!

Come to me, Come to me.

Oh Purified Souls of All Universe!

Come to me, Come to me.”

Whole atmosphere filled with the sound of her verses, Sarah felt the scattered sound of hell on Sophia’s room window, she approached the glass of window and tried to look out but she could see nothing except dark.She was astounished with this much dark and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

She heard a scream of Sophia behind who was hanging by wall now like a clock.This frightened her all Limbic system which felt the chilling cold of death and horror at once. She ran towards Sophia in order to get her down but something pushed her back with full motion.She fell on the floor and lost her conscious for a moment but got up again as she didn’t want this black force to win.

“What do ya want from my Sophia, leave her alone, ya bad soul, ya black power, I can’t see ma daughter suffer,” Sarah screamed while begging for life of her precious girl.

“She will serve me, not you sick people, she only belongs to my army, Sophia is my soldier,” a wicked sound roared in the room followed with Sophia’s giggling voice.

“Ya can’t capture my daughter, Sophia, ya hear me, I won’t let this happen, not at any cost, ya evil spirit,” Sarah replied in anger and painful sound.

To be Continued

Please stick along with me as I will go forward in next chapter and would face those satans and devils to save this precious girl for mankind.

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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