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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 3

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Beware of Black Shadows | Source

Beware of Black Shadows | Source

A quick review

Mrs Sarah Thompsons was stuck in the middle of a thunder storm.On one side was Sophia who was shaking like hell and on the other side she forgot the magic lines.Sarah had to read those lines continuously while spreading the magic dust of times around Sophia’s room against evil forces.

Fear can choke you up

Rain was hitting the window at it’s full force.Sarah could hear the beating sound of rain drops which were a call of huge dark storm ahead.There was silence in the room except Sophia who was gasping now with pain and her face seemed so tired of all the shaking episode.

A door bell broke that silent mode, Sarah rushed towards the door thinking of some help to relieve her misery.

“Hey honey, the rain is so heavy man,” Adam entered with half wet coat.

“Please get a black coffee for me Sarah while I change myself, it’s so cold man,” Adam ordered while stepping up the stairs.

Sarah ran towards Sophia’s room to check on her who was leaning over her knees, seemed to have slept for the time being.

“Ohh my poor little girl, why all this is happening to ya,” Sarah mumbled while lying Sophia down on her bed.

Sarah closed the door behind her after putting Sophia’s Holy Cross necklace around her neck.Adam was standing right behind which stunned Sarah for a minute, her breath got stuck with shock.

“Wo, wo, I’m not a bloody ghost.”

“Ya just scared the hell out of me.”

“Where is Sophia? Is she sleeping but it’s not time to sleep yet,” Adam questioned while trying to move the handle of door.

“Nnnnna, don’t try’n please, let’s get down, she is tired, let her sleep for a bit until we find some way to save her,” Sarah answered heading towards downstairs.

Adam followed her in distress and agony.Sophia was his heart and soul, he was totally out of mind by now.He couldn’t let his daughter suffer like this.

Stairs seemed to him like crossing a ten miles dark tunnel which was not ending.But he couldn’t carry this burden for longer and brust out at reaching the end of staircase.

“What’s happened to her, why don’t ya tell me anything? I cannot see her suffering everyday like this at hands of those fuckin’ beasts who are lurking behind her.Don’t you treat me like I can’t understand nothing, I can see pain in my daughter’s eyes and I can also see what are you tryin’ hide.I’m not bloody blind, God damn it.”

“You are reacting exactly like your mum who didn’t tell me anything last time saying that not time yet.When that fuckin’ time will come,” Adam said all in anger while turning kettle on for coffee.

Sarah was just shocked at his reaction, she never saw this face of Adam before in her whole life.In a mintue, he changed totally into a different person who was stranger to her.Sarah didn’t know how to react to his changed attitude.Something broke inside her and she had lost all her energy to fight by now.

“This is the man whom I loved so much and I fought with my whole family for him.Did he deserve the fight? He is fully changed now, I don’t recognise this man, he is not the person I loved and fought for.”

“May be that’s what daughter‘s love is who has got all his frustration out today, or may be I never knew him, he was hiding himself from me, I can’t stand such behaviour at all, and this is not my fault.Then why is he blaming me for all? Com’n Sarah, how can you forget that after all, he is a man.He can’t be different from other mens,” Sarah whispered to herself with a deep breath of disgust and hatred.

But still she didn’t want to create any scene at this crucial time when their daughter was in grip of some awful powers and they had to save her.With this thought, Sarah collected all the shattered pieces of her heart carefully and looked at Adam who was sipping his hot cofee while checking his phone, not seemingly aware of Sarah’s state of mind and broken heart.

“Sophia was shaking up like she had some stroke.And she had that laughing episode before and we, we even lost ‘Hope’,” Sarah went on while try’n sit on sofa which seemed full of thorns as well.

“Couldn’t you call me? I was not fuckin’ at moon man,” Adam replied in anger.

This was the last knock on and Sarah couldn’t control herself now.

“Enough, I’ve had enough, it’s not all my fault if our daughter‘s in grip of some evil forces, stop blaming me for what I’m not responsible for, you are so carefree yourself, ya go out and forget everything, you could call me, but why would ya, it’s me all the time.It’s me who look after Sophia and ya are busy on work all the time, have no time for us.Again it’s me who went to father Alexander and brought that jar of magic dust to save our daughter, but forgot the lines, damn it.And ya Adam, I’m sorry to say but ya never have had time for me and Sophia.You never tried to know what’s wrong with Sophia and how can we save her from evil.”

“And what happened today, it happened so quick, I didn’t know how to respond, my all nerves had stopped working, I was so stuck to know what to do and I still don’t know how to save my Sophie,” Sarah brust into tears saying this.

“Oh stop it man, stop this fuckin’ emotional drama programme, my daughter is in danger, and still you are doing nothing except showing up your tears, all women do this when they are hopeless, I will find a wat out now, you don’t need to worry at all, I’ll protect my daughter now, you just relax and stop this crying episode,” Adam banged the door behind saying this.

Sarah was left with tears and broken heart but it seemed that daughter’s love had overcome all Adam’s feelings for his wife.He opened the door of his black Range Rover, sat in, and dropped his head on steering wheel.Then inserted the key in ignition and turned it on with some idea to help is daughter.

Very next minute, his Rover was talking to road, he didn’t exactly know where he was heading to but he remembered only one thing that he had to protect Sophia somehow.It was dark by now and road was empty to his surprise.Rain was stopped as well by now which was a great relief.

Dead end of Road | Source

Dead end of Road | Source

Love is blind

He was driving without knowing his destination.His mind was circulating round and round but not finding a way out.He was trying his hard to connect all the events in order to reach at some result where he could find a solution to Sophia’s misery.

“Sarah has messed all up, she just has one daughter to take care of, but she seemingly can’t do this job as well.I’ve to work hard to comfort my family but still my family is in distress, why Sophia‘s getting all these laughing episodes? And what was Aunt Fanie was saying that no time yet? And today that shaking episode? Who’ll answer all these questions?” Adam thought while racing his rover with stress.

Then he reversed his Rover at once while getting stuck at one name, father Alexander.

“May be, father Alexander is the right person who has all the answers, I should see him right now,” Adam murmured with joy on finding some way to his difficulties.

He was going to St Mark’s church now to find answers to all of his questions.He was hopeful that he would gather some information on Sophia’s case and father Alexander would definitely have some plan to save his precious daughter.

On reaching there, Adam parked his Rover in the parking bay, the church door was closed, he rang the bell, but there was no answer.He rang it again and again but there was nobody to answer his call.

His frustration was at peak now, he kicked the stone nearby in full force to get his desperation out, but hurted his own foot.

“This fuckin’ stone, bloody hell man.”

“I’ll wait here until I see father Alexander, no matter, how long I’ll have to wait, I’ll find answers to all my questions, and I won’t go anywhere until I find them.”

To be Continued

Please do join me in next chapter to find out all the answers to Adam’s questions hopefully and how Adam saved his daughter.

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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