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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 2

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Haunted soul | Source

Haunted soul | Source


Sophia is a special God gifted girl to save and heal humanity from all the miseries.But there are some evil forces working behind to stop her from knowing the truth of her soul.But God has His own plan and He knows when and how He would fulfil it.

Sophia already has started having true dreams and some turn out to be nightmares and she gets frightened sometimes.But she is protected by a white beard old man who guards her from evil forces.She can see him with her anytime she needs protection.

Sophia and her mummy go out for a picnic in Hyde Park.They also take ‘Hope’, a little kitten, who is a little miracle, with them.They all are having fun in the park when suddenly Sophia screams behind the tree where she and Hope were playing hide and seek.

Mrs Sarah Thompsons rushes towards the tree to find out and to her horrible surprise, she finds Sophia there laughing, a freakish laugh, and Hope is not there.

“Hope is fine, her guardian has taken her, she will be back soon," Sophia replies with a laugh on asking.

Let’s find out what’s going on with Thompsons family and where is Hope gone?

Join me please as I start writing this chapter of ‘Angels of Haunted Soul.’

Sophia's Mystery laughing episodes

Mrs Thompsons was so tensed, didn't have any clue about Sophia's condition, except Sophia had such episodes many times since she was born.

Once, when Sophia was three, and they were having holidays in South Africa with Sophia's grandma Fanie.Whole family was out to have a seaside picnic on a sandy warm beach.

It was a hot summer day, sun was shining at it's full warmth, Adam and Sarah were taking sun bath under the warm sun.Granny Fanie was taking afternoon nap under her large umberalla.It was so relaxing to feel the hot energy of sun rays.Sophia was playing with her bucket and shovel.She was collecting all little stones in her bucket.

Suddenly, she screamed and started laughing.Everybody ran towards her in stress.

"Are you okay my dear? look at me," Adam Thompsons asked in shattering tone.

There was no answer but only meaningless laughing sound which made everyone worried about her.And one line she uttered,

“fallen bird is flying back again, hurray.”

“What bird, we can't see any,” her daddy replied looking around with wide open eyes, in search of bird.

"Look, there it is, flying higher," Sophia answered pointing her little finger towards the blue sky.

Adam and Sarah Thompsons chased after her finger towards the sky in search of bird, but there was no bird which startled them more.Both of them, looked back at Sophia whose finger was still pointing to the unknown bird.

"Cannot you see the bird, you poor chaps," Granny's sound came after.

"No, can you see the bird," Sarah asked worriedly.

"Of course, I can, there it is, right in the middle of the sky trying to fly higher."

"Come to me my child, no one can understand ya better than me," grandma Fanie called Sophia.

Sophia ran towards grandma, sat on her lap, looked at her and laughed meaningfully this time.

Both of the parents were failed to get any clue, "can you explain please," Sarah asked in miserable sound.

"Later dear, it's not time yet," Miss Fanie answered.

"And don't worry, Sophia is absolutely perfect healthy child, but spiritually blessed which you won't understand, you need some time to recognize real Sophia," she told Sarah while tapping her shoulder.

This thing brought a pleasant feeling of relief in Sarah Thompsons’ mind when she was coming back home with Sophia but then another incident flashed in her memory which made her bit anxious.

Once she found Sophia standing alone in their living room at middle of night, laughing and talking to someone.Sophia was 5 years old then.

"What's goin' on Sophie? Are ya alright? Who's there?"

Sophia looked back at her mum and replied with a smile: " Nothing mommy, I was just helping an angel, he was so worried, his wings were not working properly, I just fixed them, and look he can fly now."

"I can't see any angel Sophie, ya gotta kidding me, right?"

"Nope, I am serious mommy, there is angel here, his name is Angel Igrabil, he is standing right here, and saying thank you to me for repairing his wings to fly towards the heavan again," Sophia replied with a smile on her face.

"how did ya fix his wings Sophie?" Sarah asked.

"Well, I just laid my hands on his wings, a light of my hands touched his light of wings, both lights changed in one light for a minute, and my light of hands covered all his wings and boom, there was a huge splash then.And his wings were working perfectly fine after this magic of huge light which I could see touching the sky."

"Ya must be dreaming dear as you had a scary dream of that black man following ya last time Sophie.”

"No, mommy, this is not dream, and other one you are talking about was not a dream as well."

Mrs Sarah Thompsons could perfectly remember all those incidents as she parked her car in the driveway of her house.Sophia came out of car in hurry and ran towards the main door, without waiting for her mummy.Sarah came after and opened the door.

“Why are ya in such a rush Sophie?”

Sophia didn’t reply her and hurried to the hallway.

Black Powers in Action

Sophia ran through the hallway leading to the living room and went upstairs with quick steps.Sarah followed her and found her sitting on one corner of her bedroom besides the clothing wooden cabinet.Sophia was shaking like an electrical shock and her face was sweating even in low temperature.

Her eyes were all black, there was no white thing left in her eyes.Her face was pale yellow colour.

“Go”! She uttered with black wide eyes.

“Who”! asked Sarah with stunned eyes.

But there was no answer to her question.

“Oh my God, what’s goin’ on? somebody please help me here,” Sarah creid in pain.

Then suddenly she got up, ran downstairs, and went straight to the kitchen.Opened the top white cabinet and got out a white glass jar with a sealed lid.There was a note on front: “Nightmares”.

Dust of times to stop evil | Source

Dust of times to stop evil | Source

She hurried back towards Sophia’s bedroom with quick steps.Sarah opened the lid of this spell dust of all times which father Alexander gave her to protect the house from evil powers.

“Oh, damn!” She whispered.

She forgot those three lines which she had to read while putting the dust around the room to get the magic work against dark forces.In distress, she looked at Sophia who was still shaking like a fish without water.

And Sarah couldn’t see her daughter in this condition.But her mind got empty with fear and stress.Not even a single word she could remember of those lines.

“I gotta find a way to let this magic dust work,” she said to herself while grinding her teeth with anxiety.

To be continued

Please don’t forget to join me for next chapter to find out how Sarah Thompsons struggled to get the dust magic work and how did she save her daughter from dark forces.

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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