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Angels Of Haunted Soul - Chapter 9

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

Secrets can ruin all - Source

Secrets can ruin all - Source


This is totally a fiction work. Any resemblance to any real character, any real event or any true story can be just a coincidence, not intended to.


Sarah Thompsons is grieved with her daughter’s abduction, can’t even imagine how to cope without her little darling Sophie. Police intrudes to check on if all is well with Thompsons which isn’t really. But Sarah pretends to be calm and lies to the police about her husband and daughter.
She doesn’t want to report it to the police as this would involve Adam Thompsons, her husband. She does want him to suffer but certainly not in easy hands. And Adam is still her first and last love. No matter what happens. This is weakening her deep inside.


'Life can be so much complicated, you only get to know when you paddle in this deep ocean and can't get a way out.' Adam thought while sipping up from his large black coffee cup.

“Am I responsible for all this hack? Seriously? This all seems like a nightmare. Oh! Someone pinch me please.”
His phone rings, looks like a pinch of life. There you go.

“Sir, someone wants to speak to you on an urgent note.”Assistant Barbara sounds on the other end.

“Who is this?”

“He is telling his name Simon Edwards.”

“Who Simon Edwards, I don’t know any.”

"A private detective," he is saying.

“Couldn’t you complete before? Why do you complex all Bab?”

“Oh my mistake sir, so sorry.”

“Will you please connect now?”

“Oh! Yes yes, sure.”


“Hello Good Morning! This is detective Simon Edwards. Am I speaking with Mr Adam? I mean, Adam Thompsons.”

“Yes! You are! I haven’t heard your name before Mr Simon Edwards. As far as I can think.” Pause.

“Yes, absolutely right, this is our first telephonic talk Mr Adam Thompsons.”

“So what did force you to contact me?”

“I actually wanted to discuss your daughter’s kidnapping case, if you don’t mind. I won’t take much of your time Mr Adam.”

“Who told you about my daughter? And she’s not kidnapped. Okay.”

“Oh, I do apologise Mr Adam for using this word, but can’t use any other appropriate word for this incident.” He clears his throat.

“I’m really busy, won’t be able to meet you for a couple of days or so.”

“This is very important regarding your daughter’s case Mr Adam Thompsons. Though I have got much information about Sophia Thompsons from Miss Tania Malhotra. But I still want to know your side of story as things aren’t normally as simple as they look like some times. Otherwise, I would have to get the police around this case, I’m afraid.”

‘Aham!’ Adam feels that awkward feeling in his throat when lots of saliva tries to go through your throat and you find it difficult to clear it at once.

“Are you okay Mr Adam?”

”Yes, I’m fine.”

“So can I come to meet at 12pm today?”

“Yes! No probs”

“Hang on a minute! Do you know where my office is?”

“Oh yes, 26 Chancery Lane, right?”

“Yes, right!” A little pause.

“Cool. see you then.”

“Ya, sure.”

Guilt doesn’t let you live - source

Guilt doesn’t let you live - source

Sarah opens the door, and finds Adam standing in front of her. She bangs it on his face, but Adam holds it from being closed. Sarah comes in the tv lounge without looking behind if Adam is coming or not.
Oh my darling Sarah! You know, I love you so much.” He puts his hands around her neck from behind.

Sarah tosses them off. Steps away. She doesn’t want him to touch her. Adam comes forward, stands right in front of her. He looks into her beautiful but saddened brown eyes. She can feel his familiar scent but doesn’t want to get occupied with it.
“Com’n Sarah, do you really think, I am behind our daughter’s went missing? How can I do this to my own daughter. I have done a mistake long ago but it doesn’t mean this....”

"What Mistake?" Sarah stares in Adam's eyes this time.

“Trust me, I haven’t ever done any thing wrong to cause any harm to you or my Sophie, my angel.”

“I’m not in a good state of mind to argue with you Adam, could you do me a favour please?”

“Sure! my love!”
Adam comes more closer, put his hands around Sarah firmly and kisses on her forehead. He can feel her trembling limbs. Sarah forgets to resist for a minute. She was gonna say ‘leave’ but couldn’t say it. She needed this most since yesterday. Warmth of a strong relationship which was faded for some good years now. She closes her eyes and let this moment get over her.
"You'd bring my Sophie back? I don't know how to cope with this grief Adam, I know, you can bring our child back."

“Of course! love! And I regret for all my mistakes Sarah. Really, I am.”

Sarah looks up in his eyes, she narrows them to find the truth.

“Yes! I am!” Adam widens his eyes.”

“Remember, when our Sophie was little, she used to play hide and seek. She would hide in loft, sometimes under the bed or inside the cupboard. You could never find her. But I would get her every time. Sophia used to smile at me.”

“You get me Daddy! Her little eyes filled with joy.”

Both laugh, but it doesn’t last longer. Sarah looks at him, shrugs a bit, takes a long breath.

”You’d get her this time too, promise me.”

”Yes, my love, I would.”

“I gotta go now Sarah, I came to check on if you are okay. Got a meeting with Detective Simon Edwards at 12pm.”

“Why he wants to see you? He’s already seen Tania. And he’s coming home as well later on today.”

“No clue, he was saying to involve the police if I don’t cooperate. So I’ll have to meet him up. I hope, he might get some lead to find our Sophie.”

“What? Tania discussed with him already, not to involve the police. Two officers knocked on today early in the morning as well. Were checking on if all was good.”

“Oh well! Did you tell about Sophie? About me?”

"No, not at all, why would I, we already are in much trouble, can't afford involving the police."

Adam takes deep breath of relief, he approaches the main door through the hallway. Sarah is behind him. He kisses on her right cheek, hugs Sarah and takes a leave.

"I would be home soon Sarah, my love. I would bring something to eat. Don't worry about it. I know you aren't in good position to cook. Just relax and have some sleep. I won't get distracted now."

"Okay, I'll wait. And yes, be brief with that Detective, no need to tell the things which aren't related to the case."

"As you say my mistress! See you soon!"

Sarah lifts her shoulders up in an acceptance shrug. She passes a meaningful smile. Adam is bit stunned now, is she okay? He slits his key inside his Rover's keyhole, looks back at the door but Sarah is gone inside already. He misses his daughter Sophie now, who always waited at the front door until his jeep was out of sight. With this, memories came of Sophia's barbie doll room, all in pink and white, was Sophia's wish. It was decorated as Sophia wanted it to be. Pink walls, large Barbie doll pink and white bed, matching side table and cupboard were bought with the bed to match all up.

Matching Barbie doll book table, had her laptop on, and some story books. Sophia loved reading those books again and again. Her favorite collection was 'Augie & Me: Three Wonder Stories' and 'The princess Diaries'.

Sophia's voice echoes in Adam's ears, "You get me Daddy."

Adam looks at back seat in the mirror, but nobody is behind.

Hand in Hand - Symbol of Love

Hand in Hand - Symbol of Love

Adam returns to his office after comforting Sarah. He is quite in his senses now, ready to face anything. Sarah is his life’s love, though there are some points where he isn’t agreed with her. But he loves her madly.
”I shouldn’t have stayed at hers last night. I hope, Sarah won’t find out.”

His thoughts get back with phone ringer.

“Hello Sir, Detective Simon Edwards is here.”

“Okay, yes! It’s 12pm. Send him in please. Thanks Bab.”

He gets water from water filter, drinks all in one go.

”Chill man, chill.” Adam Whispers as Detective Simon enters. Clenches his fingers, makes a fist, straightens the bones of his right hand. He tries hard to get comfortable on his large black round chair.
"Good afternoon Mr Adam Thompson! Nice to meet you."

"Afternoon Mr Simon Edwards, good to see you, how can I help you today?" hesitates to shake his hand a bit but does it anyway.

"Can I sit, and then we can talk, this is very delicate issue, you see."

"Ya! Right! I see! take a seat please," Adam scrolls his eyes around.

"Can you please tell now, what happened to your daughter and how? I am so worried for the little girl. These demons are quite dangerous and capricious. You can predict anything worst from them.”

Adam feels heavy twitches in his stomach. Looks around, starts cracking his knuckles. An early stage of fear and nervousness. Sophia’s voice reverberates in his mind.
“You get me Daddy.”

© 2019 Nikki Khan

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