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An Unnatural Influence: La Fin

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The end of the Curse?  The final test of the powers of the Blood-Red Ruby!

The end of the Curse? The final test of the powers of the Blood-Red Ruby!

The Forbidden Forest of Nun ...

When they approached the car, Renee looked at her father and Jabari smiled.

“My father took our Maserati Ghibli leaving me with this.” Jabari said with pride.

“Your father must be doing extremely well in his business ventures!” Alex exclaimed admirably

‘That is true Sir Latimoore. However we will be leaving this vehicle behind for a more suitable mode of transportation. The back country is no place for a car such as this.” Jabari retorted and started the motor.

After traveling for about five miles, Jabari pulled up into a compound where a dusty looking Jeep Cherokee stood waiting for its occupants.

“I hope you will not feel too inconvenienced.” Jabari replied sheepishly.

“Actually, this is more what I expected.” Alex explained and move toward the back seat.

The perfect mode of transportation for the back country!

The perfect mode of transportation for the back country!

“It’s great for going into the back country and things of that nature.” Jabari explained.

“So—is it far where we are going?” Renee asked while fastening her seatbelt.

“Yes—it is in the Sacred Forest. Everything is being prepare for us. I must caution you that this is a very dangerous ceremony—recalling someone from beyond.” Jabari said solemnly.

“You have to call someone back from the dead?” Both Alex and Renee said in unison.

“Of course! It is much easier in acquiring the Ruby and making the pact than to cancel it!” Jabari explained.

“And why is that?” Renee inquired.

“Because the Spirit of Celeste Montague must consider you worth of the lifting of the curse.” Jabari stated matter-of-fact.

“And who is this Celeste Montague?” Alex asked.

“She is the one who was wronged. Her husband killed her to acquire the Blood-Red Ruby for his mistress. But before the poison ended her life she swore a curse on anyone who possess it. It was through a violent act that it was taken from her and ever since those acts have been performed to secure it.” Jabari answered.

“Will I be worthy?” Renee wondered.

“That is what we shall learn.” Jabari responded. “Ah, we are here!”

The Forbidden Forest of Nun … a sanctuary for the Lost!

The Forbidden Forest of Nun … a sanctuary for the Lost!

Another Hill to Climb ...

Jabari helped Renee out of the Jeep as her father looked around. The surrounding area looked eerie and desolate. There were signs of long-ago habitation and activity.

“This looks like a terrible place!” Renee cried clutching her father.

“Yes it does look forbearing but—” Alex is interrupted by the voice of a woman.

“Do not judge a place by its present condition.” It was Madame Amara.

“Madame Amara!” Renee exclaimed in both bewilderment and excitement.

“Yes child—I am your distant cousin! And you are about to embark on a perilous adventure!” Madame Amara exclaimed.

“I understand—I will do what is necessary to be rid of this curse.” Renee replied slightly trembling.

“And you are Sir Latimoore, to whom I owe a small bit of gratitude.” Madame Amara said smiling at him.

“How so Madame?” Alex inquired politely. “And please call me Alex?”

Madame Amara's prayer was that everything will be successful!

Madame Amara's prayer was that everything will be successful!

“Very well—Alex and you may in turn call me Amara for you are considered a friend otherwise I would not be doing such a thing as this.” Amara said.

“It is I who must share the gratitude with you for even attempting such a ceremony.” Alex returned sounding much better than he felt.

“You Alex have brought a small justice to this family for through your inquires we were able to find the relatives of the ones who killed my beautiful Momma Nakia.” Amara replied solemnly.

“You will punish the relatives of the murderer, then?” Alex asked incredulously.

“No—not kill but they will have to make restitution in other ways. We are not lawless people. My Momma Nakia was very dear to our family. The ancient one told us many stories of how Celeste Montague had come here from France and how she had been betrayed by Count Montague.” Amara sadly related.

“Do people in your family all have longevity?” A curious Alex wondered.

“Yes, we do unless we meet an unexpected end.” Jabari interjected. “But enough of this—let us begin the ceremony!”

The disturbed spirit of Celeste Montague ...

The disturbed spirit of Celeste Montague ...

The Sacred Ceremony ...

It was quiet as Amara entered and exited the hut with a very old book. It was called Le livre du souvenir—The Book of Remembrance. It held the key to unlocking the mystery behind the Blood-Red Ruby and removing the curse.

“Nous appelons les esprits des vieux (We call upon the spirits of old) Ramenez un de vos enfants (Bring back one of your children) Celeste Montague.” Amara spoke with a loud voice.

The air became very still, and everything was quiet. There was no sound of birds, crickets or any beast. Then the temperature suddenly dropped. Here in the tropics—the temperature became as cold as a sudden blizzard. From the north came an apparition of a lovely woman. Her voice was soft but disturbing.

“Qui dérange mon sommeil?” Celeste demanded. (Who disturbs my slumber?)

“Je suis l'arrière-petite-fille de Ashanti!” Amara replied holding her head down in respect. (I am the great granddaughter of Ashanti!)

“Ah, then I will revert to English. Who have you brought with you?” Celeste inquired looking at Renee.

“My distant relations and her father. This is Alexandra Renee Latimoore and Sir. Latimoore.” Amara replied.

Renee is so frighten that all the color drains from her lovely face!

Renee is so frighten that all the color drains from her lovely face!

“Renee—you are the one!” Celeste said moving toward Renee.

“I am the one?” Renee asked trembling.

“Yes—the strong one worthy of dispelling the curse for your resistance against it is very strong. However, the curse is stronger.” Celeste said in triumph.

“And do you find me worthy?” Renee inquired lifting her head slightly.

“Yes—I do but in order to lift the curse I will need you to allow me to enter your body and the pendant will be placed around your neck.” Celeste stated looking directly into Renee’s eyes.

“But will this contact kill her?” Alex interrupted.

“I did not say you could speak; but I will answer your question.” Celeste said turning her gaze on him.

“I am sorry Countess—please forgive me.” Alex said bowing his head.

“You are also a man of honor—I accept your apology. Whether or not it kills her we will only know after the struggle is ended. However, if we succeed—the curse is broken forever!” Celeste pronounce.

Renee lay on the ground as she struggled with the forces of good vs evil!

Renee lay on the ground as she struggled with the forces of good vs evil!

“I will subject myself. Enter—” And before Alex can say another word the spirit of Celeste Montague possessed Renee.

Amara quickly took the Blood-Red Ruby and put it on Renee’s neck. She fell to the ground and there was cries of agony and despair. Her body contorted like a hideous being and there was one final blood curdling scream and it was over.

Renee lay still on the ground and once again the spirit of Celeste Montague emerged.

“Do not despair—she will live! The curse is broken, and the Blood-Red Ruby exist no more. It is mere once again a beautiful piece of jewelry! Thank you great granddaughter of Ashanti for freeing both of our souls. Let her lay there for a while and she will rise fully recovered. She will not remember the struggle as well she should not.” Celeste said and then turned to Alex.

“Your lovely daughter has rescued us both. I am eternally grateful to you both. Do not despair regarding Sadie Bakersfield. She is in a place specially reserved for her kind. Au revoir!” Celeste replied and vanished. The curse of the Blood-Red Ruby was over!

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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