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An Unnatural Influence 7

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The Blood-Red Ruby slowly drains the life of the owner until they go mad and then they DIE!

The Blood-Red Ruby slowly drains the life of the owner until they go mad and then they DIE!

A Sudden Change ...

Then one day Marme called Renée to do some errands for her. Renée had been away from the mansion for several days. It had been one of those times when she had approached Marme with the idea of going back to California to further her education.

“I don’t understand why you don’t want me to go back to California. I have been in contact with Professor Oliver and he has gotten everything together for me. I can work on my doctorate degree and maybe even teach journalism there!” Renée had begun.

“How many times do I have to tell you child that you don’t need to go back to no California? I have plenty of work for you to do here with me. The foundation has been growing by leaps and bounds and it’s really getting to be too much for me. And where is that pendant I gave you—why aren't you wearing it around your neck? I paid dearly—” Sadie stopped in midsentence and began smiling.

“You have plenty of people helping you. Why did you stop talking?” Renée had asked irritated.

Time grows short for Sadie ...

Time grows short for Sadie ...

“Things have never been the same since John has been gone. He came to me in a dream the other night. He said he missed me and forgave me.” Sadie said still smiling. “He looked so handsome.”

“Forgave you—just what did you do, Marme?” Renée asked strangely looking at her Marme; she just seemed too happy. She didn’t seem upset at all.

“Oh, just go on to the store, and Renée, please promise me that you will continue Bakersfield Foundation for me and always keep your pendant near.” Sadie replied as if speaking in a daze.

“Oh, but Marme …” Renée pleaded.

“Hush, not another word, just get done with your errands.” Marme said and walked with Renée to the door.

Good-bye Sadie Bakersfield … Earth has lost an iron fist.

Good-bye Sadie Bakersfield … Earth has lost an iron fist.

The End of A Dynasty ...

Renée didn’t want to disturb the serene look on Sadie’s face, so she rushed out the door without saying another word. Renée had no desire to work in the Bakersfield Foundation, but she knew that it would be futile to try to explain this to her Marme. So off she went to complete the errands.

When Renée returned from the shopping excursion she found her Marme in a very deep sleep on one of the settees in the Receiving Room with the ruby in her hand. There seemed to be a slight hemorrhage below the fingernail and a small smear of blood on the jewel. Renée felt drawn to the pendant. Carefully she slipped it on. Then she looked at Marme.

The woman had collapsed into a coma and there would be no awaking. Sadie Bakersfield left peacefully one June morning. A beautiful smile was on her face. She had fulfilled her mission.

The home-going ceremony for her godmother meant much more to Renée than the one she had witnessed with her mother twenty years previous. It meant the end of a tyranny and the beginning of emancipation. Even though Renée loved her godmother dearly, there were so many restrictions placed on her life, even at the age of almost thirty-eight.

Sadie's body may be gone but her influence on Renee Latimoore lingers on! It's like all the color has left.

Sadie's body may be gone but her influence on Renee Latimoore lingers on! It's like all the color has left.

Sadie selected Renée’s associates, chose her wardrobe for social gatherings and attempted to monitor her behavior when she went on speaking engagements promoting the few books she was able to write. And, whenever Renée tried to defend her actions, Sadie would burst into a rage and would have to go directly to bed. The presence of Sadie Bakersfield was a constant throughout the majority of her life. And now she felt it was over.

The services for Sadie Bakersfield were magnificent. There were not only quite a few celebrities that graced the beautiful Whitestone Church but international leaders as well. The auditorium was also filled to capacity with neighbors, supporters, friends, and community leaders. There were various reporters and the services were also televised on the local network. Renée also saw to it that there would be a very nice article regarding the death of Sadie Bakersfield in the Southern Historical Society Magazine. The article was published as follows:

"BAKERSFIELD, Sandedra “The people of Bakersfield and the world mourn the passing of a great humanitarian, Sandedra “Sadie” Bakersfield. Ms. Bakersfield was the great granddaughter of Sam Bakersfield the founder of the historical town. Ms. Bakersfield had lapsed into a diabetic coma. She also had a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a strange undisclosed illness. Ms. Bakersfield was the CEO of Bakersfield Foundation, an organization that worked with the handicap children of that picturesque town. Her work brought world recognition not only to Ms. Bakersfield, but to the town as well. Although Ms. Bakersfield never married, she is greatly mourned by her Uncle Curtis Bakersfield, his daughter Chasity and her goddaughter Renée Latimoore, the beautiful, wealthy and talented daughter of the legendary star of stage and screen ANDRÉA DUPREE-LATIMOORE and the renowned British playwright Sr. Alexander Latimoore II. Burial at Lakeside Manor."

Renée had several copies of the article sent to friends and supporters of Marme and placed in a special commemorative scrapbook that was housed in the Bakersfield Museum. She knew that the town of Bakersfield had lost their most devoted benefactor!

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 8

  • An Unnatural Influence 8
    Even her Uncle Curtis thought that Sadie's interest in the Bakersfield Foundation leaned toward the paranoid. She would never accept his help although there were times when it was greatly needed.

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