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An Unnatural Influence 6

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The control of the Blood-Red Ruby is not absolute … nevertheless it is a dangerous piece of jewelry!

The control of the Blood-Red Ruby is not absolute … nevertheless it is a dangerous piece of jewelry!

An Unshaken Concern ...

Renée developed more and more concern regarding her Marme and the uncontrollable temper she possessed since leaving Renée behind. She sensed that all was not well health-wise, but Marme refused to discuss it. One night out with Lee she shared her thoughts.

“I think that Marme has an illness that she is hiding from me.” Renée said.

“Why do you think that, dear?” Lee said.

“If anything should happen to Marme before I have had a chance to return to Bakersfield…” Renée started.

“But why do you think that something will happen to Sadie Bakersfield before your return visit to Bakersfield? Are you saying you want to live there?” Lee asked.

“No, but …” Renée was interrupted again by Lee.

“Then it’s settled. Sadie Bakersfield has the constitution of a horse. And, if you don’t want to go, then stay here. There is someone here that needs you more than she does. I love you!” There he had said it.

“I love you, too.” Renée said, and they embraced happily.

Renee and Lee have never been happier, but will it last?

Renee and Lee have never been happier, but will it last?

Renée told Sadie how she felt, and the woman was in a livid state. Sadie began her onslaught of constant complaints regarding Renée’s lack of visits to Bakersfield and how she had completely abandoned her for a migrated foreigner. She continued her distressing complaints until Renée promised that right after graduation she would pay her an extended visit. Renée felt a sense of obligation to the woman because it was quite obvious that something was very wrong with her.

The Blood-Red Ruby ...

Months later, Sadie left the comfort of her home in Bakersfield to attend Renée’s graduation. Renée received her dual degrees in Journalism while her friend Katie received like manner in Library Science. It was a big celebration and even Katie and Sadie laid aside their mutual dislike for each other to join in the gaiety of the moment.

Vandermier Sr. presented Renée with a beautiful diamond and sapphire brooch with matching earrings. Lee gave Renée eleven deep red roses with one snow white rose. He also presented her with a very small jeweled case. Upon opening, there sat a single solitary 2ct. diamond on a platinum band.

“This is a symbol of our lasting friendship.” He said and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Marme turned away but a deep frown did not escape the watchful eyes of Katie.

Katie and Samantha joined forces and presented Renée with a solid gold bracelet with three charms of ladies in wide-brimmed hats.

“This is to remind you of our lasting friendship.” Katie replied, and Samantha shook her head in agreement.

Ownership has changed hands ... now it begins! Beware, the Blood-Red Ruby!

Ownership has changed hands ... now it begins! Beware, the Blood-Red Ruby!

Marme then presented Renée with an Alabaster box. Inside the box was an exquisite ruby pendant encircled with diamonds on a platinum/serpentine base.

“It’s the notorious Blood-Red Ruby. Marme, how on earth could you afford this? Where on earth did you find it! I heard that it had been lost—” Renée gasped unable to say another word.

“I have my connections child.” Sadie said with a secretive smile as she put the jewel around Renée's neck.

“Always wear this as a token of my love for you and never be without it.” Smiled Marme while everyone gathered around the infamous necklace.

Samantha waited until Renée was alone and then spoke up.

“That stone has a terrible history behind it.” Samantha whispered to Renée.

“I think that’s a lot of suspicion. How could anything so beautiful be wicked.” Renée said waving her away as if mesmerized by the jewel.

“It’s started already—” But before Samantha could say anything else she saw Marme staring at her and went quickly away to find Katie.

”Please, watch out for that stone!” Samantha cried. “I’m afraid for her.”

“I know what you mean!” Answered Katie “but Sadie is eying us both. Separate!”

What Sadie Bakersfield wants … Sadie Bakersfield gets!

What Sadie Bakersfield wants … Sadie Bakersfield gets!

A Return to Bakersfield ...

There was gaiety and Renée even mentioned the possibility of staying in San Francisco to pursuit a PhD in journalism. Marme’s eyes became so wide that Renée thought she has having a stroke. The next day Marme became very ill and had to be sent home. Renée felt strongly obliged to return with her. After that day, she never returned to California.

After her conversation with Samantha, Katie began to worry about Renée. When Samantha was ready to return to her home, Katie decided to follow, and Samantha helped her secure a job in Bakersfield—much to the displeasure of Sadie. Nevertheless, Samantha’s family was extremely wealthy and Sadie did not want to cause any friction between herself and them.

After returning to Bakersfield, Renée found very little time for journalistic writing less known her friends. Because of Marme’s unpredictable health, she devoted herself to writing short stories and novellas.

However, Marme made sure that there was always something that she needed done and only Renée could do it. Renée found herself constantly being interrupted and became frustrated in her writing attempts. Still, she was determined to remain faithful to her chosen profession.

If Renée even mentioned moving back to California, Marme would fly into an uncontrollable rage which sent her immediately to her bed. A doctor would always be called in, but Renée was never given the particulars of Sadie’s condition. This went on for many years.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 7

  • An Unnatural Influence 7
    Diamonds may be forever—Sadie Bakersfield isn’t! The Blood-Red Ruby slowly drains the life of the owner until they go mad and then they DIE! This releases their body but NOT their soul!

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