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An Unnatural Influence 4

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The infamous ruby is coming ever so close to acquiring its next victim.

The infamous ruby is coming ever so close to acquiring its next victim.

A Change in Plans ...

“Humph, I guess soon I will have to start using money from the Bakersfield Foundation to sustain me.” Sadie said.

“It was never meant to be a permanent allowance. It was only to help cushion the cost of running Andréa’s mansion, the many and sundry needs of Renée, etc.” Vandermier said. “But since you will be returning to Bakersfield …” He held his hands in a farewell gesture.

“And not a minute too soon, from the looks of it. Well, that is gratitude for you. However, it has still been wonderful having you, Renée” Sadie added when she saw the strange look on Renée’s face.

“I will no longer be a burden on you, Marme. I will be staying here in California or perhaps going to school abroad and living with my grandfather …” Renée started.

“That is completely out of the question. You have been as a daughter to me, and with me you will remain. That’s settled. If there is nothing you require from either of us, Vandermier, we will be leaving. I would not wish to detain you from your visit to France.” Sadie said rising.

“Nor do I wish to detain you on your exodus from California.” Vandermier said, “However, it has been arranged for Renée to remain in my temporary guardianship so that she can complete her education at the university of her choosing.

Never underestimate the skills of a good lawyer!

Never underestimate the skills of a good lawyer!

“WHAT, I did not hear Andréa say any such thing in that video!” Sadie boomed in rage.

“I beg to differ. Andréa said that Renée would be in the temporary custody of a trustee until she completed her education. I also have it here as it is stated in writing. And, also in the original custody papers that Andréa signed almost eighteen years ago. If you had ever bothered to actually read your copy of the arrangement, it stipulated that your custody of Renée would end on her twenty-first birthday; however, she would be under temporary care of the executors of the estate to complete her education at whatever institution of higher learning she decided to matriculate in. You signed the agreement without reading the FINE PRINT!” Vandermier said in triumph.

“Why that no good, mother —” Sadie stopped short of profanity when she noticed the surprising looks on both the faces of Vandermier and Renée.

Vandermier pulled out a dated document and handed it to Sadie. There was her signature as clear as a bell. Vandermier snatched it out of her hand because she was so upset she was trying to tear it up.

“That, my dear Sadie Bakersfield will get you about 25 years in prison!” Vandermier said. Then turning to Renée—

“It has been my pleasure serving both your mother and now you. Please feel free to call me, my son, or any of the staff if you require anything. Your mother was a good friend regardless of the differences in years.”

“Thank you for all you have done for us.” Renée said hurrying to catch up with a most irate Sadie Bakersfield.

When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, she doesn't look back to lament over the caterpillar.

When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, she doesn't look back to lament over the caterpillar.

Saying Good-bye ...

After their visit to settle the Estate of Andréa Dupree, Renée and Sadie returned to Andréa’s Manor (about 250 miles from San Francisco) using the same chartering plane service. Sadie wanted to ensure that the movers got complete instructions on what was to be transferred to Bakersfield and what was to be placed in storage for further disposition. It had been Sadie’s plan that she and Renée would be on a plane to Bakersfield by the end of the week however, with the sudden turn of events, Sadie would be returning home alone.

“There is no need for me to stay in California.” Sadie said sadly. “Stephen Sr. will be handling the selling of the estate here. I do hope that you will give the money from the sale to my foundation to help the poor children of Bakersfield. Without that extra allowance money, the foundation is going to be mighty hard pressed.”

“I’ve got other plans for the money. I plan to purchase a condominium to live in while in San Francisco. I may also consider going on a cruise with Katie and Samatha; if you’d like, you can come along —” But before Renée could finish Sadie interrupted.

“The only traveling I will be doing is in Bakersfield. I had hoped that in time you would learn to love that city too. We could have all kinds of Southern balls and other gatherings. We could BBQ on the front lawn! Neighbors are friendly and love to come over and say ‘howdy’. But now, you are forced to spend another four years in this god-forsaken place!” replied Sadie in utter disdain.

“I love San Francisco, Marme! All my friends will be here and Lee’s father along with the accountants will be here to help. It will be lovely. Besides, if I decide to pursue a master’s degree it could be six years.” Renée said with a wide grin.

That cat is not about to relinquish control over her prize canary!

That cat is not about to relinquish control over her prize canary!

“Well, just promise me that you will keep in touch and write me whenever you can. Come to visit me on your breaks and by then I hope to have a very special surprise for you.” Sadie said with a mysterious look on her face.

“What sort of surprise, Marme?” Renée asked in puzzlement.

“Oh don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. The time will pass swiftly, and you will be returning where you belong.” Marme said with finality and gave Renée a swift peck on the cheek.

Renée had mixed emotions when it was time to say farewell to her Marme, but a new era of her life was commencing. She happily embraced a new lifestyle that would be filled with glamour, excitement, and uncertainty. She knew she would miss her Marme’s strong suppressive presence, but she had wonderful friends like Katie and Lee. Samantha was a good friend, but Renee was leery of her connections with Bakersfield.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 5

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