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An Unnatural Influence 2

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It had been said that some people were willing to sell their very soul just to get a glimpse of that infamous ruby!

It had been said that some people were willing to sell their very soul just to get a glimpse of that infamous ruby!

A Hotel Confession

After the driver helped Sadie out of the car, he offered Renée his condolences and left. Sadie and Renée went into the hotel restaurant where they had a nice buffet-style dinner and then Renée helped an exhausted Sadie into the hotel elevator. After entering the suite, Renée led her to a large overstuffed chair where Sadie eased her large frame down into the chair and softly sighed. It looked as if she had gained 30 more pounds through the whole ordeal.

“I have two sets of keys to give to you. One key, you can use now, and the other one you will probably be using later. Don’t ask any questions, just let me speak and then you can usher me into my adjoining bedroom. Your momma really loved you, although she didn’t know how to show it like most mammas do. She wasn’t around to see you grow day-by-day as pretty as or even prettier than she was. Oh, she was busy making her living—making her fortune so that you could have all the wonderful things in life. It was the men folk that provided all the glamour and hoopla that your momma showed to the public—privately she was a caring and loving mother who stashed her money away in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates in your name for such a day as this.”

While Sadie paused to catch her breath and see how Renée was handling this new revelation she gave Renée the two keys. One key was made of gold and the other silver.

“Your momma never did anything small.” Sadie managed to chuckle.

“I don’t understand?” Renée said.

Sadie finally revealed to Renee how her mother really felt about her.

Sadie finally revealed to Renee how her mother really felt about her.

“I know you don’t, child. The lawyer will explain everything to you. I don’t rightly understand all that legal mumbo-jumbo, but I can tell you this—you are a very wealthy young woman. But there is a danger in wealth. Sometimes people get uppity and forget that they are no better than anyone else. I don’t ever want you to forget that humility is one of the spiritual fruits. Don’t let Hollywood and glamour turn your head like it did your momma’s. At times, it made her into someone that I didn’t even know. I never saw anyone change as much as she did. It’s not like she didn’t have her uppity ways anyway, being part French and all.” Sadie said leaning back closing her weary eyes.

“Now help me to my room so that I can lie down.” Sadie said.

Renée knew that Sadie hated being in California and longed for her Southern heritage in Bakersfield however she had promised her best friend Andréa that she would remain in that sunny state until circumstances forced her to leave. So, Sadie had to pacify herself with the occasional visits to the southern town of Bakersfield until time finally presented her with the opportunity that she needed. Although she seemed heartbroken over the loss of her dear friend, she was happy with the prospects of returning permanently to Bakersfield.

After Renée was convinced that her Marme was settled for the night, she lay in bed contemplating the events of the past. Sadie had never spoken of her mother in such a positive light and it was somehow comforting to know that her mother did in fact love her. It was only sad; she thought that it was revealed to her through her mother’s death.

Renee prepares to settle in for the night but not before making a late night telephone call.

Renee prepares to settle in for the night but not before making a late night telephone call.

A Late Night Call

Renée knew that it was late, but she had the need to talk to her friend Kathleen “Katie” Kilpatrick. Renée had recently met Katie through “Lee”, the pet name for Stephen Vandermier Jr. and their friendship grew like crabgrass. Renée could not understand why it seemed that Marme wanted her to limit her exposure to Katie. She remembered on one occasion what Marme had said.

“You don’t need to be getting so close to someone you just met. What do you really know about that girl? Her kin-people are from Europe, and it’s no telling what type of things they do there. There will be plenty of nice southern girls for you to associate with in Bakersfield once we get back home.” Sadie had said.

“What do you have against Europeans, Marme?” Renée asked.

“Let’s just say they can be heartbreaking and leave it at that.” Sadie had said and ended the conversation.

Renée shook her head and proceeded to call her friend.

“Huh, hello who is this?” A sleepy Katie had said. Although it was now only 10:00 pm in San Francisco, Katie was strictly a morning person.

“It’s me, Renée.” Renée said quietly.

“Oh honey, are you alright? I wanted so much to talk to you, but Marme advised me that it would be better if I let you get through this crisis without my help. Please, don’t say anything to her.” Katie pleaded.

Katie was a devoted as well as a very concerned friend.

Katie was a devoted as well as a very concerned friend.

“But she shouldn’t have … ok, I won’t say anything. I just needed to talk to you. Marme is sleeping and I wanted to talk to you without interference. Wait, let me check her door …” Renée said slowly getting up to peek at Marme who slept restfully in her room and returned to the phone.

Renée gave Katie a full account of everything that had happened and the current information that Sadie had shared about her mother. They decided that it would be best to keep their conversation private and Katie let Renée know that she looked forward to being able to spend more time with her and Lee.

As Renée hung the phone up and was turning over to go to sleep, she received a telephone call. It was from Lee.

“I hope I didn’t wake you.” Lee whispered.

“No, I’ve just completed my call to Katie, what is it?” Renée asked.

“I won’t get a chance to see you tomorrow, I have an important case I have to attend to for my father since he’ll be leaving the country … but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your mother. She was so dynamic! She cared deeply for you too …”

“Child are you talking on the phone at this hour?” Marme’s voice boomed from the other side of the adjoining door.

“Marme, is awoke Lee, I will have to talk to you later.” Renée abruptly hung up the phone and switched off the pretty lamp.

To Be Continued …

An Unnatural Influence 3

  • An Unnatural Influence 3
    It is never wise to continue to count your chickens before they hatch. It may be an old cliché but as Sadie Bakersfield discovered, there is a ring of truth in it!

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