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An Unnatural Influence 19

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The Ruby was determined to make Renee its next victim!

The Ruby was determined to make Renee its next victim!

Putting on latex gloves, Alex took the necklace away from Renée and began to wrap it in tissue. Then he put the tissue in a plastic bag. The bag begin to turn dark and everyone including Renée looked at it in horror.

“We need to find my alabaster case!” Renée exclaimed. Alex nodded his head.

“Yes, at least it will lessen the effects it has on Renée until we can find out what to do with it!” Lee said attempting to take it out of Alex’s hand.

“No, Lee don’t make skin contact with it. That would not be a wise thing to do. This object is empowered by human contact somehow!” Alex retorted.

“What should we do then?” Katie said.

“First, we need to consult someone who knows about the black arts. I only wish I knew who that was.” Alex said.

Carefully removing the object from the previous bag, Alex placed it into a sturdier surgical bag and then put it on the nightstand. Turning, he spoke to Renée with great concern in his eyes.

“Whatever you do, darling don’t put that pendant back on.” Alex admonished.

“I feel like I’ve been so betrayed.” Renée replied. “I’ve had other jewelry, but I always wore that pendant. Marme would sometimes get upset the few times that I decided to wear something else. She said I had to keep my special pendant with me at all times.”

Raziya Renée pays a spiritual visit to her great granddaughter.

Raziya Renée pays a spiritual visit to her great granddaughter.

A Helpful Visitation ...

“Then last night I had this very strange dream.” Renée continued, feeling a little stronger.

“What was is, darling?” Lee asked affectionately.

“I dreamed that my great grandmother—Raziya Renée came to visit me.” Renée answered.

“And what did she want, dear?” Alex asked intrigued.

“She said to seek out Madame Amara in Haiti. She is the only one who can help. She is the granddaughter of the woman who sold Madam Bakersfield that accursed jewel.” Renée replied feeling even stronger.

“Did she tell you anything else, Renée dear?” Her father gently asked.

“Yes, she said to be sure and keep that pendant in the alabaster box. It will protect me from the most severe effects of the pendant and never, ever put it back on.” Renée finished exhausted. She had briefly sat up but slowly returned to her reclining position.

Alex is satisfied with Renee's solution.

Alex is satisfied with Renee's solution.

“There, you have it.” Alex said in triumph.” “I am going to find that alabaster box for this pendant. Then I am going to contact Madame Amara in Haiti. It’s apparent that its powers are neutralized when in that box.” Alex said.

“Let’s see if they will keep it in the hospital safe until we can get that alabaster box. And, please whatever you do, don’t tell anyone else about this.” Lee said. For the second time; Lee reached for the pendant and was brushed aside by Sir Alex.

“No—it’s already gotten out of that safe once. Let’s not tempt fate again.” Alex reminded Lee.

“Katie, please stay here with Renée and that accursed pendant. I am going to call Madame Amara and arrange an interview. Lee, I need you to get that alabaster box.” Alex ordered.

“Ok, I will see you in an hour.” Lee kissed Renée and he was gone.

An excited Lee hurries off in search of the alabaster box!

An excited Lee hurries off in search of the alabaster box!

Alex also said his good-byes and left. Katie and Renée were left alone in the hospital room.

“The Blood-Red Ruby is not going to like this.” Renée said frighten.

“Don’t talk like that, it makes me nervous!” Katie cried.

“You are nervous? How do you think I feel having spent 38 years with that Vodou Princess of Darkness?” Renée said feeling better than she had in a month.

“You are sounding more like yourself. It must have been those days when you were wearing other jewelry you bought that you were in a more rebellious mood. Or sometimes, I can remember that you really didn’t want to be bothered with any jewelry and you would put a pair of diamond studs in each ear.” Katie commented.

“Can you imagine; there I was, a young inheritress and hoarding money like an Ebenezer Scrooge?” Renée said.

The sheer essence of evil becomes more apparent regarding Sadie Bakersfield!

The sheer essence of evil becomes more apparent regarding Sadie Bakersfield!

The Cost of Revenge ...

After a couple of hours Lee returned with the required alabaster box and Alex with news from Madame Amara.

“She will be able to assist. Her decease grandmother knew of the origins of the Blood-Red Ruby. She explained to Sadie Bakersfield that the ruby always requires blood from its owner as a covenant. It is an extremely powerful black art, and potentially deadly if not executed properly. Sadie wanted to control Renée, not kill her.” Alex continued.

“It costed Sadie a pretty penny to get that Ruby from Madame Amara’s grandmother and it will cost even more to get the spell turned. But it’s worth it to guarantee the continued safety of my daughter. Since only the person that possesses the pendant can ask for its reversal, when you are able Renée, you will have to journey with me back to Haiti.” Alex said with concern.

“Why will it cost so much for the turn-back, Alex?” Katie inquired.

“Because Madame Amara’s grandmother is dead. Sadie hired men to steal the pendant and in the process they murdered Madame Nakia.” Alex said shaking his head.

“So much blood spilled to possess that pendant. It’s no wonder that it’s cursed. And to think of the depths that Sadie Bakersfield went to in order to ruin your life.” Katie said incuriously.

“How she must have hated my mother!” Renee stated in alarm.

“Don’t you worry about that. Keeping it in that alabaster box is only a temporary fix. Katie, put on these gloves. Next put the pendant into that alabaster box and read these words. Then go wash your hands and return the box to me. I will keep it in the hotel safe.” Alex said.

“What do we do next?” Lee asked looking at Renee.

“Now, we wait. When I return dear, you should be well enough to journey back with me to Haiti. Ado all!” Alex was gone.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 20

  • An Unnatural Influence 20
    Sometimes its easier to get into trouble than it is to get out of it. Alex has found someone who can help destroy the curse of the Blood-Red Ruby but at what cost?

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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