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An Unnatural Influence 18

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Disloyalty to the Blood-Red Ruby meant DEATH!

Disloyalty to the Blood-Red Ruby meant DEATH!

What’s to be Done ...

Both Lee and Katie became alarm and rushed toward Renee trying their best to both loosen the pendant clasp and her grip on the pendant. Renée passed out and an ambulance was summons. She was taken to County General.

After three hours the doctor stepped outside of Renée’s room to speak briefly with them.

“How is she?” Katie asked.

“She almost died from asphyxiation from that damn necklace. I’ve never seen anything like it. We had to get some wire cutters and it was like wrestling a python getting it off her. What do you make of it?” Dr. Kelsey asked.

“Do you know that is the notorious Blood-Red Ruby? She received it as a gift from her godmother. That’s who raised her.” Katie said.

“Who was her godmother?” Dr. Kelsey asked

“Sadie Bakersfield.” Katie said.

“Sadie Bakersfield was the philanthropist and strong arm behind Bakersfield Foundation wasn’t she? Yes, I’ve heard of her. But even so, I thought the stories of that jewel were nothing but fables. However, the way that pendant was determined to kill her—I don’t know what to believe.” Dr. Kelsey said. “And who is her mother?”

“Andrea Dupre Latimoore.” Katie said.

Dr. Kelsey was a good physician who was not normally succumbed by superstition.

Dr. Kelsey was a good physician who was not normally succumbed by superstition.

“Ah, that’s why she looks so familiar. Now, Andrea Dupre was a looker. In fact, that young lady looks just like her, if not better. Now if you will excuse me …” Dr. Kelsey replied and returned to Renée as if he just remembered something.

“I don’t think Renée should ever return to Bakersfield. I think we should dispose of that pendant as well.” Katie said.

“Katie, I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. You should have seen them struggling to get it off her.” Lee said incuriously.

“Anyway, I’m going to Bakersfield and get her things stored. I’m going to call her father, too. Just keep that thing away from her!” Katie exclaimed.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Give me a couple of hours to get my clients either rescheduled or transferred to another lawyer and I will come with you. We need to get this estate settled and find out what we need to do about that pendant.” Lee said sternly.

“How Sadie Bakersfield could have done this to Renée and then constantly tell her that she loved her is beyond me.” Katie said shaking her head.

“I believe in her own warped way she thought that she was doing the right thing and maybe she did love her. Her mind was twisted. According to legend, you have to perform acts of violence to acquire that jewel. It’s just know telling what that mad woman did.” Lee stated in aspiration.

Was Sadie's hatred toward Andrea so great that she would commit murder? Even if it was by contract?

Was Sadie's hatred toward Andrea so great that she would commit murder? Even if it was by contract?

“Do you think she might have engineered Andrea Dupre Latimoore accident?” Katie asked in horror.

“I know my father had been talking to Andréa just prior to her death. I think she was going to tell Renée the true about everything.” Lee replied and then continued.

“My father was told that the car exploded on impact. The car and occupants were burned beyond recognition. It was impossible to tell whether the car had been tampered with or not. It was quite evident that there was someone else in the car with Andréa. There was never any investigation done to determine if there has been foul play. The remains were disposed of in France.”

“You mean that your father suspected that the car may have been tampered with?” Katie said feeling her suspicions were confirmed.

“Andréa told my dad that she had spoken to Sadie about what she had planned to do, and Sadie was furious. Andréa said she had never heard her speak like that.” Lee said.

“You gave your word that child would be mine. You even signed a document to that affect.” Sadie said hysterically.

“I’m sorry but I signed that document under duress. Renée rightfully belongs to me, Sadie. Alex never really loved you. He was using you like so many of the others. Don’t you realize that?” Andréa asked softly.

“Lies, all the things you are telling me are lies; you cheap little whore! First, you stole Alex from me with your Voduo wiles. Now you are trying to do the same thing with Renée. Well girl, two can play this game of yours.” Sadie had said and then hung up the phone.

Is the Ruby finished with its attempt to possess Renee?

Is the Ruby finished with its attempt to possess Renee?

The Blood-Red Ruby ...

It was three weeks before Katie and Lee were able to see Renée again. Her eyes looked slightly swollen and her beautiful light mahogany skin looked ashen. Her hair lay in disarray on the pillows and it was obvious that she had lost weight. She could not speak above a whisper.

“The Blood-Red Ruby is punishing me for wanting to leave Bakersfield. It wants me to stay there and be slave to it.” Renée whispered.

“Darling, we are going to get through this. I love you very much and we are going to be married.” Lee said touching her cool clammy forehead.

“Yes, I know, but the pendant won’t allow it. It is bent on destroying me!” Renée whispered.

“That will never happen, my child.” A strong commanding voice said. It was her father Sir Alex Latimoore. He had arrived right after Lee and Katie left for Bakersfield.

“I am taking you to my country home on the outskirts of Hampton as soon as you are able to travel. That cursed pendant has had you long enough, it’s my turn!” Exclaimed Alex.

“I thank the heavens that you are here, Sir Latimoore!” Katie cried.

“I know that San Francisco is your home, but I would like to have you stay for a visit as well, Katie. You have been like a sister to my Renée and you are welcome. There is always room for a friend at Latimoore Lair.” Alex said now smiling.

Even after three weeks … there is slow recovery!

Even after three weeks … there is slow recovery!

“The hospital will not release Renée until she is both mentally and physically fit. I am afraid the Chief of Staff refuses to believe in the Blood-Red Ruby. However, we do have an ally in Dr. Kelsey” Lee explained.

“Do you know if Sadie Bakersfield ever went to Haiti? That was the last known residence of that cursed pendant.” Alex questioned.

“If she did, it would have happened during the time that Renée was away in college.” Katie said.

“Yes, I seem to remember Renée telling me that Sadie said she would have a surprise for her!” Lee recalled as he looked from Katie to Sir Alex in utter disbelief.

“I remember the night she gave me this necklace. It is the infamous Blood-Red Rudy, you know!” Renée whispered pulling the necklace out in full-view of everyone.

“How on earth did you get that back?” Alex asked. “I thought it was put in the hospital safe.”

“I woke up one morning and it was on my nightstand. It seemed to be beckoning me” Renée replied strangely.

“I was much too weak to put it back on, so I’ve been keeping it in my nightie pocket.” Renée whispered.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 19

  • An Unnatural Influence 19
    Although Renee survived the onslaught of the Blood-Red Ruby she was not completely safe from its affects.

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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