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An Unnatural Influence 10

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The longer Renee wore the Blood-Red Ruby, the greatest its effect.

The longer Renee wore the Blood-Red Ruby, the greatest its effect.

The Truth Be Told ...

Renée closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She was unhappy but not shocked with what her Marme had done. All the years of deceit and manipulation Marme had accomplished. The woman had made Renée feel that her mother didn’t want to be bothered with her. All the years that Marme allowed her to believe that lie—and to find out that Marme orchestrated the entire plan! Also everything that people had speculated about Marme had been true—scandalous secret rendezvous with John Cummings and then the accident—what on earth did she mean by its necessity Renee thought to herself?

“I have one letter down and one letter to read,” Renée said sadly. “I wonder what other surprises are in store for me. I wonder how many more stolen memories Marme took.”

The plane landed, and Renée took a cab home to her lovely apartment. As she opened the door the telephone wrung. It was her agent, Hector Lui.

“Well, Renée are you ready to come out of hibernation and start some serious writing?” Hector asked.

“I’ll tell you about it later, Hector. I’m a little tired from my flight from San Francisco.” Renée lied. She just wasn’t up to talking with Hector at the moment.

A very good agent and concerned friend, Hector.

A very good agent and concerned friend, Hector.

“I can imagine.” Hector said. “It’s all in the news about you becoming the heir of Bakersfield. One of the people on your lawyer’s staff must have leaked that bit of information out!”

“Journalist, don’t they ever give it a rest?” Renée said annoyed now.

“And, I might add a noble profession that you used to be a member of.” Hector teased.

“Yes, doesn’t it seem like a long time ago?” Renée said.

“Humph, it was like pulling teeth getting a story out of you. Girl, you acted as if you were under a spell half the time.” Hector interjected.

“I’ve felt like that often enough.” Renée replied thinking about the pendant.

“Anyway you must be worth a mint now girl? It’s not that you were worthless before this. What say we run off together and get ourselves one of those islands?” Hector chuckled.

“And add a new scandal: writer/heiress runs off with her married agent. Now don’t you start? I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with a town, but I will probably just give it back to the people of Bakersfield.” an exhausted Renée said.

“That would be excellent public relations. You may end up with sainthood after all” Hector laughed.

Renee was tired and didn't feel like an interrogation from Hector at the moment.

Renee was tired and didn't feel like an interrogation from Hector at the moment.

“No thanks, all I need to do is just start deciding what I am going to do with the town I just inherited and get on with my life. I’ve also got a letter from my estranged father.” Renée said staring at the second letter.

“You mean old Sir Moneybags has decided to write his only daughter after all these years!” Hector expressed in complete surprise.

“Hector, it’s a long and complicated story. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow or the next day, okay?” Renée said.

“Okay, I’ll wait until then. Please take care, Renée.” Hector replied on a serious note.

“I will, and thanks Hector.” They both hung up.

Renée decided to take off the pendant before going further and found she was having problems loosening the clasps. However after much effort she finally succeeded. When she opened the 2nd letter she immediately recognized the family crest that was a part of the letterhead. However formal the paper was the actual writing was smudged as if the writer had been crying. Putting the letter down for a moment, Renée decided she would make herself a cup of herbal tea before carefully reading the letter.

Renee possessed the best and most expensive condo in Bakersfield.

Renee possessed the best and most expensive condo in Bakersfield.

Renée had gotten a beautiful townhouse with a view of the lake just a few miles from her Marme’s busy mansion. There had always been a lot of activity with the various meetings of the foundation executive board members and foundation supporters who wanted to speak with Sadie personally. Renée found it difficult at times to concentrate on her writing because of the noise. Although her Marme was firmly against it; that was one of the rare times when Renée stood her ground.

“Child, you don’t need to spend all your money on one of those fancy Bakersfield townhouse apartments when I have all this room in this mansion of mine.” Marme retorted.

“It’s just too many distractions here. I need a quiet setting for my writing.” Renée would say.

“Yes, yes I understand that, but you should get more involved in this charity work. It is so very rewarding, and you could be like my little assistant. And just where is that pendant I gave you—it costed me enough.” Marme replied.

“I can’t wear that thing day and night and besides I don’t want to be your assistant. You already have one, don’t you?” Renée whined.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 11

  • An Unnatural Influence 11
    There were times when Renee found herself completely unable to refuse her Marme anything. Then there were other times when she was so rebellious that she confined herself in her apartment for days.

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