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An Unnatural Influence 8

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Slowly but surely the Blood-Red Ruby works its Dark Magic on the mind of Renee Latimoore!

Slowly but surely the Blood-Red Ruby works its Dark Magic on the mind of Renee Latimoore!

The Iron Fist—Closed ...

Once again, Renée had to make the solemn pilgrimage to San Francisco to visit the same law firm that had handled her mother’s estate. This time it was Lee who spoke to Renée and she looked forward to seeing him again.

“If it is possible, you are even more beautiful than when we said good-bye after your graduation. Do you remember? You have those magnificent eyes! Hmm, they seem dissimilar somehow.” Lee exclaimed.

Lee thought about the many frugal attempts he had made to reconnect with Renée. They were blocked on every hand by Sadie Bakersfield’s presence. And now that iron fist was closed forever! Yet somehow there was something distinctively difference about Renee. As if a light had been extinguished.

“It’s good to see you again Lee. I remember well. You looked very handsome.” Renée said feeling more tired than she had felt for a very long time. "Do you remember when your father showed me my mother’s video?”

“Yes, I remember. How well I remember! I sat the equipment up for my father then I had to leave for another important case. There will be no fancy theatrics this time, just the usual will with the usual terminology.” Lee said softly chuckling.

“Lee, I am sorry about your father. I wanted to come, but Marme became ill, so I had to stay with here.” Renée replied.

Renee is definitely not herself as she clings to the cause of her problem. It is nestled among the other necklaces.

Renee is definitely not herself as she clings to the cause of her problem. It is nestled among the other necklaces.

“Yes, I know.” Lee said bitterly. “She always seemed to have a way of becoming ill when it came to your returning to San Francisco. Father has recovered from his stroke, but he mainly leaves the tougher classes to me. It would have been nice if that heifer had let you come for a brief visit anyway.”

“I said I was sorry. Is it necessary to use that type of terminology when describing her?” Renée inquired angerly. “After all, Marme was a very sick woman, and you are talking like an acrimonious young man!”

“How can I help but be acrimonious?” Lee barked back. “Our life would have been very different had not that viper been such a wedge between us. Many times I felt like just hopping on a plane and strangling the life out of her!”

“I have the silver key that she said I would use later.” Renée replied handing him the key and releasing her grip from the pendant. Somehow, she seemed to immediately calm down after that gesture and Lee mentally noted the change.

“The gold key was to the safe deposit box that contained all the information for your inheritance to your mother’s estate.” Lee started,

“And that silver key is just as valuable. It would seem that your Marme left you your own town.” Lee smiled.

“What are you saying?” Renée asked startled as she took off the pendant and place it in its alabaster case.

Curtis Bakersfield thought his niece quite mad!

Curtis Bakersfield thought his niece quite mad!

The History of a Dynasty ...

Renée knew that Sadie’s great grandfather was the founder of Bakersfield and that Sadie, unlike her father, was an only child and heir to all the surrounding lands of Bakersfield. Bernard Bakersfield had a younger brother Curtis who was left a smaller but noteworthy share 150 miles from the boundary of the township called Bakersfield Grove where most of the industry took place.

All the many acres of land that had not been sold for homes and businesses still belonged to the Bakersfield family either Bernard or Curtis. It never occurred to Renée that Sadie would leave her the town. She always assume that Uncle Curtis and his daughter Chasity would inherit. However, she would later find that neither Curtis nor Chasity were upset about the arrangement—they had no interest in the Foundation or the Cripple Children’s Hospital. Curtis was an investor and was never asked to contribute fearing his involvement.

“I think Sadie is slightly cracked the way she goes on about that con-founded hospital of hers. Don’t get me wrong—I’m for helping people to, but she went out on a limb and a shaky one at that!” Curtis Bakersfield would always say.

She would do anything for Bakersfield and the Blood-Red Ruby!

She would do anything for Bakersfield and the Blood-Red Ruby!

Sadie had enjoyed the many years of service she was able to perform for the children of Bakersfield and dedicated large amounts of money for research. The various monies were made available through the numerous contributions and the residue from the hefty allowance provided by Andrea Latimoore. Sadie would cut numerous corners in California so that she could pump more money into her great grandfather’s foundation. As the only child of Bernard Bakersfield, Sadie had felt it an obligation to keep the foundation going. That was why she was so furious when she found her golden goose would no longer lay any eggs!

The elimination of that allowance put Bakersfield Foundation in dire straits. This was because Sadie refused to ask her Uncle Curtis for any assistance that would give him claim to her dynasty, even thought it would have helped tremendously. Had it not been for the shrewd business savvy of John Cummings and Renée’s generosity, Bakersfield Foundation would have collapsed.

It was rumored that Sadie and John had more than a business arrangement.

It was rumored that Sadie and John had more than a business arrangement.

A Rumored Affair ...

John Cummings was the Director for the Bakersfield Foundation and a very close friend of Sadie. He knew how to reinvest the monies from the various patrons of Bakersfield Foundation and turn it into a multi-million-dollar organization. It was rumored but never proven that Sadie Bakersfield and John Cummings had a clandestine relationship. It was also rumored that John refused to leave his cancerous wife to become openly involved with Sadie.

When John died in an airplane explosion in midair while representing the Bakersfield Cripple Children’s Home; Sadie was stricken with grief and never quite recovered. There was an investigation and it was found that the fuselage had been damaged. It was impossible to determine to what extent, and Sadie insisted that every plane in the future be examined closely before take-off.

“The charter for Bakersfield was reissued in your name 10 years ago. At the time, no one knew this but Sadie and my father. You also have a vested interest in the foundation; the money that you gave all those years was converted into shares of stocks in your name. Sadie wanted to make sure that you would always have ties to Bakersfield. I also have a very special letter from Sir Alex Latimoore of Latimoore Lair.” Lee stated gloomily.

To Be Continued ...

An Unnatural Influence 9

  • An Unnatural Influence 9
    The power of the Blood-Red Ruby is being slowly concentrated on Renee. Because she acquired it as a gift and the giver is deceased the effects vary in extremity.

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