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An Abandoned Manor Part 5

Emee.chan finds mystery and everything with elements of the supernatural very interesting. That's why she likes Halloween.

There is someone in the church who knows what's going on.

There is someone in the church who knows what's going on.

Gabriel, A Man Of God

Today turned out to be gloomy. Cold, with heavy dark clouds gathering, the unspoken promise of raining cats and dogs looming over the heads of townspeople. Truth be told, this type of weather isn't so unusual for this time of year, it's just...depressing. To children mostly, because it prevents them from playing outside after school. What a drag, huh?

Others took this time to relax indoors, with a warm cup of whatever drink that struck their fancy, thanking the gods they don't have to go outside today. Nothing beats being warm and dry.

One man in particular was grateful for the peace and quiet, albeit he rather enjoyed the company of other priests and staff working here.
The local church didn't get many visits today, service isn't until Sunday which is three days away. Perfect. He needs to tackle a certain matter as soon as he can.

In a small office, a man sat behind a desk. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties or maybe a little older. Grey hair, icy blue eyes behind rectangular glasses, sharp cheekbones with a serious yet calm look on his face, he fit a role of a priest perfectly. Since he was sitting, there's not much of him to be seen, but we'll get to that at some point. His name- Gabriel. Father Gabriel, as the locals called him.

Father Gabriel was a respected figure in this town. Known for his dedication to his call and serious demeanor, people trusted him and were drawn to him. If asked, they all said one thing- his calming aura made them calm as well. There was just something about him that made them feel at peace, made them forget their problems. He made them feel safe and protected. Truly a man of God. People were grateful for someone like Father Gabriel.

That sentiment is mutual. Father Gabriel rather liked his position here, people were kind and friendly, he enjoyed helping as much as he can whenever someone came to him asking for an advice, for words of comfort. Praying brings comfort to the hearts of those distressed and in need, after all. That's one reason why he should use his...other talents to help.

Ever since he could remember, his spiritual awareness was on a higher level than that of an average human. It enabled him to sense changes in energy all around him and to see that which can't be seen, that stayed hidden in the shadows of our ignorance. It wasn't their fault, no one taught them how to be more spiritually aware, there was no reason to do so. He was just a natural at that, which made him perfect for the task bestowed upon him.

"Well, no time like the present. Time is ticking, they probably started gathering...", Father Gabriel said to himself as he opened an old book and started reading.

What is he reading and what is this "task" of his? Such a mysterious man this Father Gabriel is...

Man Of Light

A man of light joins the fight,

Fending off those of dark nature.

He will protect the innocent ones,

Whose lives are put on the line!

A man of God, Protector of the weak,

His faith is his weapon, a holy man indeed!


© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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