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Alien: An Autobiography 2

Continued from Alien: An Autobiography


Enjoying Good Times Nevertheless

Bang! My dad flinched at the smash of the frying pan my mom flung at his head. The arguing then got pretty intense. I and my Earth family were all seated around the kitchen table, trying to enjoy a meal. A bit of a challenge when Mom and Dad had a disagreement. (Despite Mom and Dad's disagreements, however, we as an Earth family did enjoy fun times together and Earth's holidays.)

Hearing Mom and Dad's occasional arguments were perhaps what turned me inward and made me not so outgoing. And perhaps was the cause of the "silencing of my pipes" making me not so talkative as I matured on planet Earth.

(Sad for me, but in later years -- the years if my youth -- I wasn't very kind to my dad; now I so regret. He didn't revenge, however. Simply, he went behind a door, knelt down and prayed. I would learn of the to Whom he prayed later in my life and so respect my dad's position behind that door.)

A Sickly Experience Enjoyed

In my first year of school on Earth, I was in what had been called the "rhythm band" as were all of my fellow classmates. It came that day in the school year when we were to perform for the school's Mothers' Club.

The time of day for me and my classmates came to walk the steps upon the stage of the school auditorium. I with them but I didn't get all the way, as up from my stomach poured out my lunch upon the floor. Needless to say, but I didn't perform that day.

Having been examined by the school nurse I was then sent home with my mom, and a trip to the physician and examined. It was detected that I had an earthling condition called appendicitis; an appendectomy surgery was next for me in my earthly experience.

The day came for the surgery. On the way to the hospital, my dad carried me all about with some errands to get done even eating before my hospital experience.

After the surgery, there was a week stay in the hospital, surprisingly an enjoyable experience at least for a six-year-old. Ah, what earthly youngster at that age doesn't get attention? And then was another week stay at home from school.

My First Mistake

Continuing on through my years I sailed on through school, but of course not without an occasional stumbling (a misstep as it may be called) or illness that would keep me home for a day or a few.

(Through the years as well my dad took ill and had gone blind. My sister too wasn't well. So it was better for my mom to have my dad sent to a better caring facility for his care; to such a place he was sent, yet not without visits from us occasionally. During my junior year in high school my dad passed from his earthly existence.)

I sailed all the way through high school to my freshman year, so named for Earth school's ninth grade. Then, I stumbled (misstepped) to put it mildly, and thus I might consider that as well my first mistake.

P.E. so shortened for Earth's schools' Physical Education class (or Phys Ed or simply Gym class). That is what caused my downfall. Strange though it may sound I didn't like P.E. class; I didn't care about taking a shower with the other guys after the class.

P.E. was the second period of the day; math class was the first period. I did well with math, but then came the second period and it all went downhill from there. I had to repeat my freshman year of high school.

That may not have been so bad, but I kept my final report card from my mom; why she didn't ask to see that final card I don't know. But she found out at the start of the next school year. I had tried to get into the tenth grade. But the school knew better of course. And so my mom found out as well. My repeating the ninth grade was in another school of the same school district. Then I learned to take showers after P.E. class. But that first mistake put me a year behind of the rest of my years on planet Earth.

Some weeks after my high school graduation I almost was drafted into my Earth nation's military service. Avoiding that induction -- my older brothers one in the army and the other the navy -- I enlisted in the Air Force. I was then sent off for basic training. But still, my life was not without stumbling, missteps, and mistakes. But it was then I experienced an awakening.

To be continued.

© 2018 Charles O Newcombe

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