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After the Grip on Her was Relaxed

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When she sets her eyes on him, she becomes uneasy within herself

This must be strange and awkward feeling which must be curbed she reasoned

Within herself at this age, such feeling must not be allowed to progress beyond

This point, as she was thinking about this within herself, the guy walks to her side

As if he knows something about him was running through her mind, smiles at her

Stretches out his palm to her to greet her, then asks her of how things are going on with

Her, she partly heard him as her right palm becomes enveloped in his right palm

with her heart panting as if she has just finished a hundred meters race. She has been

thinking about him, her age, for her father will eat her raw if she ever considers anything

About opposite sex at her age, she has marked her eighteenth-year birthday three days ago

In the company of her family members, for that purpose she comes home from the campus

That has been common thing among her siblings, if she has not come home she may not

Have seen the young man and her heart would not have leaped into her mouth as she

Has been experiencing now. Before the young man could suspect anything she replies him

That everything is fine with her, and he says he is happy to hear that, letting go her palms

And would ask of her relationship with the person she was standing beside who happens

To be her elder brother. He was elated to hear that and would tell them he does not live

Around the place, and had accompanied his father to their house and would leave for his

Destination soon, but whenever he comes around he promises to be saying “hello”. She

Was glad when she heard that he was not living close by and knows she will not see him

For long time to come because she will be traveling for her industrial attachment soon.

This Is Love

When he leaves and I leave, his thought would not come to my heart again she reasoned

Within herself. Though she was able to put her feelings under control but occasionally she

Used to think about him, then she tries to know some things about him. After knowing

Salient things about him she becomes deeply interested in him. However, she restrains

Herself because of her father. However before she finishes her attachment, the young man

Moved to the island back. The day she gets back to the island the young man visited her

Family and was glad to see her back. She was elated to see him around but hide her

Feelings because of her parents. However, they continued their acquaintance as they

Exchanged phone contacts and started talking. The young man was instrumental into her

Securing admission for her second degree. She was not sure of his mind for her, but she

Knows her mind for him that her feelings for him is deeper than being friends alone. Time

Will tell that’s what people used to say, she said to herself. The relationship keeps growing

And a day could hardly pass without them talking on phone or chatting. A day that

She did not see him, neither talks nor chat, she will feel emptiness inside of her as if she

Has lose a child. She is going to twenty-two years now and she notices that her parents have

Relaxed their grip on her of not being involved with opposite sex, in fact they have been

Talking with her of the need to open her eyes and be involved with someone because at her

Age, her mother has been married to her father. She is now more relaxed with him and

Waiting for the avenue to present herself to him and or show her age-long intents. The

Time she has been waiting for eventually comes one day when he paid her a visit on the

Campus and they were strolling around, she could not refrain herself from the offer, for what

She has repeatedly dreamt about comes to pass, she was the most joyous person that day…