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A Tapestry of Desire Part 6

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Say, What ...

Ethan consulted Marc about having the ceremony at the Lodge. Beth told Ethan she would be delighted if the ceremony was performed there, but wouldn’t he prefer to have it in a more spiritual setting. Ethan said he would talk to Celeste about having it at the local church; but since that was where she married Liam, she may not be too keen on that idea.

Much to Ethan’s delight and surprise, Celeste insisted on it being in the church. She explained to him that she needed to create some new memories in connection with that church and this would do it. Celeste said that she wanted memories filled with love and new beginnings and not with remorse and regret.

Beth told Celeste that she loved her nephew very much, but had always felt that he wasn’t the right man for her. She told Celeste, “You don’t have to know anyone for twenty years to get a feel for the type of person they are.” Marc agreed that his wife was always perceptive when it came to people and relationships.

Both Marc and Beth said that they were happy for Celeste; she would always be a niece to them and that she and Ethan would always be welcomed at their Hodges’ Lodge—free of charge. Ethan thanked them and guaranteed Beth that Celeste would have the best of love and all the wonderful things she so richly deserved. Ethan put his arms around Celeste and kissed her passionately. Beth and Marc looked at each other and smiled. Even guests as they entered the lodge watched the middle-aged couple and smiled. Then Ethan went to call Ellie to give her the news.

“Hello?” Ellie said.

“Ellie, this is Ethan. Are you sitting down?” Ethan said.

“Yes you scoundrel, and where are you?” Ellie asked suspiciously.

“I’m in Canada with Celeste.” Ethan said to a phone that was dead silent.

“What— what are you doing there?” Ellie said cautiously.

“I’m planning to get married to Celeste.” Ethan said and he could hear a loud thud in the background. It sounded like something hitting the floor. There was a lot of noise in the background and then a male voice came on the line.

“Is this Ethan Bentley?” It was Edward on the line this time.

Edward doesn't know what to make of the conversation he's having with Ethan.

Edward doesn't know what to make of the conversation he's having with Ethan.

“Yes Edward and how are you?” Ethan replied.

“I’m fine, but Ellie’s in a state of shock. Said some nonsense about you planning to marry Celeste.” Edward laughed.

“I am.” Ethan said flatly.

“But, but, but aren’t you well, gay?” Edward asked.

“No, Edward, I was never gay. That was just a ruse to keep money hungry females off me.” Ethan said.

“Well, man couldn’t you have thought of another way. Balls, I thought all these years you were effeminate.” Edward said shaking his head. “And now you are getting ready to marry my son’s wife?”

“Ex-wife Edward, I am getting ready to marry Liam’s ex-wife. They have been divorced almost three years now.” Ethan said agitatedly.

“Yes, I know, I know, but we always thought that they would eventually get back together.” Edward said.

“Well, I hate to break the news to you, but they won’t be. Celeste and I are planning a big wedding in Canada in a few weeks.” Ethan said.

“You mean the same place where Liam and Celeste married? Balls!” Edward said handing the phone back to Ellie and shaking his head.

“This is all so sudden, Ethan. What about Carly?” Ellie asked incredulously.

Carly was a cherished memory ... as she should be and nothing more!

Carly was a cherished memory ... as she should be and nothing more!

“As you have told me so many times before, Carly is dead. I am still alive and doing well.” Ethan was beginning to really get annoyed. Celeste took the phone from Ethan.

“Mother, I know it will be hard for you to be happy for me, but I am in love with Ethan and he loves me, however sudden this may seem. We are going to be married as soon as we can get things arranged and we will be writing a book together. I will be coming back to Bridgeport from time to time to retrieve my things and put the house up for sale.” Celeste said firmly.

“Are you sure about this, Celeste darling?” Ellie asked.

“Yes, I am. Yes, we are!” Celeste said also becoming weary.

“Then, I am happy for the both of you. I wish you the very best of luck. Ethan and you both deserve to be happy; heaven knows you have both suffered enough!” Ellie said.

“Thank you, mother and I still love you very much!” Celeste said with tears in her eyes.

“We love you, too Celeste. Take care and if you need us, Edward and I are just a phone call away. Let me know when you return to Bridgeport.” Ellie said.

“We will. Good-bye for now, Mother.”

“Good-bye Celeste, tell Ethan he has my love and we will see you two when you get back.” Ellie said and hung up the phone.

“What on earth are we going to tell Liam?” Ellie looked bewildered.

“We will tell him the truth, Ellie love. His ex-wife has moved on. She’s getting married to a very rich man and you know what; I say, “good for her.” That woman deserves to be happy. And what a relief to know that I’ve been wrong about Ethan all these years! I’ll be damn!” Edward said having a good belly laugh.

“I’m glad you find this all amusing.” Ellie said.

“Aw, come here Boo; let me help you adjust to this.” And Edward put his arms around Ellie.

To Be Continued …

A Tapestry of Desire Part 7

  • A Tapestry Of Desire Part 7
    Sometimes facing reality can be hard but it's best to approach it "head-on!" Delaying it only makes it harder for everyone involved. Once that's done … healing can begin.

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