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A Tapestry of Desire Part 3

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A Discovery Made ...

It was Thursday and Ethan had finished packing. Just then the phone rang.

“Yes?” Ethan answered.

“What are you up to?” demanded Ellie.

“Nice hearing your voice too, Ellie.” Ethan smiled into the phone.

“Don’t play coy with me, Ethan. Tell me what’s going on? I have noticed you these past couple of days and if I didn’t know any better, I would think that there was somebody in your life.” Ellie probed.

“What do you mean, Ellie?” Ethan dodged.

“So, you are going to pretend innocent, are you? Well, we have ways of making you talk, Ethan.” Ellie mimicked a fake German accent.

“Oh, so now you are resorting to Gestapo tactics?” enjoying the battering with Ellie.

“You bet. Now what is going on?” Ellie’s voice held a hint of concern.

“Nothing for you to concern yourself about, my friend.” Ethan smiled.

“Then it is a girl, isn’t it Ethan?” Ellie asked.

“I didn’t say that it was a girl.” Ethan hedged.

“Nor did you say that it wasn’t” Ellie added.

“Anyway, I’m going out of town for a while. I hope you’ll watch the mansion for me.” Ethan expertly changed the subject.

“Where are you going?” Ellie inquired.

“Just out of the country and please, Ellie don’t ask me anymore?” Ethan implored.

“Alright, Ethan—see you when you get back.” Both returned the receiver to its cradle. Ellie had a knowing smile on her face.

Carpe Diem ...

Friday came swiftly. Celeste was both excited about being with Ethan and scared. She had only seen him through the eyes of being her publisher and somewhat effeminate. It was going to be strange seeing him as a handsome, very sexy and desirable man. Which he is.

It was about 4 pm when Ethan finished his work at the office. He thought about his talk with Celeste. He never knew that she would be the one to open him up. Not since his early years with Carly had he known such excitement. Carly, he could say her name without experiencing the tight feeling in his chest. Ethan smiled and went into the restroom that was adjacent to his office. He stared at his mirror reflection. Ethan was still a very handsome 40ish man. He smiled when he thought of how his good friend and confidant Ellie had also managed to maintain her good looks. He had almost thought at one time that Ellie would be the one to open the door, another bewitchingly beautiful older woman, but she had an undying loyalty to Edward Emerson, and that was a good thing, too. And even in spite of turbulent years without Carly, he managed, with the help of good friends (of both sexual orientations) to keep looking forward to a better day, and at last, the better day had come.

No, it would not be like the exhilarating relationship he had with Carly, but there would be passion just the same in this relationship. This time Ethan would be the more experienced teacher and Celeste would be his willing protégé. It would be far less complicated; although there were a lot of complicating situations in her life. Ethan found that the more he thought about Celeste, the more he wanted to be with her. Ethan wanted to work with Celeste, to develop her writing style, to be her confidant, her friend, and her lover.

Ethan took the 6:30pm commercial flight from Seattle to Vancouver. He had planned on taking the trip later with a pilot friend of his, but thought the better of it. Ethan wanted to ensure that he made it there incident free, with no disrespect to the maneuverability of his friend.

Beth and her husband met Ethan at the airport.

Beth and her husband met Ethan at the airport.

Beth and her husband met Ethan at the airport. They remembered him from Celeste’s wedding. Not only was he a very accomplished publisher and playwright, but some of the most famous authors in the world were associated with his organization. Ethan Bentley’s name could be linked to at least a dozen major motion pictures, winning both a Tony and an Oscar for his play, “Another Man’s Poison.” Beth thought it was an honor to have such a distinguished celebrity stay in one of her cabins, and offered him the one with the most prestige; “The Presidential Palace.”

After a lot of interesting conversation about the publishing business and all of the people that he had met, Ethan became interested in the Canadian wilderness and wanted to know the layout of the lodge and how they came about owning such a beautiful piece of countryside.

Beth and her husband were always happy to share how they came about owning such a lovely piece of Canadian wilderness. Beth’s husband Marc Anthony Hodges was very happy to dust off the floor plans and show them to Ethan. They sat drinking large mugs of steaming hot cocoa while Marc explained how he came about creating this wonderful wilderness home for himself and Beth.

Marc explained that although he and Beth have a more conventional home just outside the city limits, they prefer the comfort of the lodge. Besides, it’s a lot better than having a stranger take care of their financial affairs. Then Marc had an idea.

“Tell me Ethan, have you ever thought about living here in Canada?” Marc questioned.

“Not really, Marc. I have always thought about how cold it is here and that was a turnoff to me.” Ethan smiled.

“Yes, it does get cold here, but our autumn is beautiful to behold. The air is so fresh, and it is conducive to long life.” Marc said.

“I can image that a man could really lose himself in the wilderness.” Ethan agreed.

“And, with the right woman it could be like paradise.” Marc said with a knowing smile.

“What do you mean, Marc?” Ethan shifted uneasily.

“Look, first our little Celeste shows up in a cloud of mystery. Then her internationally famous publisher and playwright appears days later. Now tell me, what would you think?” Marc smiled.

“That they just like the Canadian wilderness?” Ethan replied.

“You just let me know that you thought it was very cold here.” Marc countered.

“So, it’s just that obvious?” Ethan shook his head.

“Only to someone who has “been there and done that.” Marc laughed.

“Beth’s folks weren’t all that pleased with us being together. So we needed to rendezvous in out-of-the-way places.”

“Guilty as charge. But, I am counting on your discretion?” Ethan asked.

“Not even my brother-in-law Edward and his lovely wife will catch on.” Marc replied. “As much as Beth likes to talk, she is good at keeping others discretions.”

To Be Continued ...

A Tapestry of Desire Part 4

  • A Tapestry of Desire Part 4
    Ethan was more than impressed with his cabin but when he was the Once Upon a Fantasy cabin … he knew that this would be the place to turn dreams into reality. And, right he was!

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