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A Tapestry Of Desire Part 7

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Letting Him Down Easy ...

The telephone rang and it was Liam.

“Dad, what’s going on? Celeste has been gone for days now.” Liam sounded aspirated.

“Son, Celeste is no longer your wife. It has been two years now. Actually, it’s going on three, isn’t it?” Edward said.

“Dad, I thought that you would understand?” Liam was irritated.

“I do understand son. You have to move on, now. Celeste has.” Edward began.

“Dad, what do you mean that Celeste has?” Liam said.

“Celeste is getting married, Liam.” Edward said.

“She’s getting married? What are you talking about, Dad?” Liam questioned not liking the direction of the conversation.

“Like I said, Celeste is getting married. She’s getting married to Ethan Bentley.” There Edward has said it.

“She is getting married to Ethan?” Liam asked still not grasping the meaning of his father’s words.

“Is there an echo in this phone, everything I said is being repeated.” Edward replied trying to add a little levity into the situation that was slowly getting out of hand.

This is not even funny dad.” Liam said.

“It’s not meant to be. Celeste is at this very moment planning to marry Ethan.” Edward said.

“But how, I thought that Ethan was …” Liam said.

“Well, turns out he’s not. He just didn’t want to be hounded by a bunch of scheming females. Not that I blame him, but I think I would have found a better distraction than that.” Edward chuckled.

A cause for celebration!

A cause for celebration!

Here I Go Again ...

Celeste was amazed with the clockwork precision Ethan displayed in handling everything. He had his private secretary, Sonya arrange for the guest list which included Vice President Randle Carter and his wife Penelope, Senators Stu Baker and Mercedes Ford, Congressman Peter Meriwether, four-star General Todd Moto and several distinguished actors.

Ethan had many celebrate friends flown in because this was his first (and last) wedding. Ethan also pulled strings to get Celeste’s family there and some of his foreign friends. The guest list also included: Jeff Bridgeport and his wife; Edward and Ellie Emerson; Kelly, Zachary and Damon Smith along with the twins; Celeste’s newly married daughter with son-in-law, and Mia Stanford, Liam’s secretary. Several newspaper reporters would be on hand and the entire ceremony would be recorded for later viewing.

Ethan had the well-known designer Chloe and her complete staff flown in to accommodate his needs for a very authentic historical gown and groom ensemble. Ethan wanted the nostalgic look for his new bride and himself. Caterers were called in and everyone ran around like scared rabbits eager to do Ethan’s bidding. Between Beth and Sonya, you would have thought the Lodge was getting ready for a presidential inauguration.

Six months later ...

Three weeks turned into six months. What started out to be in Celeste’s mind a simple ceremony with maybe a hundred friends became a major event of monumental proportions. The little church would never be big enough and it was decided that the ceremony would have to be held at Victoria’s Cathedral instead. Hodges’ Lodge would have to hold the reception where a few hundred friends could meet and greet the bride and groom. Celeste had to commute back and forth from Bridgeport to Canada trying to get things together on both ends and answering any questions concerning the wedding.

However, it was truly worth it! Ethan and Celeste made a lovely couple. The bride wore an off-the-shoulder gown of satin and antique lace that was reminiscent of Gone with the Wind with a large brimmed hat. The groom also was dressed according to that period of American History. The bouquet was composed of wild flowers in the area and her glass slippers were diamond studded. There was standing room only for Celeste’s second marriage and the Lodge had overflowed capacity.

After the vows, much food and celebration was the main stay. Many people shook their heads and murmured “The surprise marriage of the century. Old Ethan wasn’t homosexual after all.” Of course, there were others who wondered if the whole thing might be an elaborate publicity stunt for an upcoming novel, but both the bride and groom put an end to that rumor. The honeymoon was postponed until everything was settled in Bridgeport.

Returning to Bridgeport …

Returning to Bridgeport …

Returning to Bridgeport ...

Many toasts and best wishes from numerous people were made. A cameraman and crew from one of the national networks got wind of what was going on and flew all the way from New York City to record the ceremony for later broadcasting. When the last of the guests left; Celeste and Ethan retreated to the Once Upon A Fantasy Cabin. There Ethan turned to speak to Celeste.

“Well what have you decided to do with the house?” Ethan asked helping his new bride with her gown.

“Have all my things put into temporary storage. I am also going to sell the house and permanently close a disturbing chapter on my life.” Celeste tried to smile.

“This sounds like something you need to do alone. Just know that I am here for you my love and I understand, and I love you.” Ethan said.

Ethan put his arms around Celeste, and she wept on his shoulder. However, it was not tearing of sadness, but of relief and joy. Celeste knew that she would be able to make a new start with Ethan. She was amazed at how wonderful the relationship she had with him was and wanted to include him in everything she did.

“No Ethan, I want you to come with me. I need your support and your strength.” Celeste said.

“You don’t think he will try to do anything, do you?” Ethan quizzed; he really didn’t know Liam Emerson that well.

“No, I don’t Ethan, but I want you there just the same. I think that Liam needs to know that I am with you now, and the love we share is unique and wonderful.” Celeste finished.

Ethan and Celeste explained to Beth and Marc what they planned to do. Marc thought that it was a very good idea for Ethan to follow her back to Bridgeport to help settle some things. Celeste only packed a couple of things. Beth took them to the airport which was a pleasant drive away; Marc had business to transact at the lodge.

To Be Continued ...

A Tapestry Of Desire Conclusion

  • A Tapestry Of Desire Conclusion
    To began anew, we must first wipe the slate clean of past hurts and transgressions. Only then are we able to look forward to brighter days. Celeste and Ethan are finally doing just this--however, will Liam?

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