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A Tapestry of Desire Part 2

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A Planned Rendezvous ...

Beth Emerson Hodges is the only sister of Edward Emerson, the former father-in-law of Celeste. Although Liam and Celeste have been divorced for two years; the kinship still treat her as one of their own.

Celeste thought back to her association with Ellie and Edward Emerson. She was thankful for the wonderful rapport she had with Ellie. Celeste could always call her mother or sister for advice, but they were generally busy with their families and their personal lives. Her mother, Emily was planning on a cruise with her new husband while the weather permitted. While Carol, Celeste’s sister along with her husband would enjoy the many benefits of preparing for their daughter’s wedding. So she found comfort in having Ellie as a confidant and friend.

Edward was more like a father than a father-in-law. Ever since his heart attack, he had been forced to take things easy to ward off a second one. However, he still managed to visit his offices in both Wellington and Bridgeport. Therefore, it is no surprise when Beth welcomed Celeste to Hodges’ Mountain Resort—no questions asked.

Celeste was tired both from her long journey and from meeting all the other guests. Beth relished in being able to introduce her well-known guest as a niece and many people wondered if Celeste was there to gather information for her latest novel. No matter how fatigue Celeste was, she did promise to call Ethan and give him the information on how to reach her in Canada.

“Hello?” Ethan’s voice was soft as usual.

“Hi Ethan, its Celeste, were you asleep?” she asked a little sheepishly. Before their relationship took a 180-degree turn; she would not have had any reservations regarding calling her publisher.

“Hi Celeste, I’m glad you called. I was afraid that you wouldn’t. I know that you have reservations about our new “relationship”, and I know you understand that this is different for me as well. I’ve been thinking more and more about what you were saying regarding love, and a second chance. The life that I shared with Carly and the marriage you had with Liam were very special. I can understand that you still possess some sentiments toward him. That doesn’t bother me. I think of Carly often even after all these years, a middle-aged man like me.” Ethan smiled into the phone.

His thoughts were only of being with Celeste.

His thoughts were only of being with Celeste.

“Oh Ethan,” laughed Celeste, “We are both ‘middle-aged.’ I will admit though, I never really thought of you as well— straight.” Celeste laughed.

“I know. It was necessary for me to develop such a façade after Carly’s death. I just didn’t want to have to deal with conniving females. I am after all, a success publisher and playwright with considerable wealth, influence, and not bad looking to boot!” Ethan joined Celeste in the laughter. “You know Celeste, it’s good to hear you laugh again.”

“At one time, I never thought I would laugh again. So much has happen that I find it sometimes hard to believe that I actually lived through it.” Celeste said.

Celeste again thought about Liam and Angela. She remembered the stricken look on Angela’s face when she finally realized it was over between her and Liam. Celeste thought about how much pain she had allowed herself to go through. Then, Celeste thought about Ethan.

“You’re very quiet, Celeste. What’s the matter? Are you having second thoughts about us?” Ethan questioned cautiously.

“No, Ethan I am not having second thoughts. What about you Ethan; are you having second thoughts?” Celeste questioned.

“My only thoughts at the moment are to get the whereabouts of one Celeste Harris Emerson so that I can track her down and spend some quality time with her.” Ethan said.

Celeste blushed. Then she carefully gave Ethan the information, and also told him that she would send him an email as well.

“That won’t be necessary, Celeste. You give pretty thorough directions. I will be able to find you. Believe me.” Ethan finished.

“Oh, I believe you Ethan. So when should I expect you?” Celeste asked.

“I will take a plane sometimes Friday. Why don’t you give me your aunt’s phone number so I can reserve one of those cabins? Then someone can pick me up at the airport, and no one need be the wiser. My housekeeper will come in to do her daily cleaning, and I will ask Ellie to look in on the house as she has always done. I am probably going to end up renting it out to some total strangers. I can’t imagine ever selling it, or sharing it with anyone else. Not even sharing it with you, Celeste.” Ethan said.

“I understand, Ethan. And you can believe me; I have no desire to compete with anyone’s memories. Those are special bits of your past that you should treasure.” Celeste said understandingly.

“Celeste, you know you are my favorite writer. I have always appreciated the way you look into your characters and share a bit of yourself through them. I know that our secret is safe with you.” Ethan smiled.

Celeste and Ethan talked a little more and then hung up.

To Be Continued …

A Tapestry of Desire Part 3

  • A Tapestry of Desire Part 3
    Ethan was determined to keep his secret rendezvous just that but prying minds and inquisitive hearts thought otherwise. Sometimes, love is so special that you just want to keep the joy … the expectation to yourself!

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