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A Tapestry Of Desire

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


The Tender Threads of Love ...

Celeste gathered her things and went to spend the night in Carly’s old mansion. When she arrived at the mansion, Ethan met her at the door. Ethan was still handsome and continued to wear his hair long, with a ponytail. He may not have been the young and exciting man he used to be, but he still possessed a captivating charm. Ethan’s soft baby blue eyes stared out knowingly into Celeste’s.

“So, Ellie told you the history of Carly Bridgeport and me?” Ethan asked quietly.

“And her last name was the same as the town Bridgeport?” Celeste eyes widen.

“Yes, it was her ancestors who founded this town. Dr. Jeff Bridgeport is her nephew and as you probably know; a very good friend of Liam.” Ethan said. “But what you don’t know is that he’s a good friend of mine, too.

“I first met Jeff at a party in Wellington, when he announced his engagement to the town’s socialite.” Celeste reminisced.

“Amanda Fuqua, oh my yes, I remember. The wedding was beautiful. The guest list read like a Hollywood’s Who’s Who. Carly and I went, even though everyone considered her the “black sheep” of the family for being involved with a much younger man. Regardless, when it came to weddings and funerals; they completely rallied together. The Bridgeports were all so kind to me after Carly—” Ethan stopped.

Celeste really didn’t know what to do. She wanted to console Ethan, but she was still somewhat uncomfortable being alone with him, regardless of the fact that he was her publisher. Ethan was a very handsome man, very near her own age, and even more desirable since she learned he wasn’t gay.

A Kitchen any chef would love!

A Kitchen any chef would love!

Celeste followed Ethan into his large and elaborate kitchen, a homemaker’s dream. There were all kinds of gadgets and gismos that would keep a gourmet busy for hours. Ethan smiled when he noticed Celeste’s apparent admiration.

“Carly and I spent many happy hours in this room. It’s been awhile since I’d been here. I mostly come here when I really need to get some work done, and not be bothered by the numerous phone calls.” Ethan said.

A Love For All Times!” Celeste exclaimed.

“What?” Ethan asked in surprise.

“That’s what my next novel is going to be. A Love for All Times is the story of a very special relationship between two people that ends with rebirth.” Celeste said excitingly.

“How so will the story end with rebirth?” Ethan was intrigued at the concept not only as a publisher, but as a man.

“The story will be a twist on the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Instead of both lovers dying, the man realizes that the love he shared with his “Juliet” was a true gift to cherish, but at the same time goes on to cultivate other friendships and embraces other experiences, each one adding richly to his already vast storehouse of knowledge.” Celeste continued.

“I see. Do you think that this is really possible? Do you think that a person can go on to find happiness after a loss?” Ethan became even more interested in this revelation. He motioned Celeste to follow him and they moved from the kitchen to a very private balcony.

Truly it was a moon meant for Lovers …

Truly it was a moon meant for Lovers …

The moon was shining brightly over a manmade lagoon and for long moments both people were silent. Celeste felt completely at peace sitting at a table nearby and was not even aware of Ethan watching her.

“I never realized what a very beautiful woman you are, Celeste. Liam’s former mistress, Angela possessed an intentional model’s quality about herself. Even my beloved Carly had that same excellence. But you, Celeste, are a goddess. Your beauty, Celeste truly is celestial!” Ethan acknowledged moving his chair ever closer to Celeste.

“I can understand now why Liam didn’t want— doesn’t want to let you go.” He finished with a smile.

“Ethan, I’ve never heard you speak this way. Sitting here in the moonlight, everything seems so calm and so peaceful.” Celeste said as she studied his face. She was also captured by the moment. Their eyes sought each other and locked. Minutes slipped by before Ethan spoke again.

“I guess it’s what you said about the new novel you are going to write. Are you saying its time I finally moved on?” Ethan asked.

“Maybe, Ethan, we should both move on. You know how things were with Liam and me.” Celeste began.

“Yes, and you now know how things were with Carly and me.” Ethan smiled.

“Ethan, this is a giant step for the both of us.” Celeste suddenly said.

Under that businessman's façade beat the heart of a passionate Lover!

Under that businessman's façade beat the heart of a passionate Lover!

“I know.” Ethan agreed, never taking his eyes off Celeste. “There is something very different about this— something heavenly.”

“What are you saying, Ethan?” Celeste asked.

Ethan stood up and gently lifted Celeste by both hands. Ethan seemed to be drowning in the warmth of Celeste’s eyes. His own blue eyes were hazy and filled with desire. Celeste couldn’t take her glaze away from his. She remembered passion Ethan had experienced; a once in a lifetime affair with an older, wiser woman.

Then Ethan lowered his head and kissed Celeste gently on the lips. Just to taste her sweetness. Ethan slowly lifted his head and looked down at Celeste.

“Not here, Celeste and not in this house. This mansion was shared by Carly and me. I will come to you at Beth’s cabin resort in the Canadian wilderness! Then, I will leave you and return again. I will return to you, Celeste.” Ethan stated flatly.

“Yes …” It was barely a whisper from Celeste’s throat.

“So, go to bed now Celeste. When you are taken to the lodge from the airport by Beth, call me with directions to your cabin. I will come to you, Celeste.” Ethan kissed her lightly again on the lips and left her. After a few moments, Celeste went to bed, alone.

To Be Continued …

A Tapestry Of Desire Part 2

  • A Tapestry Of Desire Part 2
    Discovering that you share something in common with another person can be a wonderful revelation. Trying to keep that discovery a secret can create a bit of a problem.

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