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A Tangled Web Of Deception 6

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Love is wonderful ... Lust is dangerous!

Love is wonderful ... Lust is dangerous!

A Predator ...

The sun is setting, and darkness is slowly revealed as Kaitlyn drives up to the house alone. The sight of her pale husband lying on the bed gives her a cold, empty feeling. She then becomes aware of a figure standing in the shadows as she hurriedly produces her key to enter the house.

"Let me help you with that, Kati” Dylan reaches for the keys.

"No thank you, I am capable of opening my front door. What are you doing lurking in the shadows like a predator?" Kaitlyn interrogates.

"I heard the news about your husband, and came over to see if I could be of any assistance." Dylan’s response, a little surprised by Kati’s tone of voice.

"That really isn’t necessary Dylan. I am only going to change clothes. I plan to return to the hospital." Kaitlyn answers flippantly.

"Do you think that's wise?" Dylan asks.

"Is that wise? Brandon is my husband, and I plan to be with him until he returns home and later nurse him back to health. There is a rumor that you cause Brandon's heart attack." Kaitlyn finishes accusingly her petite frame quivering with every word.

Kaitlyn is still remembering the conversation she had with Kelli and her husband before leaving the hospital. The evidence proves conclusively that Dylan is responsible for Brandon's near fatal heart attack.

If Brandon not had the ability to dial 911, he definitely would have died. Emergency surgery was deemed necessary in order to save Brandon’s life. This is a fact that both Brandon and Kaitlyn are not very likely to forget. Kaitlyn knew that Dylan was very fond of her, but she couldn't bring herself to believe that Celine could have any part in the plot to return Jake to Davenport. Not under these circumstances, she hopes!

Kaitlyn also remembers the doctors stressing that following the surgery Brandon is going to need convalescence. There will be no readily returning to his office and the stress will have to be the bare minimum. If there is anyone that can be relied upon to handle Brandon’s workload, then that person needs to be contacted. And that person is their son, Brandon Anthony (Jake) Emerson II!

"I know a lot of things must be going through your mind. Surely, you don't believe that I could purposely try to cause your husband any discomfort. After all, he is my brother's best friend and business partner." Dylan denies unconvincingly.

"Yes, I am aware of that. I am also aware of your feeling for me. You have made it no secret, Dylan. I have made it no secret that I love my husband, and will not be disloyal to him with you or anyone else!" Kaitlyn concludes breathlessly.

"Kati, all I want is your happiness. There was a time once when you believed that. Remember California? You, a beautiful, full of life woman deserve more than half a man." Dylan replies demurely.

Like a predator sizing up his prey ... Dylan comes in to claim what he thinks is rightfully his.

Like a predator sizing up his prey ... Dylan comes in to claim what he thinks is rightfully his.

"Brandon is not half a man. In fact, he is more of a man than you ever will be, Dylan. And I do remember California. That was a lifetime ago, Dylan. It was before I really got to know Brandon.” Kati reminisces.

“Do you remember what we were like, Kati? Do you remember those sorority/fraternity trips to Sacramento when you were in your freshman year? You were the most popular girl at the university.” Dylan whispers.

“I remember Dylan. I also remember your trips to France as an extended exchange student. Some of the shenanigans you experienced there were vividly brought to my attention. You never explained to my satisfaction what was going on. It was much more than studying abroad.” Kaitlyn accuses.

“Those were just rumors.” Dylan lies.

“Lying so becomes you, Dylan. You do it so easily.” Kaitlyn says with such disdain.

“But Kaitlyn—” Dylan is interrupted.

“Then on one of your extended trips, I was introduced to Brandon by a mutual friend of ours and, well as they say … the rest is history. Now if you will excuse me.” Kaitlyn dismisses Dylan with finality.

As Kaitlyn begins to walk into the house, Dylan grabs her arm.

“Dylan, leave me alone. Try to get this through your head, I don't want you. I am sorry that you still carry a torch for me, but that is your own affair. I love Brandon and right now, that is all that matters to me.”

“Are you sure, Kaitlyn? Don't sometimes you wish that Brandon was a different man. Does that hot, sexy blood long for another kind of man?” Dylan murmurs sexily.

Normally, Kaitlyn's face is all smiles but with the onslaughter of Dylan's attentions ... she is not at all enjoying the situation!

Normally, Kaitlyn's face is all smiles but with the onslaughter of Dylan's attentions ... she is not at all enjoying the situation!

A Friend Indeed ...

Kaitlyn tries to push away from Dylan, but he is too overpowering. Just then lights flash, and a police car is making its way down the curved driveway toward the house. Dylan is startled and quickly drops Kaitlyn’s hand. It is Brandon’s good friend Samuel Elliot Cartwright.

“Kati, is anything wrong?” Asks Sam as he looks from Kaitlyn to Dylan. Sam Cartwright is no fan of Dylan Smith.

“I was just saying good night to Dylan. I’ve got to pack a light bag and return to the hospital.” Kaitlyn says thoroughly relieved to see Sam at that moment.

“I’ll just hang around until you get through.” Offers Sam and with that Dylan nods and leaves quietly. Kaitlyn turns to Sam.

“Thanks Elliot; you are a life saver.” Kaitlyn sighs and Sam follows her into the house. After they are safely settled inside with no sign of Dylan, Kaitlyn speaks.

“If it hadn’t been for you, Elliot … “Kaitlyn lets her voice trail off, by this time she is completely exhausted after her encounter with Dylan.

“A lot of that gratitude goes to your husband. As weak as he was he suspected that Dylan would still stop at nothing to get to you. Do you want to press charges against him?” Sam asks.

“No, that would worry Brandon even more, that his hunch had been substantiated. Please promise me that you won’t tell him. I know that Dylan is not stupid; he won’t say a word to anybody.” Kaitlyn pleads.

“I understand, but you must promise to be careful. I don’t think Dylan will be foolish enough to try this again, but you never can tell.” Sam cautions.

“Elliot, go fix yourself a cup of coffee. It’s the maid’s day off and the gardner and cook left early. I need a shower.” Kaitlyn says.

Kaitlyn hurries upstairs to shower. The warm water is inviting to the tired muscles in her body and soothing to the soul. She thinks about the events of the day. Her discussion with Celine, then Brandon's near fatal heart attack and finally, her confrontation with Dylan. How could she have been so blinded?

Kati has considered herself to be an intelligent and perceptive woman. Was it possible that her desire for a daughter had clouded her vision when it comes to Celine? The facts speak for themselves. Celine is capable of doing anything to keep Jake in her life.....even risking Brandon's life.

Kaitlyn dries herself, dresses hurriedly into fitted jeans and a large white pullover blouse. With Sam’s assistance, she secures the front door and goes to her car. Katie throws a large duffle bag on the back seat and turns to Sam.

“Elliot, I owe you one, good buddy.” Kaitlyn replies smiling.

“The only thing you owe me is to take good care of my friend Brandon and yourself. So, when is Jake coming home, soon I hope?” Sam asks.

“Just as soon as I can get in touch with him, Elliot. And again, thanks for everything.” Kaitlyn responds.

To Be Continued ...

A Tangled Web Of Deception Conclusion

  • A Tangled Web of Deception Conclusion
    Sooner or later a person will get tired of playing the fool. Kaitlyn had been blinded to the conniving actions of Celine. The time has come for the mouse to roar. The trap is set and the bait displayed. Waiting for the unexpecting predators to "come

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