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A Tangled Web of Deception 5

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Sometimes its difficult escaping from your own web!

Sometimes its difficult escaping from your own web!

Mission Accomplished ...

As quietly as he arrived, he is gone. Brandon takes out his handkerchief and wipes his forehead. Sweat is beading across his brow. He feels a twinge in his chest.

"Damn!" he swears aloud. "I let that bastard give me heartburn. Now where did I put those pills?" Another pain almost makes him doubled-up.

"What the hell is going on?" Brandon reaches for the telephone and dials 911 before he collapse on the floor.

Eight hours later, he awakes to find himself in a hospital gown, feeling very tired and a very worried Kaitlyn and Kelli standing over him.

"What happen and where am I?" Brandon asks completely confused and woozy.

"Oh, Brandon darling, I thought I had lost you. You’re in the hospital. Are you alright?!" Kaitlyn replies, a worried look on her face.

"Will somebody tell me what in heaven's name I'm doing in the hospital?!" Brandon says starting to get slightly annoyed and feeling even more tired.

"Calm down, Brandon boy, you just gave Kati and me the fright of our lives. I just happen to come back by the office and find you sprawled out on the floor. You must have dialed 911 before you passed out because the police and ambulance showed up a few minutes later asking me all kinds of questions. When the paramedic took one look at your face, they knew what had happened." Kelli replies.

"Damn it girl, do you mind telling me?!" Brandon growls.

"Brandon, dear, you had a heart attack." Kaitlyn speaks up barely audible.

"I had a what?!" Brandon replies thinking he misheard the answer.

"You had a heart attack, dear. You’ve just come from recovery. They had to do bypass surgery." Kaitlyn repeats slowly almost in tears.

"Brandon," it is Kelli speaking, "can you tell us the last thing you remember before you had the attack?"

"Dylan Smith came into my office demanding to know what I was going to do about Jake and Celine."

"Demanding", Kaitlyn and Kelli speak in unison.

"Yes, demanding, the son-of-a-bitch!" Brandon yells.

"Brandon, this is no time to get further upset. The doctors will put you on sedatives and restrict visitors if you get further upset." Kelli reminds him.

"Okay, okay!" Brandon lowers his voice two octaves. He is beginning to feel soreness from the surgery.

“Just push the button to your right and there is a morphine drip. Just use what you need, and it will help with the pain Brandy boy.” Kelli advices in sympathy.

"We will have to tell Jake!" Kaitlyn retorts with finality.

"Kati, baby. Please not until after Jake's birthday. Today is New Year's Eve. Let's not spring the bad news on him until after the holidays. I don't want to spoil his one chance at happiness." Brandon raises his right hand to pump the comforting liquid Morphine into the veins of his left arm.

"But, Brandon, Anthony needs to know about his father. Don't you think he will be upset if we keep this from him?!" Kaitlyn reasons.

"Kati, what can he do?" Brandon points out.

"He can come home, where he belongs, that's what! He needs to be here. We need him; I need him." Kaitlyn insists.

Brandon is finding himself in the hospital.

Brandon is finding himself in the hospital.

So That’s His Game ...

Kelli and Brandon look at each other as if a light bulb is simultaneously turned on. Everyone in the family is aware of Brandon Emerson's history of coronary problems due to weigh, diet and poor handling of stress. Numerous times Brandon’s doctor has warned him that if he didn’t get a grip on his emotions, they would put him flat on his back either in the hospital or the morgue.

Dylan must have been aware that just a little bit more stress could turn things in favor of an attack. And Brandon plays right into his hands. Dylan knew that Jake would rush to be by the side of his father and nothing else would matter. Brandon Emerson lay back in bed sadly shaking his head. He could very well be the one reason for his son's return.

Kelli is thinking the same thing. Again, she has to marvel at the cunningness of Celine. Kelli is certain that Celine is the mastermind behind this. Not ruling out Dylan, of course. Dylan could gain a lot with Brandon out of the way.

“Well, I guess Celine is going to get what she wanted.” Brandon retorts sadly.

“What do you mean?” Kaitlyn asks slowly looking a Brandon.

“Celine has been complaining about Jake’s withdrawal from Davenport, and now thanks to me he will be returning.” He informs sadly.

“Yes, I would say Celine should be very satisfied with herself about now.” Kelli adds with a dismal look on her face.

“You don’t think Celine had anything to do with this do you?” Kaitlyn enquires incredulously.

“Who would stand to gain the most from Brandon being incapacitated? And if he had died, who would have been right there to help pick up the pieces?” Kelli condemns bitterly and Brandon nods his agreement.

“No!” Kaitlyn says and looks from Brandon to Kelli. “This can’t be true!”

“Yes, it can.” Kelli responds while Brandon lay back in bed not feeling his best.

“I still can’t believe that I let that bastard just waltz into my office and instigate such a diabolical plan. I consider myself to be a smart person—I should have seen the warning signs.” Brandon says feeling so uncomfortable and so utterly helpless.

“Brandon—let’s face facts. Dylan is the complete opposite of Zach. Where one will bend over backwards to be of service—the other is self-serving. There are some things about Dylan that I have been sworn to secrecy about.” Kelli confesses.

“Like what?” Both Kaitlyn and Brandon chime in.

“Oh no you don’t you two—no double teaming up on me. I will say nothing!” Kelli tries to mimic a World War II prisoner.

“If there is one thing that we’ve learned about Kelli—she can be tightlipped about anything she’s given her word on. I just hate that it has to be anything pertaining to Dylan Marshall Smith!” Brandon admits, then tries to get more comfortable in his bed. However, being surrounded by various tubes and wires, he finds it very difficult.

“Is there anything you need, darling? I’m going by the house to pick up a few things. Kelli, be sure and let the doctor know that I’m planning on being here for a few day.” Kaitlyn says while getting herself ready for departure.

“I think the doctor is already well aware of that fact.” Kelli says smiling. “You just be careful.”

“I’ll be fine. Love you, Brandon!” Kaitlyn adds before walking out the door. She thinks about the events of the day and a determined look replaces the normally cheerful disposition. “I’ll be just fine!”

To Be Continued ...

A Tangled Web Of Deception 6

  • A Tangled Web Of Deception 6
    Brandon's near fatal heart attack gets both parties thinking. When Kaitlyn returns home from the hospital … she is in for an unexpected welcoming guest. Will this visitor finally succeed in getting what he's always wanted?

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