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A Tangled Web Of Deception 3

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The cords of the web tighten!

The cords of the web tighten!

A Gilded Cage ...

Celine works as a consultant at Davenport's Macgregor Fine Arts Gallery. Not being the type to procure what she calls a "mundane job", she is right at home with the clientele that frequent the Gallery.

Kelli's parents, the Macgregor’s are connoisseurs’ of fine art. Not only are they Irish landowners, but they also have made their artistic mark in Davenport. So, it is natural that Celine would want to work at a place that is rich in heritage and prestige. And, it is the one subject that she and Kelli are in total agreement!

Some of the world’s finest paintings can be viewed in that gallery. And what they did not possess are on loan to them from time to time. Celine, with her exotic beauty, draws many art enthusiasts to the gallery. She enjoys the attention.

Celine’s ultimate goal is to be Mrs. Brandon Anthony Emerson II and never have to work again. Jake by far is one handsome man. Celine feels it only appropriate that she should possess him; which she did in part until that day he found out that she had destroyed their unborn child.

The heart wants what the heart desires!

The heart wants what the heart desires!

A Moment of Unbridled Passion ...

It had been in an extreme moment of passion that Celine and Jake had unprotected sex. Jake had been working on a project for his father and needed to relax. Celine had been working with the overseas contacts regarding a shipment of prominent paintings and had been frustrated with the outcome.

Celine had always insisted that he use a condom because she was not quite ready to start a family. In truth, she never planned on starting a family. However, that afternoon they were walking by the manmade lake Jake’s father had created for his mother when Celine sat down on a lovely bench overlooking the water.

“A penny for your thoughts, Celine.” Jake had said.

“Oh, I’m just tired, Jake. It’s been a long week.” Celine said looking up at him. Celine never realized just how sweet and vulnerable she looked at that moment. It was a rare moment and Jake felt the urge to protect her.

“Let me massage your shoulders.” Jake said and he began to gently rub her soft shoulders then moving down to her back making small semi-circles. Celine let herself drift with the moment and leaned her head back looking Jake in the eyes. In his eyes, she saw a mirror of her own rising passion.

Jake lowered his head with eager lips waiting to meet hers. Celine closed her eyes and allowed herself to be raptured by the moment! Jake’s assault was at first gentle, but intensified as he also became a prisoner of passion.

When Celine discovered later that she was pregnant; she became livid. The thought of a swelling abdomen and constant crying filled her with despair. She also thought about her mother and how she had been deserted in America and decided she didn’t want that for her child. There was no way she was going to allow that precious body of hers or her prestigious dignity to be distorted or shamed a second time. So, the deed was done.

It was a small clinic in Davenport Lake, a place 60 miles west of Davenport. It was rumored that a couple of the Davenport founding fathers had a difference of opinion regarding running the town and the split resulted in the settling of Davenport Lake.

A place where Celine can truly be free!

A place where Celine can truly be free!

Plotting Up Mischief ...

Celine is sitting in her office staring at the photograph of her and Jake. The lovely picture was taken at the same lake where Celine captured and held prisoner Jake’s heart. That is until that fateful day. She thinks aloud..

"It’s only a temporary thing, between you and that girl, whoever she is! I won your heart once, and I will reclaim it! I will find a way to get you back to Davenport. We will be married, and I will enjoy the kind of life I was meant to have. No one will ever abandon me again. Mother, how could you have done that to me? But, no mind, I will one day have all the things I never could have had with you. Where ever you are, I hope you are happy! I will be or I shall die trying! I swear it!" She returns to the pictures and smile.

There just happened to be a photographer taking evening photographs that day when he spotted the couple and had to take a shot. The man had remarked how they looked like the perfect couple, so very much in love. It was a moment Celine would never forget. They were so very happy that day. Her Jack, as she would call him sometimes just to annoy him. Celine always feels that regardless of the situation, she will nevertheless make Jake fall back in love with her. And nothing or no one could possible stand between her and her plans.

Turning from her desk, she rises demurely and walks over to the window. She loves that view. It faces the ocean. The gallery is on a cliff on the very edge of Davenport. Looking out from that window, you can see an unobstructed view of the ocean. There is a small terrace that extends beyond her office. Sometimes, she meditates on that terrace. The wind blows her hair ever so gently as if in "reverence of a great lady" she always remarked laughingly.

On that terrace she is transformed into a child again, in her mind remembering her beloved France and a delicate mother who could no longer take care of her. Celine then turns and reenter her office and retains a solemn mood the rest of the evening. There are also times when she just sits out there on the terrace and returns refreshed after imagining the life she will share with Jake.

Celine’s thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is her personal secretary, Jane. And a "plain Jane" she is indeed. Celine would never surround herself with beautiful women. Jane is a very efficient secretary and a complete contrast to Celine's stunning beauty.

"I am so sorry to disturb you, Ms. Bandello-Smith, but a gentleman patron would like to see you, that is, if you are not busy!" Jane says looking at the pile of paperwork on Celine’s desk.

"Thank you, Jane. I am not really busy, regardless of this clutter on my desk. Send him in, please." Celine begins to tidy her hair.

"Yes, madam, please come in sir." Jane replies, ushering the gentleman into Celine’s office—then closing the door discreetly.

To Be Continued ...

A Tangled Web Of Deception 4

  • A Tangled Web Of Deception 4
    Dylan knows exactly what buttons to push to get Brandon all in a tizzy! There is nothing he wouldn't do to please Celine. Perhaps, his interest in this particular caper is more than just doing a favor for a family member!

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