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A Tangled Web Of Deception 2

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The more you struggle in a web--the more you will become entangled!

The more you struggle in a web--the more you will become entangled!

Returning to the Present ...

"Earth to Kellianne Smith, do you copy?" Brandon interrupts her thoughts.

"Brandon, I was just reliving that evening. You know, it’s a good thing that Celine is such a good runner or Jake would have killed her. What was she thinking throwing that plate at Jake? And, I thought you were going to have a heart attack chasing after them. Boy, that was quite a night", Kelli finishes.

"You're telling me. I don’t think I could live through another replay of that." Brandon says shaking his head.

"Amen, brother!" Kelli pipes.

They both laugh. Brandon asks Kelli if she wants to break for lunch so that they can plan strategy. She felt that it would be a good idea. Then they could continue their conversation in a more relaxed environment. Brandon suggests a café that serves good home cooking, and since they both like to eat, they are off.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn sits in front of her vanity. She thinks long and hard about the past events. Kaitlyn is very fond of Celine; as fond of her as any mother could love a daughter. She can’t help thinking about her last conversation with Celine.

"Celine", she contemplates aloud. "I wonder do you realize the affect you have on people. I wonder do you care. I am so fond of you, but I can't seem to reach you. You hurt Jake, and you hurt us too with that abortion. I would love to tell you this, but I value our friendship. Even though I wonder if I am but another pawn in your scheme of things!"

Kaitlyn slowly rises from her vanity and enters her and Brandon's Master Bedroom. Brandon has made sure that she never wants for anything! Anything except a daughter! She knows it’s not his fault, and she loves Jake, who she calls Anthony dearly. Kaitlyn just wishes she had a daughter to share things. Kaitlyn smiles. Celine would make an ideal daughter-in-law if she could just get beyond her own self-worth. Kaitlyn begins to comb her long hair.

The place where the "in crowd" meet!

The place where the "in crowd" meet!

The Coffee Shoppe ...

Brandon and Kelli find a nice little café "The Coffee Shoppe" in the new Towne Square at the edge of town. Everyone knows of their friendship and his love for Kaitlyn, so there is no fear of "town gossip". After being escorted to a table with a window view, Kelli studies the menu while Brandon just sits back.

"Aren't you going to order something?" she asks.

"I trust your judgment to order for the two of us. You've always been right. That's why I value your friendship and advice, Kelli Girl." Brandon smiles at his good friend.

"Why, thank you, Brandon! It's nice having a friend like you. You helped me through some pretty rough times. I especially remember when Celine was dumped on our doorsteps that day. Little did we know she was going to be a bundle of misery. Oh, I love her in my own special way, but you know.....Celine!" Kelli replied.

"Yeah, but does anyone really know Celine. I believe she is one disturbed young lady. That's why she uses people. I mean when your mother abandons you—!" Brandon recalls vividly.

"Celine uses people because she's crazy?!" Kelli questions Brandon in surprise.

"No! Because she doesn't know any better. A stable down to earth guy like my Jake may have been able to bring her out. He definitely loved her! But I think she was beginning to wear on his nerves. However, that incident with the abortion was the last straw. I mean, Jake understood Celine’s instability and all that...but...well, he was willing to deal with it. Gosh, she's sooo beautiful." Brandon retorts thinking about Celine.

"That she-devil is poison!" Kelli spits venomously.

"What did you say?!" Now it is Brandon’s turn to be surprised.

"There are some flowers that are so beautiful and smell so sweet, but they are lethal if you ingest them. Celine, well, we were all fascinated by her. Hell, lad, we still are! But she is a destructive force. Why her mother just left her at our door steps and spirited away without even a little "by your leave" Is still a mystery! And she was just a baby!" Kelli said.

"Baby my Aunt Mary! She was seven years old!" Brandon reminds Kelli.

"That hardly qualities her as a full-fledged woman, you know!" Kelli responds.

"You would have thought she was twenty-one the way she acted!" Brandon chuckles.

"She just wanted—" Kelli started but was interrupted by Brandon.

"Yeah, she just wanted." Brandon interrupts angrily thinking about his son and wife. It catches Kelli off balance.

"Brandon, whatever is the matter?!", Kelli enquires rather puzzled.

"Celine! She has had such an effect on us ever since she first came. It seems that all our conversations are centered on her. It seems like she's a little princess and we are all in service to her. I don't know, Kelli. Sometimes, I just get so angry with the way she uses Kaitlyn!" Brandon confesses.

"Brandon, Kaitlyn is not blind!" Kelli reminds him.

"When it comes to Celine, I wonder! You just don't know how badly she wanted a girl. It was extremely hard for her to become pregnant. And when Jake finally came, she resigned herself to being happy. But I have always known that she longs for a girl." Brandon closes his eyes as if to close out the pain.

"Celine." Kelli flatly stated.

Celine … careful, she will steal your heart away!

Celine … careful, she will steal your heart away!

Celine ... Heaven Help Us!

"Celine is beautiful, well mannered, and educated in the best schools abroad for “young ladies”. Why you and Zach sent her to Europe for schooling I will never know!" Brandon replies shaking his head.

"The twins didn't want to go abroad! And Celine was excited regarding the prospects of learn what the "well behaved" ladies did. And, there was money readily available." Kelli’s voice trailed off as if holding back.

"Marva and Melvin— you have some wonderful down to earth kids, Kelli!" At that point Brandon is smiling again.

"Yes, indeed! I thank God every day that I have them. I thought there might be some trouble when Celine came on the scene. You know, my dynamic duo don't have a jealous bone in their precious bodies. Even though they were five at the time, they never minded the attention that Celine demanded. Even now! They understood the great need in Celine. She must have had one "hell-of-ah" family life before she was dropped on our doorstep."

"Yeah— how are the twins?" Brandon has used up his quota of sympathy for Celine for the day. He is more concerned with how she is affecting the life of his wife and only child.

"Well, Marva is in California going to school and spending some time with Kaitlyn's relatives. William called and told Kati that Marva’s having a great time. I thought you knew?!"

"Oh, yes, Kelli. I forgot. Kati did mention that her father called. I guess with this new office opening, Jake not being home for his birthday for the first time, and this constant talk about Celine, my mind is not in focus. And Melvin is in Ireland, right?"

"Oh yes, getting to know some of his heritage. Mel's having the most wonderful time, too! Seeing castles, visiting places some people only read about in books! Someday, when you and my man can spare a moment from that Engineering Firm and I can drag Kaitlyn away, let's go!"

"Hey, that's a promise. When things have settled down here, the four of us are going to have a vacation!"

"Brandon boy, if you do tear yourself away from this place, I can guarantee you and Kati a holiday you will not soon forget."

"That's a deal, Kelli Girl!"

To Be Continued ...

A Tangled Web Of Deception 3

  • A Tangled Web Of Deception 3
    Celine is determined that whatever is keeping Jake from returning home is only a minor detainment. Confident that she can win him back, she begins a plot that may eventually lead to disaster!

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