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A Tangled Web Of Deception

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It's easy to get caught in a web of lies but hard to get out again!

It's easy to get caught in a web of lies but hard to get out again!

Needing Some Advice ...

Brandon Anthony Emerson sits back in his large leather chair. He sports a very contented look on his face. He has a good reason for his contentment. Smith and Emerson Architectural Firm is doing great. The new opening of the third office is coming along very well. Everything seems to be going as planned. Brandon is pleased with everything except the selection of the new general manager of the second office. Brandon just isn’t that sure about Dylan.

Dylan Smith is Zachary’s brother. He is an above average looking middle-aged man; five years younger than Zach. He has provocative chocolate brown eyes, like his niece Celine’s, and a subdued personality with an undercurrent of emotion.

On more than one occasion, Brandon has seen Dylan looking in the direction of his wife. Brandon trusts Kaitlyn without reservation. On the other hand, he doesn’t trust Dylan! Still, he is an excellent architect and will make a suitable addition to the sallite office.

The satellite office also needs a new receptionist. Kaitlyn Emerson has offered to help her husband part-time until they find someone permanently. Brandon doesn’t like the idea at all. He has asked Kellianne Smith, Zach’s wife and also his good friend, to come over to talk.

As he looks up from his paperwork, Kelli is walking through the door. Kelli is an attractive Irish-American; 5 ft. 2 ½" tall of “no-nonsense”. She prefers jeans and jumpers to cocktail dresses and furs and has proven to be an excellent architect!

Kelli had given up the trade once she became pregnant with the twins, but occasionally she could be temporarily seduced into a project or two. If Brandon hadn’t met Kaitlyn, Kelli would have been the perfect wife for him.

At one time, in fact, they had the notion that they would wed.

Brandon and Kelli have been friends as long as he and Zach have been. Brandon smiles. If he had plans on marrying anybody at that time, it would have been Kelli. But as fate would have it, he met and instantly fell in love with Kaitlyn.

Kelli is a good friend of both Brandon and Kaitlyn. She can always be counted upon to lend an ear!

Kelli is a good friend of both Brandon and Kaitlyn. She can always be counted upon to lend an ear!

What’s the Problem ...?

“So, Brandon, how are you and, what is the word?” Kelli smiles.

“That’s what I’m hoping you will tell me, Kelli Girl!”

“When you called, you seemed a wee bit concerned, lad! Is it Celine and Jake?”

“That’s only part of it. How well do you know Dylan?”

“Well enough to know I wouldn’t leave my best friend alone with him unless I felt she could take care of herself.”

“You know me too well, Kelli!”

“Yeah, I know!”

“So, what do you think?”

“I think that you have nothing to worry about. Kaitlyn can take care of herself. Even though Dylan is quiet, it obvious to everyone that he has more than a casual interest in your wife.”

“Is that what Zach thinks, too?”

“He doesn’t know what to think. I questioned him about it, but he always manages to evade the subject. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to think that his brother is capable of such deception.”

“But you feel like I do?”


"Soooo, what do we do about it?"

"We do nothing, my dear! We do nothing. Until such time as my darling husband wakes up and smells the coffee, we say not a word. Kati is aware of what's going on, and she is completely loyal to you. Keep it that way! Nothing can hurt a marriage more than distrust." she finishes.

"As usual, Kelli Girl, you know best. But if I ever catch him laying one finger on Kati—"

"Enough said! Will Jake be in attendance for his birthday?" Kelli rather smoothly changes the subject. The discussion of Dylan and Kaitlyn is beginning to get out of hand and Kelli is the type of woman who likes everything well in hand.

"No, I think he may have met someone in Charlotte."

"Oh, she must be one of those soft-spoken Southern sweeties!" Kelli chirps happily.

"I wouldn't doubt it. But don't let Kati hear you go on so. She is set on Jake and Celine getting back together", Brandon replies sadly.

"You're kidding?! Even after that thing with the abortion. I thought Jake was going to shoot through the ceiling straight to Mars when he found out. And he found out quite by accident, too. If Jake hadn't talked with his friend Blake, who just happen to be a pharmacist who knew that Dr. Cunningham; we probably would have never found out."

At this point, Jake could have easily done some damage to Celine!

At this point, Jake could have easily done some damage to Celine!

A Man Fit to Kill ...

Kelli thinks back to that dreadful evening when they were all sitting down to dinner and Jake's pharmacist friend, Dr. Blake Davenport, the great, great, great grandson of the founder of Davenport, blurted out the news, thinking all the time that Jake knew. Jake stared at him as if he had just announced that the series “Star Trek” could now be viewed on Venus.

Everyone was sitting at the dinner table waiting as usual for Celine to make her grand appearance. It was a ritual for her to always be late so that she could make a dramatic entrance with some new frock she purchased with her father's money.

Celine was indeed looking forward to spending Jake's money in the same manner. Except this time when Celine made her appearance, she was met by a pair of grey eyes as cold and as hard as steel plus a frown equally as menacing. "Why Jake, whatever is the matter!" Celine replied rather softly.

"Did you have an abortion?" he interrogated. Jake didn't believe in beating around the bush.

"Yes", the one word said volumes. The sweet smile left and in its place was a defensive ready for combat look.

Why?” Jake looked intently at Celine. Everyone could tell that things were beginning to get out of hand.

“Because Jake, this is my body and I will do damn well please with it, that’s why!” Celine snarled fists clenched at her side.

“But it’s our baby, Celine, our baby! It was my baby and your baby that you just murdered. This was our chance for real happiness! Celine how could you be so cold, so callused?” Jake grilled sputtering nervously.

“Jack you need to stop being so melodramatic. It wasn’t a baby—it was just a thing; an unborn burden!” Celine lashed out in defense. He always hated it when she called him Jack.

“You are a cold and selfish bitch and I despise you!” Jake stood up with a steak knife in his hand. Kaitlyn looked on in horror, Kelli in surprise, and Brandon also stood up wondering what his son would do with the knife.

“Put the knife down, Jake.” Brandon had said slowly.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Celine spat. Then Jake moved his chair back further and Celine hurled a plate at him, barely missing his head.

After that, Jake chased Celine out of the house and down the street swearing and screaming with Brandon and Zach in hot pursuit. Brandon became winded that he had to sit on the curb. Kaitlyn and Kelli rushed to his side.

“I’m okay …” Brandon puffed, “but somebody needs to stop that boy before he makes a serious mistake.”

Kelli was finally returned to the present by Brandon’s voice.

To Be Continued ...

A Tangled Web Of Deception 2

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    Celine was taken away from her native home in France and abandoned in the care of Zachary and Kellianne Smith in the U.S.. Since the age of seven she has been a demanding, conniving, and manipulative female. Even now, at the age of 20 she still hunge

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