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A Tale of Best Friends Till the End of Time, Part 2

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Sometimes it is all so obvious that two peoples are meant to be friends. A best friend is sometimes the guy/girl you never thought you would talk to, just another person you think you'll never ever see again.

Only, once two people come into contact with each other. And after having a pleasant conversation over lunch, they will discover they have a lot in common and become the best of friends.

When two peoples are meant to be friends, it truly shows. Often, a great friendship is developing the moment they both start a conversation and from that day on nothing is the same.

Love goes all the way back to Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet’s meeting and falling in love, in Shakespeare's tale as "star-crossed" lovers. It was a dangerous love that ended in death, no one should make this type of decision for love.

Although, we've all lived the played-the-fool role for love at least once in our life. Let's not follow the footsteps of Shakespeare's tale of Romeo and Juliet, their love was doomed from the very start.

Perhaps, Romeo and Juliet are a tale written but it is scary to think that there are people living today in that position themselves, in a love that turns out to place them in a very dangerous situation.

Henry was at home alone crying and listening to music to attempt to clear his head as he was tired of being in a love where he felt his entire life was crumbling. He thought back to all the good times and the smiles he shared with his best friend, John.

As he listened to Karen White's song, I'd Rather Be Alone. The lyrics began to catch his attention. Much as it pained him to admit it, it was as if this song was written for him.

Mmm...mmm...I don't wanna be a fool, I don't wanna be a fool for love, No, no, I won't, no, Hey, no, ooh...I know that people do go through changes, yeah, but this just don't make no damn sense. If we're gonna keep sayin' we love one another, yeah, yeah. Well, then we better stop fightin' and arguin'. …cause baby, I've heard. I'm sorry. Too many, many times before.

Now I know better, it hurts to hold on to this kind of love even more, No, I'm not crazy, I won't be a fool, a fool for love, cause I know I'd rather be alone than be here unhappy, I'm not gonna choose, choose for you, cause I know I'd rather be alone than be here unhappy, I know it's time to go when I feel lonely. When I'm layin' in your arms and it don't feel right, oh, cause every…


As Henry listened to the song, I'd Rather Be Alone by Karen White, deep down inside he distinguished he had been a fool. He also knew he had been the biggest jerk to his best friend, John, and he had to fix his wrongdoing.

It took Henry a little time but, he finally picked up the telephone and called John to ask to meet him for lunch at their favorite restaurant. John was all too happy to agree.

John entered the restaurant first, he shared with the hostess that he was meeting a friend. She nodded confirming that she knew she had to bring Henry and sit him at the table when he arrived.

Five minutes later, Henry arrived and immediately the hostess knew he was the friend John was waiting on, so she directed him to the table, the two greeted each other and Henry took a seat.

While Henry was talking to John to clear the air, ten minutes into the conversation, he looked up and saw that Evelyn stood nearby like as if she had followed him. Had she been there all along? Had she heard the conversation between John and Henry?

Henry was in the middle of his statement when he saw Evelyn so he stopped short in his words. He felt her presence was an intrusion on what he had hoped would be a private conversation between two friends.

It had taken a lot for Henry to find an unhurried afternoon to meet face to face with John and admit his wrong. Evelyn walked over to the table with a passive aggressive attitude. She said, "Look, I heard most of the conversation and I thought you were speaking from the heart and it was terrific."

"I'm so sorry to have inflicted so much pain on you," she paused. "No worry, I will do better,” said Evelyn. Henry was shocked and lacked the words to say in return.

He knew at that very moment if he wanted to continue being someone Evelyn had respect for, he had to maintain control and be the man he should have been in the beginning. He responded by saying, "I expect great things of the people I hang around with."

Those words and that moment were so packed with meaning to Evelyn that she shimmered through time allowing her imagination to work over time. Henry told Evelyn, "You rudely interrupted us and joined the conversation, you owe John an apology. We can talk later.”

In that totally unforeseeable moment, she got a dazzling glimpse of what Henry was made of and the embarrassed Evelyn mustered an apology to John for the intrusion. She told Henry that they would speak later and left the table.

For Henry, that was the moment that made him the man he desired to be in Evelyn's life. Better yet, the thing that worked in Henry's favor was that he realized his wrong and dealt with his issues head-on.

He finally understood that life provides turning points of many kinds but the most powerful of all was in a person's character that revealed moments. The moments that explained a person personality, it described it so well that it went right to the heart of who you were.


That very day, Henry learned that there were moments so packed with meaning that they were meant to assist you in almost any circumstance. Some moments were inspiring that they were in awe and gave exposure to the brightness of life.

Some were so powerful that they delivered a vision of insight to solve what seemed like an unmanageable problem. These moments were inherently transformative; they directly expanded awareness and altered one's sense of self.

In that moment and instant, Evelyn perceived that Henry was not anybody shallow but a reliable man. A man that loved her, on her side, looking out for her and protecting his interests.

Most relevant, Henry did not allow his emotions to get out of control, although Evelyn intruded on their personal time. He did not let her aggressive behavior intimidate his professional stature, he acted with generosity and took it upon himself to put everybody at ease. Henry stepped into an opportunity that would never have existed had he not gathered the courage to deal with his issues.

Henry was finally being the friend he should have been to John all along. He was being a man and showing strength. It had been determined that the strength of a person's character also defined how well he/she followed through on creating goals and following through with a plan, commitments, and even what their values were.

Here was where it got interesting. One couldn't help but wonder where things stood between Evelyn and Henry. From the conversation he had with his best friend John, he was ready to end things with Evelyn as he’d rather be alone than being unhappy.

The relationship he shared with Evelyn made him unhappy. The question was, was she willing to meet Henry half way and work towards having a real relationship with him?

She began to represent herself as someone who was deceitful with passive-aggressive behavior. Evelyn’s intention was to steer two best friends into the opposite direction and into some ugly situation with the hope that she switched from Henry to John.

Although Evelyn brought unforeseen eruption in Henry's and John's friendship, it took a while but Henry saw that their relationship wasn't working properly and make wise choices that Evelyn did not see coming. They were decisions that would be in his best interest for long-term.

Will Henry’s choices be the beginning of him standing on his own two feet to not feel as if he's walking in his best friend’s shadow? Will it be the start of him having a good relationship with both his best friend and the woman of his dream? Stay tuned to learn the questions asked and so much more in, A Tale of Best Friends till the End Of Times, Part 3.

A Tale of Best friends till the End of Time, Part 2!

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