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A Short Story: 12 Days in a Row (1 of 2)

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


For 12 days in a row, Louise has been picking the same tarot card from her Mystical Shaman Oracle deck —The Seer card. What am I supposed to understand? Does this have to do with whether I should marry Dan?

Two weeks earlier, Louise’s live-in boyfriend had proposed to her and gave her two weeks to give him an answer.

Louise was in the habit of starting her mornings by selecting one of the oracle cards to find out the synchronicity that the day held for her. She wanted to be ready for any important coincidence, however odd, that might connect her inner and outer worlds.

At first, she was amused but when she kept picking the same card every morning, her smile faded. It finally dawned on her that she could no longer take this lightly or ignore it. Someone is trying to tell me something. Should I worry?

She consulted different tarot card guides. The common message was that she needed to really understand what the universe was trying to tell her.

The Seer Card

The Seer card implied the power to reach beyond the ordinary life into the unseen realms where knowledge is available to the people who have the sensitivity to see it.

She was being steered to use her intuition and psychic perception to know something before it revealed itself to her. What must I understand? Why is the universe persistent in its message?

On a Saturday evening, she switched off her phone, sat alone in the light of a few lit candles, and studied the card. It had the picture of a woman with her face painted white and red, with jet-black hair encircling her face. An eagle flew above her head and a panther was nestled against her side. All was in a background of chestnut brown and deep green.

Louise closed her eyes and breathed in deeply and rhythmically. Soon, she fell into a dreamlike state, and saw the Seer approach her slowly.


The Message

The Seer brought her a clear message, “You must get yourself out of denial and acknowledge the truth about your situation”. Deep down, Louise knew that wishful thinking was not useful especially when she refused to see things the way they were.

Facing the truth is going to be painful, but it will set me free to claim the bounty that must await me. Her moment of true power was then and there.

Her vision quest was about to start. There was no question that Louise was going to take the quest, for she was born with the path imprinted in her soul. She surrendered her vision to Spirit. I want to be shown the truth, no matter the cost.

The Quest

Her vision quest led her in front of a large house. Stepping through the front entrance, Louise was restrained for a few seconds, enough time to have her temperature taken as she passed through.

Oh, this is one of those smart houses that assess visitors and advise if they should have stayed home or were good to socialise.

A woman’s voice came from somewhere, “If you want to make use of the divine cosmic flow, then you’re ready to start your quest as an angel warrior. Fight the good fight. Godspeed.”

A door opened; this was her cue to go in. Louise stepped into a large dark room and was bathed in a golden nightlight. A large silvery key was set on a small round table in the middle of the room. The key was shaped like an angel.

A key in the shape of an angel, and ‘angel warrior’. Is this the direction of my quest?

“Spirits can cross over from other realms to deliver a golden key,” her aunt had told her once. But the key on this round table is silvery not golden.

A simple wooden door to her right side looked inviting. She inserted the silver key in the keyhole and turned it. The door opened on a dimly lit and barely furnished room. An old woman sat on a rocking chair. For Louise, a rocking chair was a place to sit, to dream, and to open the pages of her happy memory album. But in this place, it gave a gloomy feeling probably because of the lack of natural sunlight.

Before Louise had the chance to greet her, the crone said, "I was expecting you. Here are your three clues. As red and white rises you must offer her a flower. Be ready, the condor will reveal himself to you. Sometimes it’s silver that makes gold. Your quest is in the works. Now, farewell and close the door behind you.”

The Clues

Louise left the small room and closed the door behind her. My head is spinning from these clues. I need to see the big picture.

For the first clue, the two colors of red and white are like the painted face on the Seer card. The crone said, “To offer her a flower”. I like the stock flower, which represents lasting beauty and a happy life.

She saw another wooden door. The same silvery key opened the door that led into another small room. A voice came from nowhere, “Dreadful things happening to good people is a sign of the spirit supremacy. You are called upon to give the Ancient One your hands and heart in service to correct this imbalance.”

So, I’m called to spend my life in service; is this the message?

The second clue was, “Be ready, the condor will reveal himself to you.’ The tarot card of the jaguar implied fearlessness; the jaguar being the perfect companion to journey beyond death.

“It’s silver that makes gold” clue must be about alchemy and transformation.

Back in her room and in her body, Louise slowly opened her eyes. The message was clear, I’m called to fearlessly journey beyond death for a genuine transformation in order to spend my life in service.

She chuckled as she thought, All I have to do now is understand what a life in service means. Piece of cake for a self-centered person like me.


Journeying Beyond Death

The angel of death protects a soul until the spiritual metamorphosis is completed. Alchemical transformation in this context means journeying to a realm beyond death. I'm going to take a trip to infinity outside of space and time. These thoughts comforted Louise, but she still hesitated.

Doing this work meant exploring and questioning her religious beliefs. She was anxious of a potential aftermath with her family. Her devout catholic family might not tolerate if she left her traditional religious values.

To perform the quest, Louise chose a place that had a special meaning to her —the local ruins that she last visited a year ago.

The ruins charmed her with their eroded stone pillars surrounded by dead clumps of grass. Only one building with a caved-in roof was still standing. Its uneven floor was worn from treading feet. Dead leaves were scattered on the ground and speckled sunlight filtered in through trees or overgrowth.

Being of service to others meant volunteering for a cause that would force her to re-imagine her priorities.

This whole thing might mean drastic changes. She wanted to go through this process but was apprehensive of the outcome. How much of a risk is it to take this trip to infinity on my own without supervision or support?

© 2021 Liliane Najm

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