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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 6

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Today is the day of Monty’s Karaoke event. It will be an event function like no other with music, fun, singing and fundraising. The theme for the Karaoke event is, “Let your voice be heard & Pledge to a Worthy Cause!” Monty has put together an event where singers can try their hand at singing one of their favorite artist songs as they raise some money at the same time.

The Karaoke event will come with three judges to share their view of who sing and perform the best. He or she will be awarded an opportunity to sing on one of the most popular TV programs, the masked singer. A bar and bartender will be available to order your favorite drink. A cater has prepared some of the best food to eat and server will serve the guest. Lastly, a person will be present to take the pledges of the pledgee for the fundraiser. Monty will get the party started, and Eliza cannot wait to hear him sing.

Monty put on his music and practice singing the song he will sing, Jeffrey Osborne - On the Wings of Love. He desired to start the event out with a bang. Monty strives to be the best in whatever he does. He does not look at what he has already achieved but aims at what some would consider too hard. The kind of guy Monty is most would say he was born differently.

Before Monty performs, the Karaoke event will begin with a game called name that song or name that singer. There will be two teams, and the leaders will choose who they want on their side. The team that answers the most question will win a five thousand dollars gift certificate.

The event will begin in one-hour Monty pick up Eliza, and the two are on their way to ensure everything is in order before the event start. Eliza’s heart is racing, she is doing everything in her control to claim down, but just one touch from Monty makes her pulse react.

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation (Official Music Video)

When Monty and Eliza arrive, the crew were setting up the food and drinks. They walked in setting up the stage. It was decorated beautifully. At the top were sparkling lights and a disco ball that spins with the music. Two automatic doors were installed that open so that the singer can enter with dramatic flair. The platform consists of two mics; one stood so the singer can stand. The other was design to sit if the singer so desires.

The guest has arrived, and the event begins with Monty walking to the stage to announce Mia as the host to begin the Karaoke game called name that song or name that singer. The team is sitting on the opposite side of the room to compete. Mia step on the stage and starts the first track off with the biggest crowd-pleaser, an oldie but goodie. A popular song that was guessed immediately after the music begins.

The Karaoke game called name that song or name that singer was a great success, audition guess from their favorite artist to the wackiest song choice, and they loved every minute. Mia wow the audition with a sing-along, one of Aretha Franklin, Queens of Soul's greatest hit, 'Respect.'

Mia did a remarkable job hosting the game event. It was as if she was a natural. She announced the winner of the Karaoke game event as team B. And right before she exits the stage, Mia sings, Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation. The beginning count down put the guys in an uproar. As Mia sings, the crowd stood clapping and dance with her. The dance moves she rendered as she sings was nothing more than delightful. People watching could tell she took the time to practice before performing.

Mia left the stage and Monty hit the stage first. His music begins, and he sings Jeffrey Osborne - On the Wings of Love. As Monty sing, Eliza imagines ‘Love’ in its broadest sense, and her mind thinks he the man of her dreams, and she is the ideal girl with a fantasy to marry a prince and fly high on the wings of love.

Jeffrey Osbourne - "On The Wings Of Love" (1984) - MDA Telethon

The ladies in the crowd went wild with screams, clapping, and cheers. Some vision of a smile from Monty allows their pledge to begin. Others felt he was the sunshine that heats their soul within. And many females though he is an angel in disguise. As Monty performs, they encourage people to pledge money. One lady pledge 5 thousand dollars, another 7 thousand, and one female went higher with 9 thousand to outbid her opponent.

What an excellent start. Monty raises a little over 25 thousand dollars alone, and this is the beginning of the event. His best friend Louis will take the stage, and he is not too far behind Monty. He will disclose the meaning of the saying, birds of a feather flock together. Louis took the stage and sings, John Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had). He sounds incredible, and the females respond accordingly.

The Karaoke event has been an enormous success, and people who did not plan to perform took the stage and had a wonderful time. It is Eliza’s turn to sing, and she walks on the platform with butterflies in her stomach. When the music starts, Eliza opens her mouth singing, Whitney Houston - Run to You. She could not keep her eyes off Monty. It was as if the question was being whispered in his hears.

What is running through Monty's mind as Eliza sings? Can he hear the question being directed to him? How will Monty respond? Can he pick up the hint that Eliza is sending to him? Perhaps Monty hears the words of the song and considers it as a Karaoke performance for a fundraiser. Find out the answer to each question, and more in Part 7 of a rude awakening, a massive effect on the day the world stops turning.

John Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) (Official Video) ft. Ludacris

Whitney Houston - Run To You (Official Video)

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