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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 5

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Love is a feeling of affection that is cultivated between two peoples getting to know each other. It is the most beautiful thing in this world, and people fight about its definition. So, what factors go into finding it and making it last? A few people discover love in fantasies, some in Shakespearean work; others trust it is a stage, and many believe genuine love is not available.

There is a quote by Sheila Burke that says. “There are no accidental meetings between souls.” Indicating, there are no unplanned gatherings between two spirits. And most little girl grows up with the idea that their “knight in shining armor” would ride up on a horse and find them.

We all have our ideas of what genuine love is, and to find real and lasting love, you must alter your definitions of it. Genuine love is the development of your actual nature. It depends upon, what will transpire, and what you willing to put into it.

In relationships, you attract the person who shares the thoughts and beliefs of your true selves. Why is it that women typically interest in guys with good looks, ambition, and a great sense of humor? What kind of person are you characteristically attracted to in love? Is it someone who exhibits the qualities that equal yours?

Eliza has an overwhelming love for Monty, but she perceives quickly having a real interest in a guy does not mean the inclination is common. And talking to Monty taught her, it is hard to create a relationship with an individual you high-strung around, yet she relaxes and takes charge of an intense situation that ends with them both getting to know one another.

Monty, an exceptional young man with a vigorous prognosis, and as a child, he could detect premonition in dreams, and observe the hidden feelings of others. So, his parent took him to a Neuropsychology. He determined Monty has a condition known as six senses (awareness). Only, the specialist knew nothing since Monty can encounter some ground-breaking stuff.

It 1 AM and Monty has imagined a similar dream multiple times. He is anxious and thinking about how to move away from what he envisioned. This is a first for him and he is at odds at how to push ahead. In the fantasy, Monty is telling a female, I love you, but not for your identity, but because who I am when I am with you.

Monty cannot envision who he advises such incredible words to. He is not in affection with anybody. All things considered, that is the thing he is enlightening himself as he might suspect regarding the fantasy.

Monty has had the good fortune in almost everything he does in life, and he has the most piercing and luminous beautiful eyes. He is a man that understands life comprises an opportunity to create, or an obstacle to hold you down. He is a young man who understands respect is the most significant factor to sustain true love.

Monty lives an individual life, and being infatuated was something he thought nothing of. The dreams overwhelm him with thoughts; it took him three days to grasp the reality of what it was imparting to him. He apprehends the recurring dream are telling him there is something in his life he is not acknowledging.


Monty has invested all his energy helping others like he has been a ruler in the workforce; he can be explicit in arranging a sentimental date for an uncommon woman. It does not make a difference in how love blooms, through companionship or a chance. An energetic, honorable man like Monty does not “blindly go for it” when it comes to a date. He leaves a lady’s heart’s beating fast.

The first dates can be delicate, much the same as a first kiss. Monty is inexperienced in love; however, he is a man who comprehends he cannot make a hasty move, considering he could demolish his odds quickly. He is planning to take Eliza out for their first date, and he is mindful not to try too hard. He wants the first date to help them both become acquainted with one another on a sentimental note.

The first date for Monty and Eliza will be a Karaoke diversion as a pledge drive to raise assets for his organization. Eliza is excited and looks forward to going. Monty discloses to her a month ahead of time and requests that she perform.

The celebration could not come fast enough for Eliza. She never goes to a Karaoke event; however, she rehearses on a tune to be ready to sing. Eliza never song open in her life, merely she needs to intrigue her date with showmanship. Meanwhile, Monty and Eliza talked on the telephone as much as his schedule permitted. Monty is organizing to be more adaptable, so he can investigate if he can build up a relationship.

The big event is almost here, Eliza is eager to where it is difficult for her to sleep. She has woken up multiple times, and it just 3 Am. She is lying awake permitting her creative mind to go crazy thinking about the result when she sings, Whitney Houston Song, “I want to run to you.” She envisions Monty running in her arms, and they embrace to move forward as a couple.

After lying there for several hours, Eliza falls back to sleep to encounter a dream. In her illusion, she’s listening to the song. Just a Dream by Nelly. As she listens to the song, Eliza reflects on how things could be for her with Monty. It didn’t go well. She open her eyes from the vision to be grateful that it was just a dream.

Later today, Monty will pick Eliza up for their well-anticipated date. By what means will it end? Maybe Monty will have a performance that will spellbind Eliza. Possibly, Eliza’s dream will come to a reality, and things between her and Monty will not go too well. Perhaps. Monty will race to the stage as she sings and whispers in her ears. I want to stay and with you for an eternity.

Stay tuned to learn a lot more about the journey of princess brat. A spoil young lady looking for a romantic relationship with the man of her dream. A young lady who desires to grow up, mature, and live her life developing into a better person. Hear what is next for Monty and Eliza, and so much more in part 6 of, A rude awakening, a massive effect; the day the world stops turning.

Nelly - Just A Dream (Official Music Video)

© 2020 Pam Morris

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