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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 2

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Sometimes it’s the smallest of events to happen to you that can alter your life forever. The experience that changes Eliza’s life was the shock and agony of hearing a word never said to her before, “NO,” and it contributed to her losing herself.

Eliza will need to learn where she lost herself, but like many of us, Eliza has experienced her first lesson in learning; no one gets everything they want. She will have to start over as an infant that learns to crawl and even walk to explore what she wants in the world.

It has been five days since Eliza received the shock of her life. The initial trauma has her so consumed with sorrow is wearing off, but the anxiety is coming in waves, putting her in the worst mood.

From her devastating experience, she’s made no conscious effort to take charge of her life. Eliza has allowed things to get so bad that the only color she’s wearing is black. And over her face, she wears a dark veil, while she sits in one space staring forward. She hums to herself and refuses any association with others.

Eliza’s mother is doing everything in her power to lift her daughter’s spirit, and it’s safe to say that she would appreciate it if she could bring back the bossy, spoiled princess brat. Although, the servant is released to receive a break. Eliza has not left the house, and hardly ever eats.

“Yes,” Eliza is upset, and the rejection took a significant toll on her, but the thing that brings about heartache is the one thing hard for anyone to control and that “Love.” What Eliza feels for Monty is “Love,” but because she’s so inexperienced in it, he did not embrace the message she was trying to convey.

True love is formed upon free will and freedom of choice:

Eliza went about everything wrong. She cannot understand trying to intimidate and threaten Monty to do what she desired physically is wrong. And what she failed to realize is we form True love upon free will and freedom of choice, not control and manipulation.

Now, it’s hard for her to learn that regardless of how much money, command, or authority a person thinks they hold, one thing they definitely can’t determine is “Love”.

In finding herself in love, Eliza is in the dark, where others have realized how to move forward. She loses all power and temporarily succumbs. She fell in love with a handsome young man who is not willing to be her victim.

Eliza has a role in a movie, but the grief she assumes is preventing her from being apart. She’s grieving with much pain that the people around her wish they had all the right words to take her pain away.

Elizabeth wrote a letter to the writer and executive producer of the movies. She begins by stating. I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Eliza, and what I am putting on this paper is her words, and with her permission. I am giving you her sincere apology for being unable to be a part of the film. She deeply regrets that she will not be in attendance and hopes you understand the circumstances are out of her control.


These days Eliza’s life comprises feeling stunned, heartbroken, and welcoming of emotional pain. She hurt in places she thought used to feel okay. Her big brothers have been trying to encourage her through her heartache and sorrow.

Harry sits and talks to Eliza; it late in the afternoon, just a little past when most people make the best of their day. He shared with her the ache she’s feeling is normal, and she to take it slow, so she can take back control and feel like herself.

A Brother is a friend to the spirit:

Harry continues to talk to Eliza. And finally, he reached her; she replied to him by saying. “What happened to me was a big disappointment. It was very frustrating because the guy I wanted to go to the prom with so much said “NO” only he’s a guy from a whole new generation, the heartthrob type that is a total dreamboat.

Harry asked Eliza to share the details with him what happened; she told him, “I walked up and offered to allow Monty to take me to the prom, he’s a heartthrob, the hunk of a dreamboat, I wanted to take me to the prom, except he said, “NO thank you.” It flabbergasted me. How can he say that word to me? No one ever said that to me before.

After listening to Eliza rant and go on about Monty, Harry notices his little sister is in love. She doesn’t know to deal with her feelings, and her sorrow is that she’s heartbroken with grief-stricken.

Harry’s purpose is to assist his sister pick up the pieces, and move forward. Harry tells Eliza, she has a strong feeling for Monty. And until she finds the courage to confess her feelings, she cannot get better.

He didn’t want his sister to jump through unnecessary hoops to gain romance and win Monty, but admits her feelings and slowly make herself available for a relationship.

Harry couldn’t stand just sitting and watching Eliza sit in one area and hum out loud to a Whitney Houston song. Why Does It Hurt So Bad (Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack)? It” was challenging to accept that a person such as Eliza would give up so quickly and allow life to defeat her and not attempt to find her higher grounds in the world.

So, he took the time to give his little sister some honest advice hoping the love she feels for Monty won’t come to a complete end before it starts. She won’t think “Love” is too hard to try from the previous outings that seem effortless.


He hoped she would take some time to listen to him and attempt to live again. Harry has opened the door for Eliza, and if she wants to get better, fight to take back control of her life, the door has been open.

Harry told Eliza. It’s time for you to live again, and not allow yourself to walk around dressed, acting like a person who lost a loved one that irreplaceable. You can start living again by coming out of this house, and Harry leads the way to the door and opens it for Eliza. She stood there in a still position, but she did not immediately walk through the door.

She took a deep breath. Exhale and a big smile came to her face; Harry was so excited that Eliza is finally on her way back to being her old brat of herself. The words that came from her mouth are. “What is life but a series of risk?

The difficulty is when you lose in taking a chance that doesn’t happen every day. It’s difficult to keep. It seems as if Eliza finally gets that life is full of hurdles. You take a risk, sometimes you will win, but there will be days where you lose. Monty assists Eliza, by giving her a rude awakening, but the huge question is, will she return to her old princess brat of self?

Finally, Monty Changed the Story:
As Eliza and Harry stand at the door with it unlocked, Eliza turns around to face the door to see Monty standing there. He frightens her and brings a concern to her at the same time.

She thrills to see Monty but also wonders why he took the time to come to her house as he deals with a tight schedule on a daily? Why is Monty taking some time to visit Eliza?

Perhaps, he’s much concerned she has not been back to school since they had an unpleasant encounter. Maybe, he needs to step out on the balcony so that the two of them can talk? Harry is standing there with Eliza, and he finally comes to face up with the one guy who has broken his sister’s heart. How will he react to Monty's present? Especially since he’s a very overprotective brother to his little sister.

From there, one can’t help but wonder will there be an ugly indentation between Monty and Harry? How will Eliza react if it is? Possibly, Eliza will introduce Harry to Monty, and this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the two of them.

Eliza can find the love she wants with Monty by sending him the right message, and if she can be patient and not show very aggressive behavior; she will be rewarded. She might even receive the love she so desperately wants.

Hopefully, the heartache and pain she experiences have taught her some compassion. And Eliza learned that immense wealth without being able to share it with the right person could lead to a feeling of emptiness.

Find out the answer to all questions asked, and so much more as I continue the journey of a princess brat who falls for a handsome young man of high moral standards, with a bulk of intelligence, in part 3 of, A Rude Awakening, a massive effect; the day the world stops turning.

Whitney Houston - Why Does It Hurt So Bad (Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack)

© 2019 Pam Morris

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