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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 1

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Life can be difficult for some people, but easy for others. The rich appreciate what the poor can not manage, and most will concur that life is more reasonable for them - yet does great wealth bring fulfillment? Everybody would perceive being raised rich can be an astounding reiteration of tensions in the most ghastly manner through affection, and most of all, money can not buy it.

Practically everybody would concur that individuals naturally introduced to a well off family carry on with a pleasant life. Even the ones with the karma of the hereditary lottery. Along these lines, heredity and occurrences (karma?) can clarify an affluent versus poor most occasions. Eliza Windsor, a rich princess brat, brought up in riches to accept that the world is hers to live, think, and do however she sees fit.

Eliza was a little princess brought into the world with two siblings. They were overprotective of her. She was one of the luckiest young ladies to lives in a delightful house. Eliza knew what she wants and focuses on it. “NO” was a word she didn’t hear. Words like please, thank you, and you’re welcome, we’re not in her vocabulary.

Eliza grew up with everyone around her doing all that they can to satisfy her. She enjoys making individuals talk about what she wants to hear and does as she says. Eliza didn’t play with dolls; jump ropes, and all the stuff the other little girls grew up doing. She engaged games with similarities like Cinderella’s character where everybody listens to her give out orders and wait on her hands and feet.

Eliza as Young Teen:

At sixteen years old, Eliza looked at an attractive ballplayer by the name of Monty James. She was so appealing to him. Aside from “Adoration” was something Eliza had no involvement with this, she didn’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with the charming inclination she was encountering.

After going out on her journey to encounter Monty, Eliza moved toward him with a development inconsequential to him. She neglects to acknowledge whether something is available to a man that doesn’t accompany his endorsement, he will can’t. All things considered, a relationship is deliberate, and if a man isn’t submitted, he will say, “No thanks ahead of time.”

‘No" is practically what Monty said, and that very day, Eliza world change as she was up for a reality check. She was left in shock and pondered little else. It took a considerable amount of effect on her, and it was the day the world stops turning, and she experiences her very first anxiety attack.

Since the seven grades, Eliza as been going through boyfriends as an addicted smoker crave cigarettes. Eliza is a rich, snobbish girl, head cheerleader and she was crowned Ms. Denmark Junior High, and she is planning on becoming prom queen this year.

Everyone realizes she paid her way to be Ms. Denmark Junior High since she’s not well known with her colleagues, and Linda led by an immense margin. An edge that was difficult to defeat the day of the choice. Just when the decision was announced, they reported Eliza as the winner.

Her Family:

The Windsor family includes a mother, two young men, and a young lady. The two young men’s names are Henry VI and Harry VII. The young lady’s name is Eliza. The mother’s name is Elizabeth, and the daddy’s name Henry V. He’s no longer lives in the family home. The Windsor lives in an exquisite eleven - room, seven-restroom chateau.

This huge, excellent estate accompanies a private pool, nail salon, spa, cinema, wellness focus, a game room, bowling alley, and ball court. Eliza’s extraordinary granddad, Henry III, is viewed as the sovereign of Denmark and the Queen’s oldest child. He is the first individual in line with the seat when the Queen dies. After he departs, Eliza’s father Henry V will gain the seat. He’s the oldest child of the Prince.

Princess Eliza is the younger daughter of Prince Henry V and Elizabeth. Her full title is Her Royal Highness, but she has no authentic surname yet. When she marries, she will keep her royal title, but more than likely will be able to take the husband’s surname.

Eliza resembles no other young lady. She has two siblings that answer to her, and this empowers her to be ruined to get her way in all things. She received her way to not go to a tuition-based school. Be that as it may, goodness, how she long and now and again wishes she could get away from the bounds of life where she never travels alone.

The elements uncover that cash typically impacts the manner in which one thinks about their lifestyle, work, energy, and others. That fundamental impact must be directly on account of Eliza; they raised her to accept, she ought to be adored all-around important, and familiar with being regarded as a celestial being as she appreciates life.

One may consider how Eliza could think anything is possible for her? Maybe this is because she resembles many people who have a ton of money. They accept they can have anything they want.

Eliza’s mom and father separated when she was thirteen years old; he exchanged her for a more youthful model. Eliza is an adolescent who adores assuming control over the destiny of others.

Her family is affluent, so she feels that their capital encourages her to carry on with a decent life. She believes the family’s riches give her the ability to pursue her passion, and it’s what makes life more significant.

Eliza has a history of playing with a guy's emotion and causing them to feel as though she has them on a string, jigging them like a manikin. She additionally has a past filled with causing different females to feel low. Furthermore, as though they are living in a low-mortality world.

Who is Monty?

Monty is a seventeen-year-old attractive young man that is worshiped by numerous females. He well regards since he's socially and truly prevailing. The impact of a balanced, self-assured dad causes him to advance into a reliable youth.

A few men have 'disproportionate force,' they solid in unanticipated circumstances and powerless in the following, yet not Monty. He’s a young man that knows how to be powerful in almost every way. His parent brought him up in a healthy home. The family is not wealthy, but the middle class. Monty's mom raised him to regard ladies as he would treat her, and he's given a valiant effort to respect her desires.

Eliza and Monty have attended the same school for a year. Monty is a senior in high school, and Eliza is a junior. The two have never met until recently. Monty is the captain of the basketball team and the most dominant players in the lineup.

Monty has established himself as one of the most popular small forwards (SF) at Denmark High. He can play as a power forward. They have predicted that Monty’s abilities are so great that he will be able to skip college and go play pro basketball in the NBA after graduating high school if he chooses to.

This busy basketball player is also on the debate team and is the head writer (journalist) of the school student newspaper. He’s part of the music and drama team in which he feels it opened his mind to so many things. Because his life involves him in so much, he has very little time to attend school parties or have a personal life. For this reason, Monty has not met Eliza until two days ago.

Eliza laid eyes on Monty, and she wants him as her boy toy. She doesn’t know what “Love” is, nor does she know how to show it, so she desires Monty as something she can have around, show off and treat the way she pleases.

Eliza asks questions about Monty before approaching him. She’s a person who is used to getting what she wants, and most time after she receives it, she’s bored in no time to dispose of it. And if it’s a person, she messes over him and sends him packing in the worst way.

Monty is a modest and well-respected young man with a bulk of intelligence. He surrounds his life with many activities, helping others; he delivers meals to seniors at a company he co-founded with his dad named Senior Forages.

It was Monty’s idea to name the company Senior Forages. He wanted the title to be something that people expect to serve meals to the elderly. As an astute businessman, Monty hired the best marketing team. A crew to serve him in ensuring the company gets donations for sufficient funds and food. He secures a delivery team to distribute the food to retirees daily.

First Meeting:

Eliza's heart is set on Monty being her escort to the dance, and she has spent three days weaving a big web to catch him in. She gives attention to her appearance. She went on a shopping spree. Then book a beauty treatment where a facial, hair, pedicure, and manicure were done of a client eager to serve from her living room.


The next day, she felt the time right; she went on a search for Monty. Eliza searched high and low until she found Monty. He was in Drama class getting ready to rehearse a scene for a play the school will be putting on.

She walked up to him, introduce herself, and told him today will be the luckiest day of your life. Monty could see right through Eliza as the spoil wicked girl she is; he looks at her with so much confusion in his face.

From Monty’s facial expression, Eliza notices, he was unaware of her family history. So, she replied by saying, “I am Eliza Windsor, she gave a brief intro of herself, then she said, “I am giving you the pleasure of escorting “Me” to this year’s prom.” Eliza was very passive-aggressive and used her words with authority to act as if Monty’s only choice was to say, “Yes.”

Monty is a young man who is not amazed by a spoil’s rich little girl's powerful word. Nor her family wealth, He even dislikes a person who feels the world belongs to them.

He believes, if someone feels they have the power to make people want to bow down to them, they lost their way. Plus, Monty would not bow, nor was he’s afraid to show he not impress, and he does it by saying “No” I cannot be your escort for the prom.

Life Turning Point:

Eliza thought her ears were deceiving her, so she replied. “What,” Monty repeated what he said. “No, “I cannot be your escort for the prom." The repetition of that one word, “No” was a rude awakening for Eliza. Its mass effect was the day the world stops turning, and her world will never be the same.

Eliza’s cold and questionable eyes had never looked so unfriendly and unlikely as they did the moment Monty say, “NO.” She struggled to believe she heard that word, and how could he say such a word to a princess, daddy’s little girl, and his chosen successor?

It was a great shock that overtook her, to where she stood at a standstill, impotent to move temporarily. Eliza stood there in a paused state. It was tough for her to breathe. It indicates a moment where she felt as if it might mark the end of her.

Everything will be very different now; Eliza has experienced hearing a word being said to her that never was said before. Her pale to turn red face shivered nervously, but her watery brown eyes did not move from Monty as she said nothing, temporarily she was lost for words.

All Eliza could think. If things would be back to normal, and I could continue living life as I please if there’s a reversal, so Monty can give me the answer I am so used to hearing, “Yes.”

It was the very day that Eliza was at odds at what to do for everything to get back to normal and to usual. Nobody has ever challenged, or decline Eliza, and the reality of her not getting her way is hard for her to adopt.

Eliza’s entire world just crumbled. She is so used to every male or person she comes in contact with falling at her feet until “No” was not such a word to her. And when Monty used the word to turn her down for the prom, Eliza was traumatized, and she experience a feeling that the world stopped, and everything got taken away from her.

A mother who tried to shield her from messages that introduce any doubt or fear raised Eliza. Her mother nursed her to believe anything she desired was at her fingertips. Elisabeth spends a lot of time motivating Eliza but did not prepare her for the reality of the actual world.

For this reason, Eliza was rudely awakened, and now she is confronted with the reality that life comprises pain, and she’s free to live her life, but she learned that they have limits. Monty, a young man who was bred by a perfect combination of motivation and reality.

Therefore, he knows life does not require him to surrender to anyone. He’s not willing to put up with Eliza and her fantasy world. Monty, a young man of high moral standards, is not willing to yield to a spoiled brat demand.

He’s a unique and peculiar person, one with the skills and abilities to see past bull a person is trying to put in front of him. For this cause, Monty was not willing to give in and present Eliza with what she wants.

Although perhaps he can help Eliza wake up to the reality that this is not her world? Possibly, he can support her change into a decent person. Will her overprotective brother have it out for Monty? Stay tuned to learn the answers to the questions asked, and so much more in Part 2. A rude awakening, a massive effect on the day the world stops turning.

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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 1!

© 2019 Pam Morris

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