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A Romantic Story Part Three - The Evening

This is Part Three of an evolving series of Romantic Stories. Each scene works on its own, as well as in the series. You are welcome to start here, or you can begin with the first. You will find the links to the first two scenes by scrolling down. They are in a box to the right. Enjoy!


Once again we meet our kissing lovers. A kiss that stops time. Stops motion. Stops everything but the passion radiating from and swirling around them under the moonlight.

As they part, they smile at each other with their eyes as much as their lips. They begin the walk up from the lake. But they do not continue back towards where they started. He leads her off to the side. Along the path leading to the hotel portion of the resort.

They walk past the rooms, staying on the moonlit path as it leads towards the suites. There is a small collection of condos overlooking the lake. Here is where they venture off the path and up a flight of stairs to the door of a condo. He pulls a key from his pocket, unlocks the door, and leads her in to the dimly lit condo.

He waits, breath held, for some reaction from her. Is he being too presumptuous? Is an entire condo too extravagant? It wasn’t to show off. He wanted to spend the evening with her, yet give her space. He watches as she looks around. She smiles. Finally, he begins to breathe again.

She puts her arms around his neck and gives him a small kiss. She is beaming like a child on Christmas morning. She loves hotels. He remembered her sharing that with her. The simple pleasure of staying somewhere and doing nothing but relaxing. No cooking, no dishes, no vacuuming. You don’t even have to make your own bed after you are done jumping on it.

And then there was the other reason for that glow. She wasn’t ready for her evening with him to end. He was glad she approved. He wasn’t ready for their evening to end either.

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He takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom. Stands behind her. The scent of her is intoxicating. He wants to bury his face in her and just inhale the aroma. He puts his hands on her waist and gently kisses the curve where her neck meets shoulder.

She can feel his breath on her neck. His body close to hers. She is suddenly nervous. He can feel her breathing change. Is the shaking? His hands move up her back. He pulls the zipper of her dress down slowly. Kisses her softly between the shoulder blades and leaves the room. Closing the door behind him.

In front of her on the bed is a negligée. Nothing overtly romantic or frilly. Simple, Just what she would pick for herself.

Her nerves calm. She thinks to herself that he almost seemed nervous himself. Was his hand shaking as he worked her zipper? She lets her dress fall to the floor.

He takes a deep breath outside the bedroom door and collects himself. Why is he nervous? Did she notice? How could she not? He was shaking like a fool the whole time!


He goes to the kitchenette and takes a single rose out of the fridge and places it in the center of the small table. Nothing too grand or too obvious. Enough to say what is to be said without fanfare. Better one perfect blossom than a dozen imperfections.

He pours a single glass of her favorite wine, damn near splashing it everywhere with the shaking of his hands, and sets it on the table next to the rose.

Next he goes to the bar and pours himself something much stronger. That should stop the shaking. Then out to the balcony for some air.

She emerges from the bedroom and walks to the sitting area. He is not there, but on the table sits a rose in a plain vase. She stops to admire it and smiles. It is perfect. She never was one for gushing over dozens of roses. What a waste. She always would end up fretting over the lot until she found the perfect one. And that was the one she focused on. He had saved her the work. She sees the glass of wine, picks it up, and takes a sip.

She sees a light breeze blow the curtain covering the open doorway to the balcony. She knows instantly that is where he is. No doubt trying to calm his boyish nerves with a stiff drink and some air.

Without realizing it, he stands as she steps onto the balcony. She has taken the clip out of her hair and it falls in waves over her shoulders. Though there is not a spec of makeup on her freshly washed face her skin is luminous. As she walks towards him the negligee clings to her body in the most sensual way.

She takes his glass, helps herself to a sip, grimacing slightly as she swallows. She puts both their glasses on the small end table and stands in front of him. She unbuttons the top few buttons of his shirt, smirking as she does it.

He knows what she’s thinking because he now is thinking the same thing. Why is he out there, waiting for her to slip into something more comfortable, buttoned up like he is just ready to leave for dinner?

She runs a hand up the bit of chest exposed by the open buttons and up around to the back of his neck. His hands are on the small of her back. Her smirk softened to a gentle smile that he returns as they enjoy the moment.

He turns her around and pulls her against him. Then sits back in the chair, pulling her onto his lap. There they sit gazing at the stars as she sips her wine. Without thinking she begins to fuss with the ring finger of her left hand. There is nothing there. He notices and gently takes her wine glass and sets it down. He holds her hands in his as she rests her head on his shoulder. No more boyish nerves. Just calmness and a sky full of stars.

She feels him beginning to nod off. Neither one has looked at a clock all evening but they both know it is late. This time it is she that leads the way to the bedroom.


He turns down the sheets and motions for her to get into bed. Exhausted, she obliges. She smiles from ear to ear. She adores the feel of hotel sheets! He knows what she is thinking and finds it just as adorable as the goofy grin on her face. He tucks her in and kisses her eyelids shut.

He shuts off the light but enough moonlight creeps in to keep the room from complete darkness. He undresses. Slowly. Taking his time with each button. He knows that she is watching through barely parted lids.

He slips into bed next to her. She is on her side, her back to him. The feeling of her close to him, the intoxicating scent of her. They have chased away the drowsiness that fell upon him earlier.

She is not sleeping. Watching him in front of her has awakened her. She can feel him breathing. She knows he is far from sleep. He has turned towards her and is watching her. He can see her breathe and knows she is far from sleep.

He reaches out and touches her hair, releasing more of that scent. He takes a deep breath and soaks it in. She can feel him looking at her and she likes how it feels. She turns to face him and kisses him deeply. Under the softness of the sheets and the glow of the moonlight, they dissolve into each other’s arms.


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