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A Pentagon Piñata 9

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Secured from the present threat.

Secured from the present threat.

In Need of an Ally ...

It is early Friday morning when Diamond receives a telephone call from Kit. He is contacting her on the special cellphone provided prior to her trip to Castle Luchsinger.

“Well Diamond, we have everything wrapped up here.” Kit let’s out a sigh of relief. “Everyone connected to the Pentagon Conspiracy have been identified and will be neatly packaged in orange jumpsuits.”

“Wow ... that was fast!” Diamond exclaims. “What I would have given to have been able to add my byline to that story.”

“Your boss took the credit on this one. However, your name is prominently mentioned as being the original journalist on the story.” Kit adds.

“That was noble of her.” Diamond retorts dryly.

“Things may have returned to business as usual here in the States but there is yet one hellava conspiracy that is still going on where you are. Don’t think for one minute that Colonel Schneider is going to give up due to a few minor setbacks.” Kit warns.

“I wouldn’t call eliminating his plans for the Pentagon as minor. Had he succeeded, the free world could have been crippled.” Diamond admonishes.

“Look Diamond, we are going to have to come up with a plan to permanently neutralize Colonel Schneider.” Kit replies.

“And, it will have to come from within his own ranks. He depends heavily on the Balogh Sponsorship.” Diamond explains.

“That’s it, then. We need to hit him where it hurts the most! Without the financial backing, it’s just a matter of time before his house of cards tumble.” Kit slaps his knee.

“I suppose you want me to convince Erhard to speak to Andor about his twin—maybe even his father?” Diamond already knows the answer to this question.

“Exactly. I have some connections in Milan. They will be more than willing to help us.” Kit informs Diamond.

“Your arm stretches in many directions, doesn’t it?” Diamond grudgingly states admirably.

“This is Military Intelligence—we make it our business to know who to ally ourselves with and who to put on the excreta list and I am being subtle for your benefit, Diamond.” Kit smiles into the phone.

“I totally appreciate that, Kit.” Diamond answers.

“Frankly, I’m surprised that Andor hasn’t well ... overly extended his hospitality to you. You’re not that hard on the eyes.” Kit gives Diamond an offhanded compliment.

“Why General Weinberger—I never thought you even noticed.” Diamond laughs.

“I may be in Military Intelligence, but I am still a man.” Kit chuckles back. “I think it would be much more effective if you were introduced to Andris.”

“I see ...” Diamond measures his words.

“I know you say you don’t like to use your “feminine charms” in the line of duty but be honest—when it becomes necessary, women find it to be a most effective tool.” Kit’s remarks hit home.

“I will admit that from time to time, in order to get that story from a reluctant informant, I have resorted to unconventional methods.” Diamond thinks back to when she first met Erhard.

“I thought as much.” Kit begins on a more serious note. “Now you have yet another opportunity to serve your country in as you put it, using unconventional methods.”

“I’ll talk it over with Erhard.” Diamond decides.

“I don’t know if this will be a good idea.” Kit resolves.

“Why on earth would you say that.” Diamond is not sure she wants to hear the reply.

“Diamond don’t play dumb and don’t act like you are not aware of how Erhard feels about you. I swear, between you and my sister Rachel, men are just disposal objects to be used at your discretion.” Kit criticizes.

“I resent that Kit. I am quite fond of Erhard, but I never gave any indication—” Before Diamond can finish the sentence, Kit interrupts her.

Kit Weinberger has never been one to mince words!

Kit Weinberger has never been one to mince words!

“Look, we can get into the male-female dichotomy later. Right now, I need you focused on this assignment. I know that you are an excellent investigative political journalist. Now show that you can be a great subversive as well. Who knows—there may be a future for you in the CIA?” Kit chuckles to himself.

“No thanks but I get your drift.” Diamond retorts. “I’m still going to talk to Erhard.”

After a few more pleasantries, Kit and Diamond end the conversation. Moments later, there is a knock on the door. Diamond grabs her robe and moves toward it. When she opens it, she is surprised to see Heinrich standing in the hall.

“Guten Morgen Miss Diamond.” Heinrich greets in his most sexy voice. (Good Morning Miss Diamond.)

“Guten Morgen!” Diamond replies a bit too breathlessly. Heinrich has the fragrance of Lalique for Bentley© on him and it is intoxicating.

“Es ist wunderbar, dass Sie früh schöne Dame sind!” Heinrich takes Diamond’s hand and gently brushes his lips against it. (It is wonderful that you are up early beautiful lady.)

“Vielen Dank, freundlicher Herr.” Diamond replies. (Thank you kind sir.)

“However, I prefer to speak in English.” Diamond reminds Heinrich.

“Forgive me.” Heinrich bows politely. “As you wish. I heard you on the phone earlier.”

“Really, Heinrich? I didn’t think I was speaking that stridently.” Diamond is wondering how he managed this as she didn’t think she was speaking that loudly.

“I will confess, I was listening in with this device.” Heinrich pulls from his dressing gown a small device. It fits conveniently in the palm of your hand, but it can be used to overhear the most minute sound.

“What a simply marvelous device!” Diamond takes it from his hand, examining it carefully. Heinrich is delighted that she is not distraught.

“Then you are not upset with me?” Heinrich queried.

“I’m furious—but I am fascinated with this device. How may I acquire one?” Diamond inquires.

“If you like, I can make you one.” Heinrich informs her.

“You made this? But of course—you are a computer genius!” Diamond marvels. Then she explains everything that Kit told her.

“You are playing a very dangerous game, Diamond. No, I don’t mean my nephew but the Colonel.” Heinrich has a very concerned look on his handsome face.

“He is a madman!” Diamond raises her voice just as one of the maids rushes down the hall. Heinrich backs her into her room, looks both ways and then closes the door.

“My servants are very loyal, but they tend to gossip.” Heinrich informs Diamond.

“Will you help me, Heinrich?” Diamond looks into the seductive eyes of Heinrich Schroder and her knees buckle a little.

“Steady sich meine süße.” Heinrich tells Diamond as he puts an arm around her. (Steady yourself, my sweet.)

“Will you help me?” Diamond’s voice becomes more emphatic.

“Yes!” Heinrich agrees as he presses his lips passionately against Diamond’s.

To Be Continued ...

A Pentagon Piñata 10

  • A Pentagon Piñata 10
    “Boys will be boys” as Diamond finds out. After discovering all is well back in the States, she finds herself in a bit of a quandary on a rather personal basis. However, she knows that the team needs to successfully defeat Colonel Schneider.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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