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A Pentagon Piñata 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

An unexpecting surprise await the criminals.

An unexpecting surprise await the criminals.

Cleaning House ...

It is early on Friday when Major General Kit Weinberger gets the communication that both Diamond and Erhard are safe. Andor reassures him that all is well by coded message.

My Dear General Weinberger

The chicks are resting peacefully in their roost and there is no threat that the wolf will be prowling around the hen house!


Count Andor Balogh

P.S. Hope you find a good exterminator for your pest problem.

Kit chuckles at Andor’s postscript. “That fellow has a great sense of humor.”

“Let me see that.” President Kurt Westbrook takes the note from Kit and reads it.

“I don’t know this Count Andor Balogh, but I like him.” Kit retorts.

“So do I.” Replies the President. “Glad you were wrong about him.”

“So am I Mr. President. Most normal people are not interested in world dominance. Only a manic like Colonel Schneider would want to resurrect the past.” Kit shakes his head in disbelief.

“Kit, there will always be someone in the universe who is unhappy with his/her life and want to change it at all cost. Most seek to change things through education, travel or hobbies. Then, you run into people like Colonel Schneider—a throwback from another era.” The President contemplates.

“Sir, it’s time to clean house. I want you and your family out of the White House. Make your way to Camp David. I’ll send Agent Williams and two of his most trusted men.” Kit says as both men rise.

“What about you, Kit?” The President sounds concerned.

“You know that I was in Special Ops in the Marine Corps. I am still in contact with just the right people—people who I can trust with my life.” Kit informs the President.

“You will be doing just that, Kit.” The President reminds Kit.

“Tonight is the night when Colonel Schneider planned his attack on the Pentagon. I wouldn’t miss the look on those clowns faces when they walk right into our trap.” Kit brags.

“Then, there has been no leaks in our operation—everything is going according to plan?” The President questions as he puts important papers into a briefcase and heads for the door.

“Mr. President, besides you, me and Agent Williams, there are seven other people who know about this plan and two of them are in protective custody at Castle Luchsinger.” Kit informs the President.

“Alright Kit handle your business. Wish I could be there to see the fireworks.” The President shakes his head in disappointment.

“No way sir. We finally got the right man in office and by George I’m doing everything in my power to keep you there.” The two men bump fist and give each other a manly hug.

“Bye General Weinberger.”

“Bye President Westbrook.” And the President closes the door behind him. Kit goes over to the chair that was moments before occupied by the President of the United States and sits down. He smiles as he surveys the room. Then a familiar face enters the room.

Dr. Hawkes goes over all the information Kit presents to him.

Dr. Hawkes goes over all the information Kit presents to him.

“Excuse me sir, I didn’t realize that the administration had changed hands so soon.” The man chuckles.

“Dr. Robert Hawkes—Bob! What on earth are you doing here?” Kit rises from his seat to greet his best friend.

“Moved up in the world haven’t you?” Bob chuckles again.

“What are you doing here? Last I heard from you, you had booted Hunter from his place of honor and set up residence in the Northern Lands.” Kit inquires incredulously.

“The First Lady gave Rachel a call and explained the situation. Rachel suggested that I come here and help you out.” Bob explains.

“You know that I’m glad to see you.” Kit grins.

“I wouldn’t miss this turkey shoot for anything.” Bob shares his enthusiasm. “So, what’s the game plan?”

Kit begins to meticulously explains everything that has happened from the time Diamond took the assignment in Düsseldorf until the assassination of Secretary Roger Sterling. Bob listens attentively, not wanting to miss a single detail and when Kit has finally finished, he speaks.

“That’s some story, Kit. I had the feeling that I hadn’t seen the last of Colonel Schneider. I just never thought he would try to pull something so bold.” Bob rejoinders.

“He’s a real nutcase alright. I can’t understand how he was able to infiltrate into our forces so readily.” Kit responds.

“There was a lot of unrest during the past administration. A lot of people left their positions, but many stayed—however, you couldn’t exactly call them loyal to the cause.” Bob reminds Kit.

“I know. Many times, I felt the same way, but I never resorted to sleeping with the enemy.” Kit counters.

“At any rate, things are slowly beginning to change. It’s going to take a while before they’re back to normal. At least we have a positive resemblance of order and continuity.” Bob adds.

“Right—now this is what’s going to happen tonight.” Once again Kit reviews his plans to Bob. He makes him aware of those who have proven loyal and his conception of those with dubious motives. Bob speaks again.

“It’s a good plan, Kit.”

“What’s wrong, Bob?” Kit asks.

“I can’t get over Secretary Sterling.” Bob laments.

“I know Bob, you knew him well, didn’t you?” Kit queries.

“Very well. He seemed to be so happy with his new cabinet position. He was looking forward to taking his wife Tammy on their first vacation in years and now this.” Bob says.

“Don’t worry Bob, we’ll make Colonel Schneider pay for every blasted bit of pain he’s caused.” Kit retorts venomously.

Bob shakes his head in full agreement and both men stand to head for the coffee shop down the block—but not before Kit takes another look at the Chief Executive’s chair.

It's coming down, now!

It's coming down, now!

Pentagon Piñata ...

It’s 10:30 pm and Kit along with his men are in place. Each man knows his duties and each one is willing to carry them out without hesitation. There is nothing worse than a traitor in your midst. Especially, one that you have worked with for years and considered him a well-seasoned member of your team. No one says a word as a flicker of light is seen within an otherwise dark corridor. One of the men speak.

“This is going to be a piece of cake. We set the charges and then get out of here.”

“It’s a little too easy, Mack—I don’t like it.” The other man replies.

“Don’t be such a jerk, Kyle. No one suspects a thing. Clark, Charlie and Fred are on their way. It’s five of us now—that means a bigger slice of the pie.” Mack says.

Bob wants to make a move now, but Kit signals him to sit tight until all five men are within plain view. It doesn’t take long before it’s time to spring the trap.

As Mack is about to set the paraphernalia out for the first detonation, Kit speaks.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Kit states.

“What the—run!” Mack yells as he pulls out his gun. The men begin to scatter but each one is apprehended by a member of the secret service.

“I told you this was a stupid plan.” Kyle wails.

“Oh shut up!” Mack orders as he finds himself in handcuffs and all equipment confiscated as evidence.

“You’ll have a long time to thinking about your stupid decisions in the federal pen.” Kit acknowledges.

“Can we cut a deal, I know—” but before Mack can go any further, George bends down pulling a knife from his boot. It reaches its target and Mack slumps over dead. Bob loses it, kicks the knife out of George’s hand and begins a stranglehold that takes two men to pry him loose.

“Son-of-a—” Yells Bob but Kit stops him.

“That’s enough. This joker will spend so much time behind bars that his great grandkids will have whiskers.” Kit replies.

“Get these losers out of her.” Bob orders and soon the corridors are clear again.

To Be Continued …

A Pentagon Piñata 9

  • A Pentagon Piñata 9
    The Pentagon and its occupants are secured. The menacing threat seems to be neutralized for the time being. However, the main problem still exists: Colonel Schneider. Kit is going to have to convince Diamond to use her feminine wiles.

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