A Rare Diamond in the Rough 7

Updated on August 18, 2019
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Out of Sight ...

Everyone involved in Colonel Schneider’s Summit Talks at the fully restored Schroder Castle is silent. Ever since Andris Balogh’s father had the Schroder family’s first edifice repaired at the insistence of the Colonel; the Baron has watched his son, who has been busy pulling funds from other assets to support this cause. Without this much needed revenue—the rise of the new order would only be a concept.

Colonel Schneider has received word that Secretary Sterling is dead. However, there is no confirmation regarding the disposition of either Diamond or Erhard.

“Wer ist für diese Empörung verantwortlich?” Colonel Schneider asks. (Who is responsible for this outrage?)

“Oberst Schneider ist nicht Ihre Aufgabe, dafür zu sorgen, dass die Dinge reibungslos ablaufen?” (Colonel Schneider is it not your responsibility to ensure that things go smoothly?) Baron Balogh dare asks the Colonel.

Every eye is rivetted to the much annoyed Colonel who dare not contradict his benefactor. Although, Baron Balogh has not entirely accepted the Colonel’s manifest for total world dominance—he still has a vested interest. His son is manipulating the finances of his empire to sponsor this cause.

“Sie müssen geduldiger Vater sein.” Andris chastises his father. (You must be patient, father.)

“Nicht ich brauche diese Rüge, sondern der Oberst.” The Baron tells his son sternly. (It is not I who needs this reprimand but the Colonel.) Then, rising from his seat he leaves.

The Colonel watches in silence as one by one, influential men leave his summit table following Baron Balogh lead. Soon only the Colonel’s immediate staff and Andris are left. The Colonel speaks.

“Habe der Mann, der mir die Nachricht gebracht hat, erschossen.” (Have the man who brought me the news shot.) The Colonel orders and the staff member immediately looks at Andris who shakes his head no. The men follow the advice of Andris and warns the messenger to leave the castle at once.

“Frau Covington und Herr Huber ruinieren alles für mich.” The Colonel laments. (Ms. Covington and Mr. Huber are ruining everything for me.)

After a while, Andris also leaves the summit table. Colonel Schneider is now alone. He sits with his back to the window thinking. Then he speaks to the open air—

“Wenn ich diese beiden nicht finden kann, dann werde ich diejenigen, die ihnen nahe stehen, beseitigen.” Colonel Schneider decides, loading his gun and heading to the home of Erhard’s aunt. (If I cannot find those two then I will eliminate those close to them.)

Hanna, who happens to be at the door preparing to clear the table in the aftermath of the Summit Meeting, overhears what the Colonel is plotting before she enters. Acting as if she is not aware of what has just been spoken, she clears the side table of the remaining untouched food before making a hasty retreat to the kitchen.

“Der Oberst wird Monika Huber töten!” Hanna whispers to the chef. (The Colonel is going to kill Monika Huber!)

“Woher kennst du diese Hanna?” The chef asks her. (How do you know this Hanna?)

“Oberst Schneider vergisst, dass Wände Ohren haben.” Hanna giggles. (Colonel Schneider forgets that walls have ears.)

The Colonel is out for REVENGE!
The Colonel is out for REVENGE!

“Das war der Untergang des ersten wäre Führer.” The Chef offers. (This was the downfall of the first would be Führer.)

“Was muss ich tun?” Hanna asks. (What must I do?)

“verwenden Sie Ihr Handy Frau. dies ist das 21 Jahrhundert.” The chef orders and goes back to his work. (Use your cell phone woman. This is the 21st century.)

Hanna rushes out of the room to give Monika the message. Monika is quick to respond by getting herself and her immediate family out of danger. Some of the others refuse to listen and she leaves them behind to face their own fate.

When the Colonel arrives at the little village near Düsseldorf he is directed to the cottage where Monika Huber and her family resides. It is a modest home that is well furnished with the customary artwork and memorabilia indicative of the area. However, there is no sign of Monika, her invalid husband or her son and daughter. In a rage the Colonel kicks over the furnishing and sets the entire place ablaze.

When others come to assist in the extinguishing of the fire—they are immediately shot down either by the Colonel or the two henchmen he has with him. Then he goes through the town randomly shoots every women around the age of Monika. It is a complete blood-bath. Soon after, the news hits the media.

Madman goes on killing spree. Several villagers brutally murdered. Colonel Schneider is sought in this senseless stream of violence.

Erhard is on a jet to Castle Luchsinger when he receives the news via his phone.

“Verdammt, ist kein Ende dessen, was dieser Verrückte tun wird?” Erhard laments. (Damn, is there no end to what this madman will do?)

“Is your aunt alright?” A concerned Diamond asks.

“I don’t know—if she is, she will find a way to contact me.” Erhard sits back in his seat, putting his hand over his eyes.

An Impregnable Fortress ...

Andor is there to meet the pair at the Milan Malpensa Airport. He speaks to Erhard in his native German.

“ch nahm an, dass Sie einen angenehmen ereignisreichen Flug hatten” Andor replies shaking hands with Erhard. (I assumed you had a pleasant, uneventful flight.)

“Der Flug war ereignisreich, aber was von meiner Tante?” Erhard inquires. (The flight was uneventful, but what of my aunt?

“Monika ist sicher. Lassen Sie es uns jetzt einfach so belassen.” Andor advises. (Monika is safe. Let us just leave it at that for now.)

“Zum Glück für Sie hat sie eine attraktive Tochter.” Andor further adds. (Lucky for you she has an attractive daughter.)

“This is my good friend, Diamond.” Erhard reverts to English.

“Ah, Frau Covington. Welcome to Castle Luchsinger!” Andor expends to her a well-manicured hand.

“Danke, ich spreche Deutsch, aber ich bevorzuge mein Mutterenglisch.” Diamond informs Andor smiling. (Thank you I do speak German, but I prefer my native English.)

Diamond, still in disguise, is not prepared for the obvious charms Uncle Heinrich Schroder possesses!
Diamond, still in disguise, is not prepared for the obvious charms Uncle Heinrich Schroder possesses!

“Then English it shall be. Let me show you to my automobile and then we will be off.” Andor guides Diamond by her elbow and notices the look he receives from Erhard.

Two hours later, Erhard and Diamond are at the castle.

“What a wonderfully strong looking fortress!” Diamond exclaims.

“Thank you. My great grandfather had it built to keep his family from being invaded by undesirable entities. Now, once again it will invoke it’s protective powers for you and Erhard!” Andor recites, smiling all the while as he assists Diamond from his Lamborghini. Erhard is not amused.

It may seem like an ancient fortress on the outside but within those secured walls is the latest in advanced technology. Diamond is expecting to see an old senile recluse wrapped in a warm blanket and nursing a cup of warm cocoa. Instead, she sees a vibrant, older gentleman engaging his computer in what seems like an exciting video game.

“Onkel Heinrich unsere Gäste sind angekommen.” Andor tell his beloved uncle. (Uncle Heinrich, our guests have arrived.)

Heinrich Schroder moves his gaze from his virtual army and observes his guest. He is familiar with Erhard and gives him a polite nod but when he sees Diamond, his sensuous eyes sparkle.

“Sie sind Frau Covington Ich nehme an?” Heinrich pronounces in a rich German accent. (You are Ms. Covington I presume?)

“Ja, aber bitte rufen Sie mich Diamond.” Diamond is a bit breathless. (Yes, but please call me Diamond.)

“Frau Diamond würde es vorziehen, sich auf Englisch zu unterhalten.” Andor explains to his young uncle. (Ms. Diamond would prefer to converse in English.)

“Of course, Ms. Diamond.” Heinrich muscular frame advances toward Diamond. She is definitely not prepared for this virile gentleman. He takes her hand and brushes his lips gently across her fingertips and Diamond experiences an uncontrollable shiver.

“Are you alright Diamond?” His voice is husky.

“Uncle, behave yourself!” Andor reprimands, recognizing his uncle’s predatory traits. Heinrich is the product of an aging, promiscuous father and a fanciful young French maid.

“I’m fine ...” Diamond clears her throat and recaptures her composure.

“Good—then my assistant will show you to yours rooms. Renate!” Heinrich calls out and Diamond is thankful for the reprieve.

To Be Continued …

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