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A Pentagon Piñata 6

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The stakes are very high!

The stakes are very high!

It Keeps Getting Better …

It’s the next day when Cheyenne calls Diamond to discuss the latest events.

“Is it true that the Secretary of State Roger Sterling has been assassinated?” Diamond queries.

“I’m afraid so. I got the new from Kit late last night although it’s all over the news now.” Cheyenne responds.

“Don’t tell me that Secretary Sterling was mixed up in this.” Diamond retorts..

“Okay, I won’t tell you—but he was. Up to his Buster Browns which is no doubt why he was murdered. The Colonel has no problem eliminating people. This is why you and Erhard have to be extremely careful.” Cheyenne warns her dear friend.

“This is much more than I bargained for. I’ve been in some tough situations before but never one like this.” Diamond replies.


“No, I’m just anxious—especially where Erhard is concerned. It’s because of me that he’s in this.” Diamond feels stabbings of guilt.

“He wanted to do this—you said so yourself. It’s not like the two of you can’t defend yourselves. I’ve researched into Erhard’s records and he’s had some military training and so have you.” Cheyenne’s feeble attempt at lightening up the situation.

“That doesn’t prepare us for an assassin’s bullet.” Diamond responds soberly.

“Then stay alert. Watch out for reflective glare. Be leery of tall buildings, flying objects and wooded areas—you know the drill.” Cheyenne says.

“Yes, I do know the drill.” Diamond agrees. “So now what?”

An object hurls through the plate glass window in Diamond’s living room. With phone in hand, Diamond heads toward the bathroom and slams the door shut. She grabs several towels and dives into the bathtub as a sound like thunder erupts throughout the 5th floor of her apartment complex.

Fixtures fall from the ceiling and the tub is lifted off its feet and propelled into the air, landing in the middle of the Central Gardens Parking Lot. Several people run to examine the bathtub.

“Are you alright?” One spectator replies, helping Diamond as she emerges from her refuge.

“Yeah, I think I am.” However, she staggers a bit then falls to the ground.

“Somebody call an ambulance!” Another woman screams. “It looks like Ms. Covington has fainted.”

A third person takes her cellphone and waits to hand it to the police. Three hours later, Diamond is safe on the 5th floor of Mount Sinai Hospital. She awakens just in time to hear Kit bawling out a secret service agent.

“Dammit Willis, you were supposed to be on duty. What happened?” Kit interrogates.

“I was called to the café across the street. Man said there was an urgent message from headquarters.” Willis Murphy replies.

“And you believed him?” Kit looks incredulous.

“He said Code 6—authorization 771!” Murphy defends.

“Who told you this?” Kit’s back hairs are standing on edge.

“It was a Metro Police Officer.” Murphy says.

“This is more serious than I could ever imagine. Agent Murphy, unless you receive orders directly from the President, Agent Williams or me, I don’t want you to dare leave this room. Only those individuals plus Cheyenne Gipson or Erhard Huber are allowed in this room. Do I make myself clear?” Kit demands.

“You sound like my mother.” Murphy mumbles to himself.

“Excuse me?” Kit only caught the word mother.

“Affirmative, sir.” Murphy corrects.

“Good. Now go get yourself a bite to eat and try not to get yourself killed.” Kit smiles and moves toward the head of the bed where Cheyenne and Erhard are already seated.

Castle Luchsinger in the Alps near Milan, Italy … an impressive fortress!

Castle Luchsinger in the Alps near Milan, Italy … an impressive fortress!

“How did you get here so fast?” Cheyenne asks Kit.

“I got word as soon as it happened and took a flight straight out. Didn’t even pack a toothbrush or change of underwear.” Kit laughs.

“Too much information.” Cheyenne joins Kit in the laughter.

“How do you feel, Diamond?” Kit asks looking at her with concern on his face.

“I’m okay. I have a slight cut on my arm from being blown out the window in my bathtub and a bump on my head. I guess something fell on me.” Diamond explains.

“What happened to you?” Kit probes.

“I was talking to Cheyenne when something must have come crashing through my living room window. Instincts told me to seek shelter so I immediately went to the bathroom, closed the door and piled as many towels over me as I could.” Diamond elucidates.

“That was damn good thinking, girl. That action saved your life. Had you gone to see what it was—well we might have still been looking for your remains.” Kit gives Diamond a hug at which she winches. “Sorry.”

“They tired once, and they will surely try again. Erhard is in danger as well.” Cheyenne responds with a voice dripping with concern.

“That’s why we are going to have to move the two of you to a secluded location. One in which there is only one way in or out so that everything can be surveyed.” Kit responds.

“And, I know just the spot.” Erhard says and he writes down the information on a piece of paper. He then hands the paper to Kit who exams it and passes the paper to both Diamond and Cheyenne.

“Can you really trust these people? I have mixed emotions regarding Grandpa Schroder.” Kit advises.

“It is he who provided me with transportation out of Düsseldorf!” Erhard defends the senior Schroder ferociously.

“And, what about those twins?” Kit further probes.

“Andor and Andris? Andris, I wouldn’t trust him to take my cat across the street. Andor, on the other hand, is the one who put me wise to the Ambassador and helped me to get the information I gave to you.” Erhard defends.

“What’s in it for Andor?” Kit will not let the subject rest.

“Grandfather Schroder and Andor hate Colonel Schneider’s guts. They think his ideas need to remain in the 1940’s and extremely dislike how he has gotten Andris involved in his hairbrained schemes. Believe me, they are all for eliminating the man.” Erhard retorts.

“Then why doesn’t Grandpa Schroder do something?” Kit shakes his head in disgust.

“Because, of his son. Heinrich is concerned regarding Andris’ safety. Andris may be reckless and irresponsible at times, but he is not an evil person. Andris can be easily persuaded where women are concerned unlike his uncle.” Erhard’s response, hoping that Kit will believe him.

“ Okay, you’ve convinced me. The two of you will be safe there until Military Intelligence can root out the traitors and dispose of them.” Kit says.

“No one would ever think to look for us there.” Diamond agrees as she rereads the note. It says—Castle Luchsinger in the Alps near Milan, Italy!

“Diamond, as soon as you are able to travel, all the arrangements will be made including fake passports and disguises. But for now, Cheyenne, I want you to stay here with Diamond and Erhard, you come with me.” Kit says and after Agent Williams secures their escape from the hospital, the three men get into a rental car to acquire Erhard’s belongings at his temporary quarters.

To Be Continued …

A Pentagon Piñata 7

  • A Pentagon Piñata 7
    With Grandpa Schroder out of the country, Uncle Heinrich and his nephew Andor are left to be hosts to Diamond and Erhard. Meanwhile, Colonel Schneider is livid because his plans to kill the pair were unsuccessful.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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