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A Pentagon Piñata 5

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Time is getting shorter.

Time is getting shorter.

Not The Usual Welcome Home …

As soon as Secretary Roger Sterling sets foot on American soil, he is accosted by Agent Williams and a couple of his secret service cohorts.

“Will you please come with me.” Williams requests while grabbing Roger by the elbow.

“What is the meaning of this? Do you know who I am?” Roger enquiries in protest.

“Yes—I know who you are. You ae the Secretary of State to President Kurtis Westbrook. Now will you please follow me.” Williams insists.

Roger has no desire to follow the Head of the Secret Service anywhere and says so.

“I could have your job for this, Williams. By what authority do you detain me?” Rogers protests.

“By the powers given to me by the President of the United States of American, Mr. Secretary.” Williams relays.

Roger has no choice but to follow the men to the official black limo. Major General Adam Weinberger is waiting for him in the back seat.

“Oh, General Weinberger, this is an unexpected surprise.” Roger rejoinders half smiling until he sees the stern look on Kit’s face.

“Mr. Secretary, we have reason to believe that you and others of the Presidential staff have been colluding with one Colonel Erich Schneider in Düsseldorf.” Kit accuses.

“Ridiculous!” The Secretary begins to loosen his tie. “This is a very serious accusation. I suppose you have proof to substantiate this outrage, General Weinberger.”

“You were seen in his company several times. Do you recognize these photographs? Kit brings his point home by handing him copies of the photos. “As you know, Military Intelligence has been looking for the Colonel since that altercation at the Schroder Castle.”

The Secretary just stares at the revealing evidence. However, before he can say another word a shot rings out and there is glass breakage. Another shot is heard, and Roger Sterling moves forward in his seat, then slumps over. There is blood gushing from a mortal wound on the left side of his head.

“Get us out of here, quick!” Kit yells as multiple shots are being fired in succession by the unidentified assailants along with return blasts by several secret service agents. One agent, who rides a motorcycle, is hit in the shoulder while another is wounded in the left arm. However, both goons are mortally injured.

Williams gets them to George Washington University Hospital in record time. The Secretary is barely alive. He reaches for Kit.

“I can give you the names of five of the infiltrators.” Roger Sterling gasps.

“Save your strength, Roger.” Kit replies sympathetically.

“No, I’m a goner.” Then he whispers the names of five people before he closes his eyes. A couple of paramedics are on the scene and rush to aid the Secretary. However, it is too late. Roger Sterling is dead.

“Did he give you anything useful, sir?” Chester Williams inquires.

“Yes, he did. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, Chester.” Kit scribbles the names on a piece of paper he had in his pocket and hands it to Williams.

Secretary Sterling's mistake was to trust Colonel Schneider!

Secretary Sterling's mistake was to trust Colonel Schneider!

Damn—a couple of these guys have been with the service for 10 years. The other three are fairly new. I wonder how Schneider managed to get Henderson and Walker on his team?” Williams shakes his head in disbelief.

“I don’t know but apparently there are more. We’ve got to clean house here in D.C. Then Kurt is going to have to notify the President of Commissions of the European Union.” Kit replies moving back to the car with Williams.

It is a quiet drive back to the White House and Kit is met by the President.

“Well, how did it go with Secretary Sterling?” The President asks.

“He’s dead, Mr. President.” Kit responds solemnly.

“No, what happened?” The President is shocked.

“It was an ambush. The minute we got Secretary Sterling into the limo there were shots exchanged. A couple of men with high-power automatics picked him off like fleas on a dog.” Kit declares shaking his head.

“Dammit—we’re no closer to knowing what’s going on than at first.” The President laments.

“Actually, we are a lot closer. I have the Secretary’s attaché case and before he died, he gave me the name of five secret service agents working for Colonel Schneider.” Kit informs the President.

“Tighten the guard on Diamond and Erhard Huber. You think you need to locate your sister?” The President inquires.

“Not really. She’s in the Northern Lands and even Colonel Schneider isn’t stupid enough to tackle Henry Hamilton and his Valiant Vigilantes!” Kit exclaims.

“Yeah, and I thought superheroes were only in Marvel Comics.” The President grins at Kit.

“May as well be. There is no way we’ll get that bunch involved in mere human affairs. Even if Colonel Schneider is a monster.” Kit admits grudgingly.

“Huh … you are going to have to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the morning.” The President reminds Kit.

“I wonder how many of them are allied with Schneider. I don’t know how far that man’s arms have reached or who is backing him up.” Kit states.

“I’ve been wondering that myself.” The President states.

“You know you’re going to have to talk to the President of the Commissions. The European Union needs to know what’s going on.” Kit tells the President.

“I think they are probably more aware of the situation than we are.” The President adds.

“You think …?” Kit is a bit sarcastic and the President gives him a reprimanding look.

“Are there any living Schroders?” The President queries, changing the subject.

“I believe there are still some descendants left. There is a Nicholas Schroder and he has a daughter, Sofia and a son, Heinrich. Nicholas is the extremely old patriarch and it is said he is a bit of a recluse. He prefers to live in the 2nd Schroder Castle which he affectionately named after his maternal grandfather—Castle Luchsinger. His grandfather built a fortress in the Swiss Alps. There is no bloodshed connect to that place. Heinrich lives there with his father.” Kit answers.

“What’s the scoop on Heinrich?” The President inquires.

“Heinrich loves the women but he’s also a wiz with computers. He occupies himself in financial circles and has no interest in world dominance.” Kit assures the President.

“What about Sofia?” The President probes further.

“Sofia married a Baron Balogh and had twin sons. Their names are Andor and Andris. They are not identical—in either looks or actions. I’m told that Andor is the handsome scholarly politician while Andris is the hot-tempered playboy.” Kit relays.

“Which do you think pose the biggest threat?”


To Be Continued ...

A Pentagon Piñata 6

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