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A Pentagon Piñata 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The Pentagon is under Code 6!

The Pentagon is under Code 6!

Confirming Your Alliances ...

Ambassador Richter, Colonel Schneider and an American are in deep conference together. The Colonel wants to ensure where the American’s loyalties lie.

“ Sie sind der Staatssekretär unter der neuen Präsidialverwaltung korrekt?” (You are the Secretary of State under the new Presidential Administration, correct?) Colonel Schneider begins his interrogation.

“Sie wissen sehr gut, dass ich.” (You know very well that I am.) Roger Sterling retorts. Colonel Schneider takes his glove off and gently clouts it across Roger’s face.

“Es würde Ihnen gut tun Herr Sterling, sich daran zu erinnern, zu wem Sie sprechen. Ich gehöre nicht zu deinen dummen amerikanischen Stooges, die Unverschämtheit akzeptieren. Ich bin dein nächster Oberbefehlshaber.” (It would do you well, Herr Sterling to remember to whom you speak. I am not one of your silly American stooges who accepts insolence. I am your next Commander in Chief.) Colonel Schneider reprimands softly.

“Sorry Colonel.” Roger apologizes sheepishly in English.

“What is the point of this line of inquisitorial, Colonel Schneider?” The Ambassador queries in English as well.

“I must have the complete loyalty of all who will be part of my regime. Let there be no doubt of that. My success will be great, but I will not tolerate insolence or disloyalty.” Both Ambassador Richter and Secretary Sterling look at each other and nod.

“You will be known as Der neue Führer.” Ambassador Richter acknowledges with a smile.

“Ah, the new leader!” Roger holds up a glass of vodka and lemon and proposes a toast. “An den neuen Führer” (To the New Leader!” All three men toast and smile. Then Colonel Schneider sets his glass down and observes Roger.

“You must make sure that your American President is not aware of what is happening.” The Colonel leans toward Roger, pouring him another drink.

“Our new president is no fool. However, he will be busy trying to restore order from the prior administration.” Roger chuckles.

“Ja, I have heard about this. It is a pity that this last one was overthrown. He would have made a great addition to my staff.” Colonel Schneider also chuckles.

The new President may look young and inexperienced … but he is nobody's fool!

The new President may look young and inexperienced … but he is nobody's fool!

“The American people were just fed up, so they decided to put into office a younger, stronger leader.” Roger raises his hands in a dismissal gesture and returns to his drink.

“Will you eliminate this new president?” Ambassador Richter enquiries.

“If it proves necessary. Tell me, what of Frau Covington and Erhard Huber?” Colonel Schneider puts his drink aside and examines the photographs of the two people.

“They have fled the country. They are in America now.” Ambassador Richter answers.

“Narr Ich weiß, dass sie in Amerika sind.” (Fool, I know they are in America.) The Colonel throws his drink into the Ambassador’s face. In fear, the Ambassador ducks his head down and wipes with a napkin.

“They are somewhere in New York under heavy guard.” Roger offers.

“Do you know if they have spoken to anyone?” The Colonel quizzes Roger.

“Yes, I believe Major General Weinberger.” Roger answers and what happens next surprises both the Ambassador and the Secretary. The Colonel takes the entire bottle of vodka and throws it into the fireplace.

“Verdammt, nicht dieser Mann. Er ist der Einzige, der in der Lage ist, meine Pläne zu ruinieren!” (Damn, not that man. He is the only one capable of ruining my plans!) Colonel Schneider roars.

“Then he must be neutralized.” The Ambassador replies.

“It would be easier to preform brain surgery on an alert rottweiler.” Roger begins and the Colonel agrees.

“This man has eyes in the back of his head and ears on both hands. This is a development you did not anticipate. We must tread carefully.” Roger adds and the Ambassador is alarmed.

“Was müssen wir dann tun?” (What must we do then?) The Ambassador asks.

“seine Schwester ist vielleicht in den nördlichen Ländern” (His sister is in the Northern Lands—perhaps?) Roger reverts to German.

“Nein, Nein. Kennen Sie die Legende des Wächters der nördlichen Länder nicht?” (No, no. Do you not know the legend of the Northern Lands?) Colonel Schneider warns.

“Es ist nur ein Legendenrecht?” (It is only a legend, right?) Roger seeks reassurance.

“Nein, es ist echt!” (No, it is real.) The Ambassador states and the Colonel signals his full agreement.

High Priority with top men in power being scrunitied.

High Priority with top men in power being scrunitied.

Phase One: Code 6 ...

Major General Adam Weinberger has put the Pentagon on Code 6. This is a high security level which monitors the actions of key White House officials as well as military personnel. Kit understands that outside of the President of the United States, everyone else is under suspicions. He has known the Chief Executive since childhood and would trust him with his very life.

Kit has a secret meeting with the President to brief him on what is going on.

“Mr. President, I have reasons to believe that there are members of your cabinet as well as in the military who are cohering with Colonel Schneider to destroy the Pentagon.” Kit says.

“These are very serious accusations, Kit. Do you have any proof to substantiate this?” The President asks reaching for his favorite pipe.

“Yes sir, I do.” Kit responds handing him the dossier containing all the secret installations world-wide with strategic points circled in red. Colonel Schneider’s signature is clearly identified at the bottom of one of the documents.

“Damn, not that low-life Schneider? I thought your sister and Dr. Hawkes roasted his butt at Schroder’s Castle.” The President assumes.

“So did I until Diamond Covington and Erhard Huber showed me these.” Kit informs his longtime friend.

“How is Diamond? I see she’s in the thick of things as usual.” The President chuckles. Kit shakes his head. “But who is this Erhard Huber?”

Starting from the beginning, Kit informs President Kurt Westbrook of everything that has occurred up to this point. The President lays his pipe down and looks first at the documentations and then at Kit.

“You’ve put us on Code 6 then?” He asks.

“Yes, sir.”

“I want my wife and the twins moved to a secure location. You will personally see to it. My Secretary of State is out of town. He’s gone to Düsseldorf.” The President states.

“What the f—” Kit catches himself.

“That was before the fat-hit-the-fan. I knew nothing about this file nor what Schneider had up his hairy sleeve.” The President defends himself loudly and a secret service man enters the room.

“Is everything alright in here?” The man asks, looking around.

“Come on in Williams and eyeball this.” The President tells his top secret service official. After looking over the file he swears aloud.

“You know that this is highly classified don’t you?” Kit responds.

“Yes, sir.”

“Only the most trusted agents can know about this. We don’t know who is working for Schneider. He could very well have the VP in his hip pocket.” The President says.

“It’s more likely the Secretary of State, sir.” Williams replies. This astonishes both the President and Kit.

“You know?” Kit inquires.

“Let’s just say that I have my suspicions. He’s been acting strange these past few days and then this trip to Düsseldorf.” Williams accounts.

“Keep your eyes on everyone—I repeat everyone! That is from the VP down to the cleaning lady. Report anything suspicious to either me or the General. No one else! That’s a direct order!”

“Yes, sir Mr. President!” Williams leaves the Oval Office and President Westbrook goes back to looking at the dossier.

To Be Continued …

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