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A Pentagon Piñata 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

World dominance starts with destroying the Pentagon!

World dominance starts with destroying the Pentagon!

A Startling Revelation ...

Once Erhard has secured Diamond safely on her flight; he heads to a small landing strip where he is met by a familiar face—Johannes Fischer.

“Hans gut, Sie zu sehen!” (Hans, good to see you!) Erhard exclaims. Both men shake hands warmly.

“Und du auch mein Freund!” (And you also my friend.) Johannes replies smiling.

“Wie geht es Ihrem Bruder in Zürich?” (How is your brother doing in Zurich?) Erhard questions.

“Sehr gut danke. Bitte seien Sie vorsichtig in Amerika!” (Very well thank you. Please be careful in America!) Johannes states, giving Erhard a knowing glance.

“Ich werde und danke wieder.” (I will and thanks again.) Erhard replies as he boards the private plane that will take him to his connection flight.

Both trips prove to be pleasant and very uneventful. Diamond sits next to a rather chatty middle-aged English gentleman who engages her in nonstop conversation. While Erhard is enjoying the company of a woman with a young child who sleeps most of the time. They both make it to JFK Airport in a timely manner and are met by Cheyenne.

“Hey, you both seemed to have timed your arrival in the most convenient manner.” Cheyenne comments while observing the manner in which Erhard is interacting with Diamond.

“Yes, I am glad of that as well. I would have been worried sick about Erhard. Cheyenne Gipson, Erhard Huber.” Diamond states as an introduction.

“We met over the telephone. However, I had no idea he was such a looker.” Cheyenne confesses.

“Frau Cheyenne, you do flatter me.” Erhard responds while taking Cheyenne’s hand, he brushes his lips across it.

“Well—this is Major General Adam Weinberger. We call him Kit.” Kit extends his hand to Erhard and the two shakes firmly.

“I hear you have some information that would be of interest to Military Intelligence.” Kit comes right to the point.

“Hold on, Kit. The man has just got into the country. Give him a chance to at least get a cup of coffee.” Cheyenne reprimands.

“It’s okay, Cheyenne. I am as anxious as Kit is to get this thing settled. Can we go to your office? It would definitely make me feel a lot better.” Erhard states.

The Worthington Park that leads to the New Grand Worthington Hotel!

The Worthington Park that leads to the New Grand Worthington Hotel!

Kit leads the group to his car and after the seating arrangements have been decided they head to the New Grand Worthington Hotel—a businessman’s dream. This is where Cheyenne not only has permanent offices but access to wonderful accommodations.

“I have heard much regarding this hotel—even in my country.” Erhard pronounces.

“That had mostly to do with the original structure. The new building is completely safe. It includes on-site security and Nathan Worthington has made sure that there will never be a recurrence of past incidence.” Cheyenne affirms smiling.

The drive from the airport to the hotel is about 35 minutes. Erhard takes in the beauty scenery and when they enter the long drive—the journey is reminiscence to a trip to a local park.

“This is Schön!” Erhard exclaims. (Very beautiful)

“Huh? Let’s get inside and get down to business.” Kit orders.

Kit finds a great spot to park and within moments they are riding the scenic elevator to the executive suites. After meeting the receptionist, they move directly into Cheyenne’s office. Unlocking the door, instructs everyone to find a seat at the large conference table. She then grabs the telephone.

“Linda, please hold all my calls for the next couple of hours.”

“Will do, Ms. Gipson.”

“Now Erhard, let’s see what you’ve got.” Kit says and Erhard hands him a folder that contains several photocopies.

“Holy Crap—these are the 1940s designs for the Pentagon as well as other world-wide military installations. Strategic points are circled on each blueprint. There is also some scribbling near the bottom of one—Colonel Schneider! Colonel Schneider!” Kit bellows.

“That is what I noticed as well. This is why I was in such a hurry to get this information to you!” Erhard proclaims.

“I thought he was killed in that big affair at the Schroder Castle. It seems like that name pops up everywhere.” Diamond states incredulously.

“Yes, it was at the bistro with the same name that we almost had an altercation with the two men in black.” Erhard relates the entire episode to Kit along with their murder being reported in the paper the next day.

“It would seem that Colonel Schneider has not given up his desire for world dominance. This time, instead of incorporating an animal with amazing powers—he is going to cripple military facilities” Kit proclaims.

“This would only mean one thing—there are traitors in our midst. How else would Ambassador Richter be able to get his hands on these copies and then hide them among the archives.” Cheyenne summarizes.

“Thank you, Erhard for this valuable information. I will personally see that you are given immunity and that you are protected as well. I’ve got to be getting back to Washington now. I’ll be in touch with all of you later. Oh yes, good job Diamond.” Kit finishes, rising from his chair by the window.

Cheyenne escorts Kit out while Diamond and Erhard remain at the table. Erhard looks at Diamond and she shrugs her shoulders, returning the gaze. Neither say a word but both are thinking—“What on earth have I gotten myself into!”

Colonel Schneider … stronger than ever!

Colonel Schneider … stronger than ever!

The Road to World Dominance ...

Diamond rises early the next morning and decides to listen to public radio. She is alarmed by what she hears.

“In world news, several people have been seriously injured in what seems like some kind of military incursion.” The announcer declares.

“A receptionist, Emilia Meyer at a Holiday Inn Express near a village in Düsseldorf along with another woman, Zelda Klein were injured. They are seeking asylum along with Sophia Huber. Several other people were brutally murdered. The reason for this attack is still under investigation.” The announcer further states. “Now in local news—” before he can go further, Diamond receives a phone call.

“Frau Diamond—Diamond have you heard the news?” Erhard questions.

“Yes, thank the heavens that the women are alright. How did Ambassador Richter know about their involvement?” Diamond enquiries.

“Did you not hear that several people were butchered?” Erhard exaggerates.

“It looks like the Ambassador is determined to discover the extend of what we know.” Diamond summarizes.

“More than likely it is the work of Colonel Schneider and his men. I know that the Ambassador can be ruthless but he would never use such tactics.” Erhard is thinking of his previous associations with the man.

“I know that Kit has quite a dossier on Colonel Schneider. There were some secret shenanigans going on last year regarding the Colonel and an experiment at the Thomasville Conservatoire. The total details were off limit to the press.” Diamond remembers.

“Yes—there were rumors that Dr. Holloway had created a monster of enormous strength and agility. Many just dismissed it as myths.” Erhard retorts.

“Do you think that there may be a connection between what happened last year and what is happening now?” Diamond is feeling intrigued.

“It could be. Schroder Castle, deep in the Black Forest, is reputed to have been a place where all types of tortures where performed during The Great War.” Erhard enlightens.

“Yes—they say that the screams still echo the place at night!” Diamond admits.

“The Schroders were infamous for their sadistic rituals in Germany. They were firmly trenched with Kung Führer.” Erhard shutters. “Those were dark times for Europe.”

“Those were dark times for the world.” Diamond corrects. “Do you suppose that this Colonel Schneider wants to resurrect such times?” Diamond wonders.

“What better way to achieve world dominance than to rip the heart out of your most powerful enemies!” Erhard proclaims.

“Destroying the Pentagon!” Diamond shouts.

To Be Continued …

A Pentagon Piñata 4

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