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A Pentagon Piñata 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Someone is targeting the Pentagon!

Someone is targeting the Pentagon!

A Change of Plans …

Diamond is sipping English Grey Tea in the dining room of her hotel when she sees a startling front page headline—

Two Racketeers Murdered
Two men, believe to be connected with the current Slovenian underground, found shot to death.

The faces of the two men who were watching Erhard and Diamond yesterday seem to stare back. The men each have wounds to the head and by their expressions—were taken by complete surprise. While Diamond is contemplating this sudden turn of events she gets a telephone call.

“Hallo?” She speaks into the receiver.

“It’s Erhard. Speak in English—have you seen the headlines?” He replies in utter shock.

“It’s the two men that were spying on us yesterday. Apparently, somebody was unhappy that they were recognized by us.” Diamond offers.

“This is not good, Frau Diamond. I am afraid that we have stepped into something bigger than both of us.” Erhard retorts.

“I agree.” Diamond takes another sip of her tea.

“What do you think we should do?” Erhard wonders.

“First, I’d like to get my hands on whatever has been copied. At least this would give us a clue to what Ambassador Richter is up to.” Diamond suggests.

“I think I may be able to do that. I’ve been watching him for a while and he always seems to go to a particular section of the archives.” Erhard offers.

“It’s too dangerous!” Diamond exclaims.

“No more dangerous than my aunt sewing up hidden microphones into the Ambassador’s suits. At least this will only concern me.” Erhard is adamant with his comment.

“Okay, if you insist. But do be careful.” Diamond relinquishes.

“Do not worry my friend. I have no desire to end up on the front page of the newspaper. At least not in that manner.” Erhard chuckles.

“Then, we won’t involve your aunt in our plans?” Diamond queries.

“Absolutely not—I have given this a lot of thought since we were together yesterday. And, with today’s turn of events—it would not be wise.” Erhard concludes.

Erhard doesn't hesitate regarding putting his life on the line to help Diamond.

Erhard doesn't hesitate regarding putting his life on the line to help Diamond.

“I’ll be in my hotel suite today. I didn’t want to remove the devise those men put on the car. I don’t want anyone to suspect that we have our own suspicions.” Diamond responds.

“I think they are already aware of this fact. However, they at present, don’t know to what degree. This is why I think those men were killed. They fail to uncover our involvement.” Erhard replies.

“I totally agree, so be careful Erhard. If things begin to look messy—get yourself out of there.” Diamond informs her friend.

“Don’t worry.” Erhard replies and hangs up the phone.

Diamond sits, contemplating her next move when the telephone rings again.

“Hallo?” She speaks softly into the receiver.

“I don’t know if you were expecting that sexy Erhard Huber, but this is your managing editor and best friend Cheyenne Gipson.”

“Thank goodness!” Diamond exclaims and begins to tell Cheyenne what has happened thus far.

“The two of you are treading in dangerous waters. Whatever our dear Ambassador Erdmut Richter is up to, it’s not good. I want you back here, NOW!” Cheyenne relays excitingly.

“I think I’m onto something big.” Diamond counters.

“This is a job for someone who has better credentials than you and Erhard possess. And, with what you have just told me—these boys are playing for high stakes.” Cheyenne adds.

“I am aware of that. But I’m not leaving here until I at least find out some of what Ambassador Richter is copying.” Diamond insists.

“I don’t like it, but I am in no position to stop you.” Cheyenne states grudgingly.

“Don’t worry—oh by the way ...” Diamond begins.

“What is it Diamond? I don’t want to be on the phone just in case they attempt to trace this call.” Cheyenne says.

“Oh right—do you think we can get some kind of immunity for Erhard. It’s going to really get hot over here.” Diamond responds.

“I’ll look into it as soon as we hang up. I think I may be able to pull in a couple of favors.” Cheyenne smiles to herself.

“Please do. Bye for now.” Diamond says as she hangs up the phone.

If making a getaway ... may as well do it in style!

If making a getaway ... may as well do it in style!

Getting Out of Dodge ...

It’s two and a half hours later when Diamond hears from Erhard. She breathes a sigh of relief.

“Hallo yourself. I’ve got the information and it’s a doozy. Better not talk on the phone. I will pick you up at the hotel after work. I will be borrowing a friend of mine’s car. Look for another blue Maserati—this one won’t be bugged!” Erhard replies and hangs up.

Diamond sits for minutes staring at the telephone. It wasn’t like Erhard to be so abrupt with her. She begins to feel that he must be sitting on a “hot potato” and is anxious to get off it. Then she shakes her head and begins to pack her luggage.

Going downstairs, she sees a few men in dark suits chatting with the hotel receptionist. The woman keeps shaking her head in a “no” fashion as the men continue to question her. Taking a cue from Emilia’s body language, Diamond ducks into a vacant suite across from her own. She makes it just in time as the men come to the door.

Emilia looks around in dismay—however, when she notices that the door of the suite across from Diamond’s room is cracked open, she lets out an uncontrollable sigh.

“Frau, wir möchten mit Ihnen sprechen.” (Madame, we wish to speak to you.) One of the men demands.

“Siehe, ich sagte dir, dass sie nicht hier war.” (See, I told you she was not here.) A relieved Emilia retorted.

“Wir werden sehen.” (We shall see.) And, with that the man takes his booted foot and kicks the door open. They search around the room and find no indication that anyone had ever been there.

“Wir werden jetzt beten, dass wir nicht zurückkehren müssen.” (We will go now. Pray that we do not have to return.) The man and his comrades push pass Emilia and head down the stairs and out of the building. Emilia sighs again and knocks on the other door. Diamond answers it.

“Frau Diamond Ich bin sicher, dass Sie jetzt gehen müssen!” Emilia exclaims. (Ms. Diamond, I am sure you need to leave now.)

“Danke, mein Freund, ich schulde dir mein Leben!” (Thank you my friend. I owe you my life!) Diamond cries, hugging Emilia warmly. Then, retrieving her bags from the other suite, she moves toward the back exit. Before she is out of sight, Emilia replies.

“Gehe zu meiner Freundin Zelda. Sie wird dich sicher halten, bis Erhard dich abrufen kann.” (Go to my friend Zelda. She will keep you safe until Erhard is able to retrieve you.) Emilia instructs Diamond, then hurries to resume her post at the front desk.

It is near night when Erhard arrives in the borrowed Maserati to recover Diamond.

“Hurry, I have a small bag packed as well. I have spoken with your editor Cheyenne Gipson and someone from the State Department. They will arrange a place for me until my aunt can close my apartment. Then, I will be able to make more permanent arrangements.” Erhard gives her a weak smile.

“Oh Erhard, I have gotten you into such a dilemma.” Diamond sighs.

“On the contrary, this is a very exciting adventure. Far more exciting than being a lacky for the Ambassador.” Erhard rejoinders as he pulls away from Zelda’s house and drives toward the Düsseldorf Airport. It is a 30-minute drive and Diamond is anxious to know what Erhard has learned.

“Patience, Frau Diamond. I will reveal all when we meet in Frau Cheyenne’s office in New York. There will also be a man from Washington, DC.” Erhard reveals.

“Washington, DC! You must have something of humongous proportions.” Diamond states.

“It very well could be.” Erhard reveals. Then both individuals sit back in their seats—contemplating what will happen next.

To Be Continued …

A Pentagon Piñata 3

  • A Pentagon Piñata 3
    There is a sudden chill in the air as Diamond and her cohorts slowly unveil the real mastermind behind the recent trail of human carnage. The man once thought of as being neutralized is back. This time more than ever set on World Dominance.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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