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A Pentagon Piñata 13

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Who can be trusted?

Who can be trusted?

A Subtle Warning ...

Diamond is slowly beginning to enjoy her stay at Castle Luchsinger. Anna Maria’s friends are a delightful bunch of young people. Unlike their American counterparts, they take Diamond at face value but sometimes their curiosity can be a bit daunting, even for an experienced journalist like Diamond. However, when there are occasionally people who are inquisitive regarding America in general or the political climate in specific—Diamond is all too happy to respond.

“È vero che l'atmosfera politica è cambiata notevolmente dalla precedente amministrazione” A short burnet named Bellissa asks. (Is it true that the political atmosphere has changed greatly from the previous administration.)

“Sì, questo è molto vero Bellissa.” Diamond responds. (Yes, that’s very true, Bellissa.)

“Viaggi molto nel tuo lavoro Diamante? Non sembra che tu ti diverta molto.” Another young lady named Elena observes. (Do you travel much in your job, Diamond? You don’t seem like you have much fun?)

“Lavoro sodo per il mio lavoro di giornalista politica Elena. Mi dà la possibilità di viaggiare in tutta Europa e in Medio Oriente. Ma ti sbagli, mi diverto molto!” Diamond admits. (I work hard on my job as a political journalist, Elena. It gives me the ability to travel all over Europe and the Middle East. But you are wrong, I enjoy myself very much!)

One of the guys Biaggio Ferrari, is astute when it comes to political matters especially people. He speaks to Diamond in English.

“Diamond, I would like to speak to you in private, if you will allow me.” Biaggio says sensing the need to move her away from the others.

“Of course, let’s go over near the garden.” Diamond responds relieved. She is delighted that her command of the Italian language has sustained her, but it is refreshing to be able to speak English again. Diamond walks with Biaggio a good distance away from the others, then he turns to face her.

“I know what you are doing here, Diamond. I don’t believe it is safe for you to be so—obvious.” Biaggio begins. Diamond is surprise at this disclosure and gives Biaggio her undivided attention.

“What is it you think you know, Biaggio?” Diamond inquires cautiously.

Biaggio comes even closer to Diamond and whispers. “I know that Colonel Schneider is looking for you. Don’t worry—the others are aware of this as well—however, they like me have no interest in the infamous Colonel and his quest for world dominance. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have how do you put it—a slip of the tongue.” Biaggio smiles slightly.

“How do you know so much about this?” Diamond is intrigued.

“I have been keeping a dossier on Colonel Schneider and all his activities. Also, I am a good friend of Major General Adam Weinberger and a member of S.T.O.P.” Biaggio confesses. Diamond is shocked at this exposé.

“You know Kit? Please, go on” Diamond encourages him to continued, captivated by this information.

“Yes, I know him and his sister Rachel very well. This is why he has asked me to seek you out. Colonel Schneider is an evil man and you are beginning to become careless.” Biaggio warns.

“She told you about the two men, then?” Diamond queries.

“The two men that tried to kidnap you and Anna Maria were the Colonel’s paid assassins.” Biaggio enlightens her.

“I thought as much. The Colonel is a terrible man!” Diamond involuntarily shivers.

“Colonel Schneider is a ruthless predator with only one goal in mind, Diamond.” Biaggio states.

“Der neue Führer!” Diamond proclaims softly.

The Colonel is adamant about invoking a new world order with himself at the helm!

The Colonel is adamant about invoking a new world order with himself at the helm!

“Yes, the new leader. That madman will not allow anyone to interfere in his ultimate plans.” Biaggio looks at her fiercely. There is something about his countenance that disturbs her.

“What is the matter, Diamond?” Biaggio detects a change in the way she is looking at him.

“You speak German?” Diamond inquires.

“It is necessary in order to infiltrate the Colonel’s team.” Biaggio says casually.

“Oh … I see.”

“I do not desire to frighten you, Diamond. I only wish to warn you. The two men who were hired to harm you and did not succeed are now dead. Although they survived the crash—they did not survive the wrath of Colonel Schneider.” Biaggio replies.

“Thank you for this information.” Diamond responds quietly.

“Stay away from the cities until this is over. I have read some of your articles and they are indeed impressive. I have no doubt that in other circumstances, you would be able to be an asset. However, this is one time when you do not need to pursue your regular course of action.” Biaggio looks at Diamond. Diamond sees integrity in his face and knows that he is a man that can be trusted.

“I am truly grateful to you, Biaggio but I do know how to handle myself.” Diamond feebly attempts to reassure him.

“Kit alleged that you were stubborn, but he didn’t say you were a fool. To continue to put yourself in danger is foolhardy, Diamond. Anna Maria will try to help you and so will the others. Do you want their blood on your hands as well?” Biaggio drives the point hard.

“I am a journalist, but I am also a woman. No, I would not like to risk my friends. I was going to try to infiltrate the old Schroder Castle to discover more information.” Diamond tells Biaggio.

“He would find you and take great pleasure in torturing you until you screamed for death. No, dear Diamond you must not do this. Let calmer heads prevail here.” Biaggio admonishes. Diamond feels a small tinge of resentment with regard to her ability to hand the situation but seeing the great concern on Biaggio’s face—she relinquishes.

“You win, Biaggio.” Diamond states crossing her fingers behind her back.

“Good!” Biaggio expresses a sigh of relief. “Let us rejoin the others.”

Diamond walks back to the group with Biaggio. She has a sweet smile on her face but inwardly she is thinking—

“If I know Kit Weinberger, he will be planning a raid on Schroder Castle. His Special Ops Team along with others from Castle Luchsinger will finally put an end to Colonel Schneider’s destructive plans. Do they really think I would miss out on a story of this magnitude?”

Diamond intermingles with Anna Maria’s friends as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. Everyone seems convinced—everyone except for one person, Biaggio Ferrari!

Biaggio moves toward the rear of the terrace to use is phone.

“I fear Diamond is going to be a problem.” He speaks into the unit.

“We will need to neutralize her temporarily for her own good.” The male voice responds. “I will arrange it.”

Biaggio smiles and rejoins the others.

To Be Continued …

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