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A Pentagon Piñata 15

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

"Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!"

"Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!"

Good Night, Diamond ...

Diamond has been restless all afternoon. She doesn’t know why but she has the feeling that she is about to miss out on something big. After pacing back and forth in her room for ten minutes, she goes into the kitchen to find Erhard, Heinrich and Andor in deep conversation. Upon her arrival, they become silent.

“Hey, you don’t have to quit talking on account of me. I heard someone say something about Schroder Castle.” After pouring herself a delicious cup of coffee, Diamond makes her way toward the table.

“We were just discussing the historic significance of the place.” Erhard states, trying to disguise the true meaning of their discussion.

“You know at one time, my great grandfather used it as a place to detain and interrogate prisoners.” Heinrich chimes in, giving Erhard a knowing glance.

“You guys wouldn’t be trying to hide something from me, would you?” Diamond is beginning to get suspicious.

“A star journalist like you? Who could possibly hide anything from you?” It’s hard to hide the sarcasm in his voice. Erhard looks at Andor and shakes his head.

“You are trying to hide something from me, what is it?” Diamond is now becoming extremely annoyed. Anna comes into the room with a tiny vial. The look on the men’s faces is obvious.

“What’s going on Anna?” Diamond demands.

“If you must know—I’ve decided to have a blatant affair with Andor. As Anna throws her arms around him she purposes knocks over Diamond’s cup.

“Oh I am so sorry.” Anna says retrieving the cup. “Allow me to get you another.”

“No, that’s perfectly alright.” Diamond replies about to rise.

“No, I insist.” Anna retorts calmly as she strolls over to replace the spilled coffee with a new cup. She gently empties the vial into Diamond’s brew and disguises it heavily with chocolate syrup. Then she hands it to Diamond.

“This taste better than what I just had. What magic brew did you put in here, Anna?” Diamond quizzes as she empties the contents to the satisfaction of all.

“Oh, just an old secret recipe.” But before another word can be said, Diamond is fast asleep.

“Erhard help Andor get Diamond to her room. Anna, make sure you keep a vigil over that woman. The last thing we need is for her to show up.” Heinrich orders and everyone scurries to achieve their duties.


It is 11:30 p.m. when Erhard, Andor and Heinrich prepare to leave Castle Luchsinger. Anna has entered Diamond’s room to insure that she is asleep. She even tries talking to her but there is no response. Satisfied that Diamond is truly out of commission, Anna heads back to report to the others.

“I tried talking to Diamond but she mumbled something and turned over in bed.” A satisfied Anna tells the three men. Erhard responds first.

“I still don’t trust her. Make sure that all the exits are monitored closely, especially her bedroom balcony. If Diamond were to come tonight during our raid on Schroder Castle it could put all of our lives in danger.” Erhard cautions.

“You got that right!” Echoes Andor.

“Not a chance in Hell!” Anna explains. “I gave that girl a dose so strong, she will be out until daybreak. The best part about it is that she won’t remember a thing. She’ll just think she must have been really tired.”

“Still, make sure my staff is on watch. They can do it in two hour shifts. Nothing can go wrong and that means Diamond Covington!” Heinrich exclaims.

The three men nod; rise from their seats and pile into Andor’s Maserati-Ghibli. Erhard looks up at Diamond’s room, thinking to himself.

“After this is over, I am going to ask you to marry me. I hope that you will say yes—Hell, I hope I survive this night.” Erhard is unaware that the two men with him are thinking the very same thing—surviving this night!

Dead Men Tell No Tales ...

It is 2400 hours as the last of the team pulls up to the outskirts of the Black Forest. Andor Balogh is anxious to know the news of his father and brother.

“After Andris arrived at the hotel in Milan, he was disappointed to discover that no one was there to meet him. He immediately called your father.” Kit begins.

“What happened next?” Andor excitedly asks.

“Baron Balogh explained everything to him. Of course he was very disappointed but when your father stressed that everyone who is at the castle would be eliminated he feels glad to be away.” Kit concludes.

“Where is my family now?” Andor probes further.

“Safely at Castle Luchsinger with half-dozen Special Forces men for protection.” Kit adds. “Now, can we concentrate on the mission?”

“Absolutely!” Andor retorts, confident in the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about his family.

Agent Biaggio Ferrari walks up to one of the guards at the entrance to Schroder Castle and is immediately recognized. Knowing what is about to transpire, he nods at the other guard and both men remove themselves from the action.

“That was easy.” Agent Chester Williams retorts.

“There are people less likely to want to die for the cause of a madman than you think.” Biaggio winks.

Giving the signal, the rest of the team prepare to make their move toward the Castle. Dr. Robert Hawkes is familiar with the layout and quietly leads the team toward the main access point.

“Exercise cautious Compassion.” Whispers Dr. Hawkes.

“Whatever ...” Replies Marcus Powers as the two men head toward what has been identified as the Ready Room. There, communications with trusty allies is performed as well as relaying important strategy.


There is one man sitting alone at the server. It is only a moment before Bob takes his knife and slices him across the throat. The man falls face down into the keyboard, covering it with his blood.

Next, Heinrich Schroder begins to download pertinent information into a thumb drive, careful not to trigger any type of alarm that may be programed into the system. It only takes a few minutes before his job is done. However, someone notices the unfamiliar silhouette.

“Du, was machst du hier?” The soldier yells but is cut off by the swift blade of Bob’s knife. (You, what are you doing here?)

As the young man falls, his rifle goes off.

“Dammit, so much for Plan A.” Kit Weinberger retorts. “May as well just open fire.”

As Schroder’s men begin scrambling to identify where the shots were fired, Kit’s S.O.R.T. Team is quick to return fire. Thanks to the advance weaponry supplied by Chester and Biaggio, the team makes “short order” of the would be vigilante force.

Colonel Schneider is awaken by the sound of gun fire. He has invited one of the town’s local ladies of the evening to entertain him before his next coup. He grabs her as a shield as Kit, Chester and Marcus kick the door open.

“General Weinberger, was bedeutet diese Empörung?” Colonel Schneider shouts as he continues to use the frighten girl as his shield. (General Weinberger, what is the meaning of this outrage?)

“Lasst das Mädchen gehen, General Schneider. Sie sind diejenige, die wir wollen!” Kit orders. (Let the girl go, General Schneider. You are the one we want!)

“Keineswegs, und Sie sind nicht der Typ, um unschuldige zu schlachten.” Colonel Schneider snickers. (No way, and you are not the type to slaughter the innocent.)

The woman looks at him in terror, but she notices how Kit slowly lowers his head and then raises it again as he looks directly at her. She gives a weak smile as if she understands his signal. Moments later, Kit yells one word—

“Daunen!” (Down!) The frighten girl immediately ducks her head down and with one swift shot, Chester hits the Colonel right between the eyes. The bullet travels through his skull, landing in the wall. The body of the Colonel falls back into the bed and blood spews all over the terrorized woman. She runs to Kit crying.

“Bitte tut mir nicht weh! Bitte tut mir nicht weh!” (Please don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!)

“Get this girl out of here and send someone up to take out the trash.” Kit demands as he looks at the lifeless body of the man who would be Der neue Führer.

The End!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS