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A Pentagon Piñata 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Though the location has moved, the threat is the same.

Though the location has moved, the threat is the same.

Caught With Egg on His Face ...

“Diamond I want to—” Erhard rushes into her room to discover Heinrich and Diamond in a passionate embrace. She immediately breaks free.

“If you bothered to knock at a young lady’s door Erhard, perhaps you wouldn’t embarrass yourself.” Heinrich admonishes sternly.

“Excuse, me.” Erhard looks at Diamond with hurt in his eyes as the rushes away, slamming the door shut.

“I must go to him.” Diamond tries to leave but Heinrich has her by the arm.

“He will be alright. Now where were we—” Diamond pushes away from Heinrich to rush after Erhard. She hears as once again he slams the door to his suite of rooms. Diamond begins a persistent knock on his door. After about three minutes, Erhard answers.

“Erhard, please let me explain.” Diamond begins.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me, Diamond. I never should have brought you here.” Erhard can’t hide the hurt in his voice.

“I will not leave your door until you let me in.” Diamond insists. Reluctantly, Erhard unlocks the door and allows Diamond to enter. She immediately notices the disheartening look in his eyes as if he had been trying very hard not to cry.

“Erhard, how could I not know how you felt?” Diamond admonishes herself. “I was so wrapped up in the current situation that I didn’t realize—” Erhard stops her.

“I found myself sinking under your spell when we were making our escape from that village near Düsseldorf!” Erhard is finally able to smile

“That was a serious adventure!” Diamond agrees.

“I am waiting for your explanation of what I just saw, Diamond.” Erhard becomes very somber.

“Things are really getting bad concerning Colonel Schneider. I received a phone call from Major General Kit Weinberger.” Diamond updates Erhard.

“Was he successful in annihilating the Pentagon threat?” Erhard enquires anxiously.

“Totally, it seems.” Diamond ripostes. Erhard notices her hesitancy.

“What is wrong, Diamond.” Erhard moves closer to Diamond. He places his hand on her arm and is happy that she neither backs away nor flinches.

“Until Colonel Schneider has been dealt with permanently, there will always be a threat. He is like an illness where you have only dealt with the symptoms but not the cause.” Diamond rejoinders sadly.

“You are right—but what does this have to do with Heinrich and you?” Erhard investigations further.

“I was telling him about what Kit relayed to me and he offered to assist. Then things just got personal.” Diamond throws her arms up in the air and looks at Erhard.

“Heinrich is a highly gifted individual. There is no doubt about that. However, he and Andris both share a reputation with the women. You need to be careful.” Erhard notices right away that he may be treading on forbidden ground. Diamond is very displease with his remarks.

“Erhard, please give me credit for being subtle as well. I have travelled around the world and met many men, including you. I believe I know how to handle myself.” Diamond defends.

“I see.” Erhard moves away from Diamond and treks toward the window overlooking the steep drop. Heinrich has been listening intently but finds that he is now unable to hear anything. He shifts his body just slightly. However; it is enough to put an ever alert Diamond on guard.

Although the threat is the same … the location has a different focus!

Although the threat is the same … the location has a different focus!

As Erhard turns to face Diamond she motions to him toward the door and puts her hands to her ear as if listening. Erhard nods his head in understanding—he is very much aware of Heinrich’s observation techniques. Andor informed him of the many methods incorporated for spying on a rival suitor used by his uncle.

Both Diamond and Erhard walk toward the entrance. Erhard slowly turns the knob, then with force he jerks the door open. Heinrich falls unceremoniously on his face, still clutching the device.

“Uh-Humm …” Diamond retorts as Heinrich abruptly makes contact with the carpet. Then, he rises from his position on the floor. Neither Erhard nor Diamond say another word, their looks speak volume. Finally, Erhard breaks the silence.

“Did you need something, Heinrich.” Erhard inquiries, a wide grin on his face.

“Nein, ich habe nur dafür gesorgt, dass alles in Ordnung war.” Heinrich retorts embarrassed. (No, I was just making sure everything was alright.)

“Alles ist in Ordnung, wie ich sicher bin, dass Sie gehört haben.” Erhard informs Heinrich sarcastically and shows him to the door. (Everything is fine as I am sure you have heard.)

As Erhard closes the door behind Heinrich, both Diamond and Erhard burst out in laughter. Diamond is so doubled-up that she tumbles to the floor. Erhard happily joins her.

“I see that we will either have to learn sign language or make sure we never speak near a door that leads into the hall.” Diamond concludes when she is finally able to speak again.

“This is true. Diamond, please forgive my jealousy. I will make every effort to keep myself focused on our assignment.” Erhard says.

“I think we will both need to do this, Erhard. After this is over, we can have a serious conversation regarding …” Diamond allows her voice to trail off. Erhard nods in agreement.

Later that same day, Diamond decides that she wants to go into town for some shopping. None of the men are in favor of this excursion.

“That could prove very dangerous.” Andor admonishes and his uncle agrees.

“No one knows that I am even here. I will be just fine.” Diamond counters.

“I will go with you, then.” Heinrich volunteers.

“No!” Both Erhard and Andor response is forceful.

“I will wear my disguise—please don’t worry. I need to get out of here.” Diamond defends. “I feel like I will suffocate in this castle.”

The men look at her in astonishment.

“Don’t get me wrong—it’s lovely. I am just used to being unrestricted.” Diamond further clarifies.

“You must take along one of our assistants. Anna Maria Russo is my Italian associate who speaks English very well. In fact she is fluent in six different languages.” Heinrich offers. Erhard thinks this is an excellent idea.

“You will not be alone in the city of Milan and Anna Maria can prove to be a great ally. She is also well versed in the martial arts as my uncle discovered.” Andor chuckles while his uncle bows his head slightly.

“That’s a great suggestion. If you don’t mind making Anna Maria aware of my plans, I’ll go take a shower.” Diamond politely excuses herself while feeling her exit is being monitored with obvious male interest.

“Men—” Diamond murmurs under her breath.

To Be Continued …

A Pentagon Piñata 11

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© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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