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A Pentagon Piñata 14

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

May lives lay in the balance!

May lives lay in the balance!

Let’s Get One Thing Straight …

It is Monday morning when Major General Adam Weinberger arrives in Milan with his special ops teams. In order to keep from attracting undue attention—everyone is dressed in civilian attire with their uniforms securely packed in their luggage.

The General is thinking about the conversation he had with the President the night before.

“Kit, I hope your assignment is perfectly clear to you and your team.” President Kurt Westbrook begins.

“There are to be absolutely no survivors.” Major General Kit Weinberger recites.

“Precisely. You and your team enter Schroder Castle and kill everything that moves.” The President says sitting back in his chair at the Oval Office.

“This is what was decided in the private session you had with the President of the European Commissions, Lucien Bardin?” Kit queries.

“Affirmative. We decided that there should not be even an inkling of fascist cohorts in existence to revive Colonel Schneider’s Manifesto. Lucien said he would have a secret meeting with Baron Balogh.” The President informs Kit.

“Is that wise? He could give away our entire operation.” Kit warns.

“Baron Balogh is only tagging along with Colonel Schneider because of his son. He actually despises the pompous twit.” President Westbrook chuckles.

“How is the Baron going to persuade his son to get out of harm’s way?” Kit leans over toward the President, taking one of the ginger ales being offered.

“Easy. He is going to send him on an errand with the prospects of meeting an attractive young woman. Andris is easily distracted by a pair of provocative legs.” Now both men are laughing.

“So, the deck is stacked and all that’s needed is to deal the winning hand.” Kit rises, shakes the President’s hand and leaves the room.

“I need to focus on the problem at hand.” Kit tells himself as if shaking from a dream. He gets on the phone to Consul General Victor Shotwell.

“Ciao.” Victor replies.

“Ciao, Victor. è Kit Weinberger come stai?” Kit inquires. (It’s Kit Weinberger. How are you?)

“Sto bene vecchio amico, dobbiamo parlare in inglese?” Victor questions, happy to here from Kit. (I’m fine old friend, shall we speak in English?)

“Yes. How are thing progressing at your end?” Kit enquires.

“I have been in touched with the rest of your team. Your first meeting will be here around 1:30 pm. Will that give you enough time to freshen up?” Victor asks.

“Yes, that will give us plenty of time. Dr. Robert Hawkes, Agent Chester Williams, Agent Marcus Powers and Agent Biaggio Ferrari are my current team members. I have added Erhard Huber as a new agent.” Kit explains.

“Ah, Erhard Huber. I have heard of him from Andor Balogh. He is a good man and can be trusted.” Victor states with satisfaction.

“He is. Heinrich and Andor will act as Specialist. Being businessmen they will be grafted into S.T.O.P. Erhard will be a part of that organization also. However, with my recommendations and his political affiliations—he will fit right in as an agent.” Kit retorts.

“This is good. Now, get you some rest. You have a busy day ahead.” Victor recommends.

“Arrivederci, Victor.”

“Arrivederci, Kit.”

The Embassy is where dangerous strategy is in the planning!

The Embassy is where dangerous strategy is in the planning!

The Montecatini Building ...

At precisely 1:30 p.m. Kit sits at one of the conference tables watching the team as they file into the room. As customary, each man is thoroughly search. All sharp objects, weapons or anything that can be used as such have been removed from every individual. The Consul General speaks first.

“Gentlemen, I apologize for the need to search and remove. Because of the nature of this assignment, there must be no doubt regarding the loyalty of each of you. One breach could have devastating consequences.” Each man nods his head in agreement.

“I now yield the floor to General Weinberger.” Victor retreats to his seat.

“We are engaged in a deadly battle. Everything needs to be done by the numbers. Each of you will have your assigned duties which you will do quickly and accurately. I have asked Victor to place a folder in front of you. If the cover of this folder does not contain your name—move to the chair where your name is clearly identified.” Kit pauses for a moment, giving the men who need to move ample time to do so.

“I will give you several minutes to open and read your instructions. Every one of you men have been given an assignment suitable to your expertise. After you have finished I will entertain questions and comments.” Kit returns to his seat at the head of the table while each man reads his assignment. About 10 minutes later, every head is lifted up again and Kit rises to continue his briefing.

“Agents Williams, Ferrari and Huber, you will be in charge of our weaponry. Are there any questions?”

“No, sir!” The men reply looking at each other and smiling.

“Specialists Balogh and Schroder, you are our computer analysis and hackers. Are there any questions?”

“No, sir!” The men reply, Heinrich giving the thumps up sign.

“Dr. Hawkes and Mr. Powers, we are the eyes and ears of the entire operation. We must insure that every man has exactly what he needs to get his job done. Are there any questions?”

“No, sir!” The men reply, nodding at Kit.

“And Consul General Shotwell, you will serve as backup. In case anything goes wrong at Schroder Castle, you will storm the place with troops and kill anything that looks like enemy terrorist. Also, rescue the wounded, if any, of my group. Are there any questions?”

“No sir!” The Consul General gives Kit a wink.

“Very good. Each of you have your orders. Everything has to go off like a well-oiled piece of machinery. We will begin our raid at 2400 hours (midnight.) I don’t have to remind you that the safety of the Free World is placed on our shoulders. Our objective: Permanently neutralize Colonel Schneider, his allies and his staff. No exceptions. Is that clear.” Kit looks sternly at each individual. Heinrich raises his hand.

“Yes, Heinrich?” Kit inquires.

“What of my family? My nephew and my brother-in-law?” Heinrich questions. Andor leans forward with interest as well.

“Baron Balogh will create a diversion to get Andris out of the Castle. Then, Consul General Shotwell will call the Baron away on an urgent nature. They will be far away when the action begins.” Kit reassures Heinrich and Andor who both let out a sigh of relief.

“If you have no further questions, we will meet on the outskirts of the Black Forrest at 2400 hours. Get a good few hours rest, gentlemen. You will need it.”

To Be Continued ...

A Pentagon Piñata 15

  • A Pentagon Piñata 15
    The raid is a complete success. The man who would be Der neue Führer lies motionless on the bed, his dead eyes looking upward. His dreams of world dominance shatter by one carefully aimed projectile between the eyes!

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