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A PROPER LADY chapter (2)



Mr. Mathew's office had been set up near the back of the Duncan and Duncan building near the rear exit doors to allow more phone friendly conversations that would be needed for Mr. Mathew's. The large room had two desks with a glass divider closer to Mr. Mathews side of the office, with a desk on either side of the room and each having ample view of the office door. Chairs were provided for the desks, as well as along the wall where Casey's desk sat, giving her the ability to see customers or clients first before being sent forward to Mr. Mathews.

Most of the day before had been spent familiarizing Mr. Mathews with a large number of their clients. Casey had created a folder of her own from having to correspond with them for Mr. Duncan. Their addresses and business numbers would be used to hopefully gain their business again. Costs of shipping had increased to the point small businesses were opting for cheaper methods of transferring their goods, not realizing the cheaper route sometimes incurs damaged packages or goods. Winning them back might prove to be harder than expected but Mr. Mathews seems to be hopeful about it all.

Days passed with Casey on the phone calling the numbers in her folder to try and encourage them to come into their office and speak with the new manager for pricing deals. After her initial calls, if the client did not totally dismiss Casey's ideas, Mr. Mathews would do follow up calls to further win the client and encourage them to come in and sit down and listen to their new plans. A few so far had responded but further work would have to be put in practice. They may even have to win new clients over to Duncan and Duncan Shipping.

It felt so natural to Casey talking to the clients and giving them hopeful ideas that they were confident that this shipping company would be willing to work with them and come together in an amicable agreement. She had gotten so wrapped up in doing her part of the job expected by Mr. Mathews, that the feelings of anxiousness she felt when Mr. Duncan chose her for this position had disappeared completely.

The time passed by so quickly that days turned into weeks and weeks into months of being in close proximity with Mr. Mathews. Casey was feeling confident that what efforts she was putting into the new and former client's agreements and contracts were looked at by Mr. Mathews as an important part of gaining revenue for the shipping deals.

The problem was not the everyday close proximity, that's expected from a secretary or personal assistant, the problem was it brought out her feelings for Mr. Mathews in a different light, other than him being her boss, his good looks and his jovial personality had some how found it's way closer to her heart than she wanted to admit or even knew how to deal with. Maybe this was only because of the closeness of the office surrounding. Casey only knew that a soft spot in her heart was being filled by her boss, Mr. Edward Mathews.

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